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  1. When spring came, mine and a friend's tamed beefalos (using the bell from the event) attacked us on our base, and continued to attack even when attached in their poles. Also, we couldn't start the judge's event.
  2. I disagree with your take about WX, the ruins reset once you kill Fuelweaver, so gears are obtainable, even if late game. Being fully upgraded, he's the character with the most health in the game. I believe he should have been put in the op category. Please, can I call you to have lunch with me? You said wxactly what I wanted, but was too heated to say coerently.
  3. I agree with you here. He's overpowered, but sincerely... as overpowered are WX, Wolfgang and Wicker (yeah, she is still pretty strong) but I don't see people bragging about them nearly as much. He can look bland for those who don't play him, but he has a rather interesting role in the game: the only healer we have until now. People contantly say about how easy it is to take souls from rabbits/butterflies and such, but it's also very easy to drop them. And of course, when you die... they're all gone. Remeber, some people play caves only and they ony have spiders as a easy soul resource. I think his downgrades could be upgraded? Yes. But it's simply unfair to downgrade him while The Triad is left untouched. Also, he has a sanity problem, can't trade with the Pig King, befriend any non hostile mobs (with the exception of beefalos, but tey can't be exactly befriended) and don't drop souls instantly (with the exception of those who uses mods_. His souls will always cover space in his inventory and he's constanty hungry and have all the foods stats divided by 2. What I would suggest: give him 100 sanity, like Webber. And that's all. Maybe making his souls heal 10-15, but they already heal less when next to other players, so it would be kind of the same anyway. Wolfgang can have a potato as his favorite food, which heals and fullfills him extremely fast. Wortox has pomegranades as his favorite food, he gets 13 or 15 OF HUNGER FOR THEM. But of course, Wortox is the problem
  4. Don't even mention them... I would love to have all of those, but funkos are awfully expensive in my country, and other than that, I'm also not a big fan of their looks. However, I would love to have the little companionship, like the Little Chester, the Little Spider and so on.
  5. After years of waiting, finally the beloved Winter's Feast Lantern came back... And after seeing this chance, I thought about all the wonderful items that could also come to us. Thinking about this and the previous Valentines' event, we did receive this years heart and a previous one, if I'm not mistaken... But there's is other items! I would just be the happiest persons if this Winter's Hat skin came back, even if it is through Klei rewards. Maybe with the year of the Beefalo event? Maybe on Valentines? I don't know, but I would love to get/buy it! Is there any previous item you guys would like to see again?
  6. Will we receive all the 6 sweaters for log in? Or I will need to "sew" the other 3 ones? @ScottHansen @PeterA
  7. Alright, all my money is yours... I'M READY TO SPEND!!! KLEI TAKE IT ALL
  8. Hey! I loved you profile pick. Do you still have the original art or source to download link?

  9. I'm waiting for Reap what you sow be released, since it will be this holiday's "major big update". They are used to release skins with them and since we had a lot of old Hallowed Nights items to come back... Hope is the last to stand! Oh, do you have the link? Or is it the one that came with this update?
  10. Oh my god, this beautiful lantern is back! I'm so happy now! My dreams finally came true... also this Wortox skin... DAMN <3 THANK YOU KLEI
  11. I'm so happy that they heard you! You had a wonderful idea and I'm curious to see how it'll play out
  12. This is why I tried to be conservative with the nerf. I thought ot was a good idea do nerf her, but only 10 crops was kind of a big hit to her. I don't want plants to grow infinitely, just to her sanity drain feel justified to the effects reading the books make. Ooh, those are also interesting ideas. If I could choose, I would choose a mix of the first and third options. Having two books would make wonders to balance, but I still think that growing non-eatable crops infinitely is kind of op. Maybe allowing her to grow 20-25 crops? It would be very interesting!
  13. These are more bugs that I have found playing in the beta today: 1. When opening the server and having having a Lorf of the Fruit Flies already spawned, he turns passive for some reason. You can attack him and it won't respond and accept it's death. 2. When putting cooked kelp or normal kelp in the ground, it's default image isn't showed. Instead, a strange item texture appears. 3. I saw it only once playing with my friend that was using Woodie. He was transformed as the Weremoose and his mini icon was showing the Werebeaver. I don't know if it was also not showing the right transformation in the players tab.
  14. Definitely interesting ideas, however I don't know if the radius maintanence would solve the problem. However, I find the "read only one time per day" mechanic very interesting! I would like to see these changes in the game, at least just as a test.
  15. I understand your point, but I think that not having to worry about food and programing you time is kind of game breaking. Winona can craft her catapults, which are very strong, but they need to be fueled constantly by a energy source, which will change it's effectivity. Wicker kind of makes a very cheap book, reads it 5 times and makes everything in her screen grow. Winona would be game breaking if you think how you shouldn't have strong defenses in the early game, but more or less... She's kind of Wilson 2.0 (her crafting speed is meh, special type is kind of okay, I guess? A free hit from Charlie is more directed to new players than veteran ones). Now Wicker's downsides can be very easily countered in the expense of extremely overpowered abilities. Her sanity comsunption can be regulated by eating gree mushrooms and catus, both fairly eady to find in the overworld and underworld. Her recipes are cheap, the most difficult one is the tentacle skin one (at least in my opinion). You don't really need to sleep, since you have food items that can make the same effect... And she can obtain BQ hat in the early game, which makes the challenge of being low sanity when you're close to your tentacles or monsters inexistent. This is why I think she's so overpowered while Winona is just a ok character. Sorry for not letting it clear in the post, English is not my native language and I though it wouldn't cause controversy to not go too deep on it. I hope my aswer satifies you! :3