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  1. My problem with sea sailing is lack of mechanics and variety rather than the boat itself ... shipwrecked had heavy winds, waves, fogs,high tides just for sailing itself. The only thing we need to do currently is to avoid sea stacks.
  2. actually its (14/ 41) * 100 = 34.14% , still not a majority though.
  3. I am not up for directly porting things, but the devs have experience of what works and what doesn't for water content as they have already experience with developing sea content. They can make fun tweaks for what already worked and add them. I do agree, oceans sure do need some content to be fun. Currently I don't play ocean content much as resources are spread scarcely there, slow input-less movement of the boats,no biomes etc. Other than the few trips I use them for lunar and pearl island.
  4. I see quite a few people use bundling wraps. I have a fun suggestion that if we could use Empty Bottle to store the seeds instead of bundling wraps , it would be awesome. Each bottle can store only one type of seeds and would act like a bundling wrap. This would make sea exploration more useful!!
  5. It will also go entirely against the lore of moon transforming things / transforming some fauna to animals/monsters.
  6. I personally didn't use Seed pack-it yet as when I am planting and harvesting I don't have more than 3-4 type of plants(so only 4 type of seeds). And I need the space for that crop itself which I loose if I give up the backpack. I didn't find the hassle to switch b/w backpacks worth it as the fridge and the farm plots are nearby. I also plan to give up on all other seeds than potato and tomato as managing them overtime has become tedious. I think it would be nice if Seed Pack-it provide bit of spoilage protection like (50% for Seed Pack-it and 75% for Spectackler Box) so that we can have them in the backpack for the season while planting , before stowing them away in the fridge/ bundling them in wax paper as the season passes.
  7. Awesome idea and I didn't have bundling wrap in poll added that now. I will use them now on wards !!
  8. Seed management is difficult for me as I recently got into farming recently. They keep rotting and I keep misplacing them between fridges. How do you guys manage it I wanna know.
  9. I have been asking the sickle concept for a long ... in a 500 days+ world I want a better way than pressing the space-bar for minutes to harvest grass and twigs other than playing wicker bottom with a eye plant farm. Shipwrecked had strong winds to make them easier to harvest and hamlet had tall grass. Always wondered why no efficient way is present in late game, since DST now has so much late game content rather than having to watch harvest and pick animation for stretches of time . Penning grass gecko is somewhat good solution and in my opinion some other form should be available especially with twigs.
  10. I would suggest to watch some tutorials in you-tube and learn the essentials.
  11. forum isn't working good enough to reply to this xD
  12. My main problem is seed rotting, you cant just stop farming crops and go do something else if you are playing alone or with few players. Many plants come in-season after 2 or 3 seasons : Asparagus, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Pepper : 35 days Durian : 20 +15 + 20 = 55 days For best case scenario that is 20 + 15 = 35 days assuming you get the seeds on last day of the season.You have 5 days to plant them, as seeds spoil in 40. So most viable way currently is to have 2 full fridges with seed or plant them for purpose of keeping the seeds fresh. That I think is just unnecessary micro management. Whats the purpose of seed pack it if you are going to put them in fridge anyways ?
  13. Another funny thing is for wormwood players....instead of building the items they can let the till-weed and petals just rot and get 8 * 4= 32 healing and save a charcoal in the process. or else convert the petals into poop and at same resource quantity get a compost-wrap, a multi purpose non-expiring item best nutrient item/40 heal
  14. I don't know, that doesn't seem to be the case that weed are just inconvenience. The soothing tea is very good if you can manage its 3 days spoil cycle and have a keen eye and prevent them from going to bolting stage. It has spread around perk and a viable strategy can be built around them. It restores 45 sanity with 40 degree temp buff. Other weeds nettles and spiny weed just serve as punishment and have their own role. How do you get that many till weeds at a time(it has 6 day spoil time) if you attend to your farms, in my 300 day world I cant seem to get them from planting seed randomly and managing my crops. And couple that with 4 petals(a single flower spawns 8 health butterfly in few seconds) I don't think the item serves a purpose other than may be as a noobtrap.
  15. Given we have potatoes which heal for 20 and grow in 3 seasons with minimal nutrients and can be easily grown to giant crops. The final nail in the coffin was the buff to wormwood healing making this item essentially useless. 4 till-weed with 4 petals 1 charcoal for 28 healing over a minute and worse the item spoils.I don't mind weak items but I just don't see any use case for it currently.