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  1. I was expecting a bit more seasonal content nevertheless the DLC has come a long way
  2. I hope we get new mobs and craftables.
  3. New Mobs, New diverse biomes, New Mechanics and more craftables. New Unique world structures and items. Balancing a few things which aren't used like farming or some foods/items.
  4. Ball Pein Hammer

    warbucks had 20 uses and other normal characters had 10.
  5. See image for crash.
  6. [Game Update] - 307715

    I don't see the point in redoing the trailers. If anything the main focus of the team should be to close the loose ends and polish the game. In its current state also there are a variety of bugs (although not major). Like the giant grub or the ancient herald doesn't drop anything. Hammering mandrake home doesn't drop anything. Swarming of beetles. Lots of crafting ingredients sold in the shop(boss loots) are unusable.
  7. It now has 5 uses instead of 10 (reduces by 20% on each use)
  8. Advanced science structures such as tar extractor, Buyoant Chiminea, Sea Yard etc. are craftable without science/alchemy engine.
  9. there's grub tail item in the files now..... fishing will most likely be added
  10. You cant use hammer on anything when you are in a boat.
  11. @azukun good find, I hope devs fix this soon. @bizziboi
  12. any kind soul

    top 10 anime love story ?
  13. In RoG world the tumbleweeds disappear after reaching the edge of the land.
  14. I am really disappointed we didn't get the attack cancel or the lower prioritization for glommer/chester......still the attack animation locks once queued.