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  1. The disguise has already been added to the dress tab for Webber
  2. I did some tweaking to expand the forest & ponds to fill the holes but that made the map bigger. The developers sure can fill the holes easily.
  3. I completely agree with you.
  4. We are being very unjust by calling it trash to the Klei team here. When you log in you can its clearly written that it is EARLY ACCESS in massive letters. They have mentioned multiple times that now their biggest priority is fixing game breaking bugs and looking at performance issues.Its mentioned everywhere that balancing will be done, I am sure the world generation will be looked upon too. I have written in multiple posts how biomes massively overlap and spillover. Some biomes are empty or get fragmented. I am also unhappy about how small the lake biome/green forest biome is or how empty the tea tree biome is.
  5. Infinitely running without fuel. You can start it again after it has 0 fuel and it will run indefinitely.The range indicator is also wrong.
  6. I found that in shipwrecked, is it also present in ROG?
  7. The oscillating fan is quite useful for drying effect in shipwrecked/ROG worlds. You can also properly place the sprinkler near a water body in shipwrecked. (I don't know if it simulates the 300% faster growth rate for farms like during rain). You cant place the sprinkler anywhere in ROG but you can indeed craft it. My initial thought was we can place it near a pond but it didn't work.
  8. [Game Update] - 294625

    Can we have the crash fix for switching-on boat lantern(switching on boat lantern will instantly crash your game) & crafting boat repair kits(no longer available in shipwrecked) please.
  9. Crash when Activating Boat Torch

    Its been present since the beta started. It's easily reproducible just switch on the boat lamp on shipwrecked.
  10. since we are becoming spoilery .Upcoming things(my speculation):
  11. Part 2 35. Grocer sells things way too cheap. It may be okay for early game but it totally breaks mid game. The price of grocery & deli should increase up to (2x/3x) over time & have a few occasional sales. Same goes in weapon shop Halberd = 5 Oinc?. Makes any kind of resource collection pointless Pomegranate seed = Pomegranate = 1 Oinc (makes farming useless) Banana = 1 Oinc, Other veggies = 1 Oinc, FrogLegs = 2 Oinc, Ice = 1 Oinc This makes FroggieBunwich = 5 Oinc Banana Pop = 4 Oinc Meat Balls = 5 Oinc Also Deli Sells Pumpkin Cookie = 3 Oinc 36. Academy should sell paper and a unique magic book. 37. Add the DST scarecrow to the pig farms/berry bushes. Make farming great again!You should have chance to get 2 veggies. 38. Crumbling brazier should have a good drying effect. Destroying it should yield a gem. 39. Please give us the glowberry plant. 40. Retexture the butterflies to fit the theme & the fish(the new fish looks ugly) 41. Sell bottle in oddity shop in 2nd island and bioluminescence in the pond of the pugalisk island.Allow us to craft bottle lantern. 42. One new type of shadow creature.
  12. [Game Update] - 294181

    fire snakes? update confirmed for shipwrecked it seems
  13. Chasing after impossible goals & timelines? Isn't that the point of being a developer?