"Reap What You Sow" Update Now Available!

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6 minutes ago, Mithrandir34 said:

How did you get that bro. Did you buy it from store?

I got the code for the skin from physical hat as apology for complications with my order (or more like my friends did when they were buying a gift for my birthday some time ago), I have the ingame pink hat skin as well. I'm just really happy you automatically receive a sweater for purchasing the hat, bc I bought a black hat as well. It's just so nice to see developers care about things like that.

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1 hour ago, ScottHansen said:
  • Wormwood and Wurt will no longer suffer a sanity drain for being wet
  • Disease has been removed.

I like this whole update and will very likely start a Farming Simulator, but these two things.


Beautiful. Amazing. Perfect and great additions to an update otherwise focused on a great improvement of an old and unmissed system.

Now to wait for a certain streamer to start things up so I can start getting that wardrobe. I know who I'm watching today.

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