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  1. a suggestion would be adding hotkeys for quick craft something like ctrl + [0 ..9] also clickable ingredients like doodads to to craft them from clicking the icons.
  2. Please add the spoiler modifier to also to Spectackler Box. too. Going through all the pearls quest should have proper incentive.
  3. Game crashes if time settings is fiddled with during gameplay, if you pick the character Wanda.
  4. I am a bit disappointed with the update, let me state my reasons. Firstly Klei has mentioned earlier that there will be only 3 content update this year. The content is entirely locked behind a grind wall and the quests are just too repetitive. I expected a bit more content. The update adds adds nothing to the base game or mid game which the majority of the players play. Then it doesn't add any new mechanics and the fight is just another damage sponge fight. The toadstool or the fuel-weaver had their own fun mechanics and preparation. Maybe the caves and farming update raised my expectations a bit too much.
  5. Initial impression was I didn't need a spoilage slowdown as the rate of seeds spoilage is quite huge.....After playing for many days and during clearing the ruins I lost my entirety of my farming progression as all the seeds rotted, as I play solo and don't cheese bee queen I don't have bundling wraps. Farming latches to keep farming and penalizes doing other things. Perhaps spoilage reduction for seed pack it was a good idea, instead of having 2 fridges full of seeds.
  6. I would really love to see some new perk for wormwood as those changes are kinda underwhelming as the main game play defining perk of wormwood was ability to spam plant massive amount of seeds without large investment of farm plots. Though compost wrap high nutrient value is nice but I don't see it as game play defining just a small convenience.
  7. the changes seems a bit overwhelming with so many restrictions , farming I don't see as something I would like to do for a period of time.
  8. Nice update now but the new tillweed salve looks really underwhelming given a single butterfly wing heals for 8, honey poultice for 30 and now compost wrap heals for 45. I was thinking wormwood be a use case for that item, but that no longer is the case. What is the need for such a item given the overwhelming healing of food items. I think the item should have some other effect.
  9. with the large size I was thinking some texture updates :( .Still a very good change.Thanks Klei
  10. recipies.lua ------------------------ Doesnt work as intended and is available by default:As per my understanding it should be available with sea lab Recipe("tar_extractor", {Ingredient("coconut", 2), Ingredient("bamboo", 4), Ingredient("limestone", 4)}, RECIPETABS.NAUTICAL, TECH.WATER_TWO, RECIPE_GAME_TYPE.SHIPWRECKED, "tar_extractor_placer", nil, nil, nil, true) Recipe("sea_yard", {Ingredient("log", 4), Ingredient("tar", 6), Ingredient("limestone", 6)}, RECIPETABS.NAUTICAL, TECH.WATER_TWO, RECIPE_GAME_TYPE.SHIPWRECKED, "sea_yard_placer", nil, nil, nil, true) -------------------------