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  1. Advanced science structures such as tar extractor, Buyoant Chiminea, Sea Yard etc. are craftable without science/alchemy engine.
  2. there's grub tail item in the files now..... fishing will most likely be added
  3. You cant use hammer on anything when you are in a boat.
  4. There should be a late-game magic item that will reduce the animation time of harvesting/picking and building by half.
  5. @azukun good find, I hope devs fix this soon. @bizziboi
  6. Water biome ideas

    I think what the DLC lacks is craftables and unique world structures/items...The island content is better off in shipwrecked. But they should add fishing to the lakes.
  7. any kind soul

    top 10 anime love story ?
  8. I am also okay with new colours but the grass & claw trees should be dark green.
  9. Whats with the recolour?

    somethings look worse than before..... the shipwrecked style grass/tall grass doesn't suit the hamlet world. The yellowish grass was better.
  10. In RoG world the tumbleweeds disappear after reaching the edge of the land.
  11. I am really disappointed we didn't get the attack cancel or the lower prioritization for glommer/chester......still the attack animation locks once queued.
  12. Same I am getting CTD's (no mods) @Jason No compatibility RoG : Working RoG compatible SW: Working Hamlet: Working Shipwrecked no compatibility: Working SW compatible Hamlet : CTD RoG compatible Hamlet : CTD brush.dll is also missing and crafting brush crashes the game.
  13. I haven't had any update since a long time :/ ...odd
  14. Hello guys, guess what I found in the Russian wiki of don't starve. What do you think about it guys? Seems legit to me. Source :Веласко