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  1. I found this bug while playing in a public server and I previously apologize for not having any screenshots of the issue. Also, I know it's kind of a old and rare occurrence, however I would be very glad to find it fixed. When a Igloo is spawned near the border of a map, sometimes the dogs will spawn in the land and the tusk in the sea, reversing roles: He'll jesus walk (walk over the water) like it was land and won't go to the actual land, like it was the ocean. It can be pretty bothersome, since you'll have to lost his aggro, then run to it and try to stunlock him with your attacks. Also, there's a chance of the drops going to the sea, making you character unable to pick them without a boat. I would like to inform that I didn't put a boat in the space that he spawned, so I can't infom about the possive interactions in this case. Here are some images of this happening both before and after the Return of Tides update. (I got those in the internet, however the issue is the same)
  2. Sadly, it isn't just her. The Pig King is the one who doesn't accept her gifts, making a king of snob gesture. D: Wortox can't trade with the Pig King either. Wurt has the upside of having the merm king, which is a direct substitute (he will give useful items for her, like varied seeds and algae). They both NEED to have the caves as a gold gathering place late game. Now for Webber, it's simple: This mechanic was added AFTER his release, this is why Pig King accepts his gifts.
  3. When playing as Wurt, she isn't making her default sounds (talking, using emotes, receiving damage)
  4. Thanks so much for the explanation! Since it had never happened with me before, I though it was a bug.
  5. After dying, there's a rare chance of the map losing it's colors, making it in tones of blue and green. The chance can be increased by using the Minimap HUD mod. I'm playing the Windows version of the game, launched by steam.
  6. I was playing in a public server with 3 more players and a strange thing happened. Wortox got the fashion googles blueprint and I got the desert ones, and even when we fished through the whole season, none of us got the missing blueprints. I don't know what caused this issue, though. Here's a print confirming that I don't have the fisrt recipe.
  7. When spring came, mine and a friend's tamed beefalos (using the bell from the event) attacked us on our base, and continued to attack even when attached in their poles. Also, we couldn't start the judge's event.
  8. Will we receive all the 6 sweaters for log in? Or I will need to "sew" the other 3 ones? @ScottHansen @PeterA
  9. Hey! I loved you profile pick. Do you still have the original art or source to download link?

  10. I'm waiting for Reap what you sow be released, since it will be this holiday's "major big update". They are used to release skins with them and since we had a lot of old Hallowed Nights items to come back... Hope is the last to stand! Oh, do you have the link? Or is it the one that came with this update?
  11. Oh my god, this beautiful lantern is back! I'm so happy now! My dreams finally came true... also this Wortox skin... DAMN <3 THANK YOU KLEI
  12. I'm so happy that they heard you! You had a wonderful idea and I'm curious to see how it'll play out
  13. These are more bugs that I have found playing in the beta today: 1. When opening the server and having having a Lorf of the Fruit Flies already spawned, he turns passive for some reason. You can attack him and it won't respond and accept it's death. 2. When putting cooked kelp or normal kelp in the ground, it's default image isn't showed. Instead, a strange item texture appears. 3. I saw it only once playing with my friend that was using Woodie. He was transformed as the Weremoose and his mini icon was showing the Werebeaver. I don't know if it was also not showing the right transformation in the players tab.
  14. For some reason, they hat is cutting part of her head. I don't know if it started in the beta (where I noticed it) or if it's been in the game since Walter's release. Both images have been taken in the current beta (reap what you sow).
  15. I really hope they fix it soon, I'm interested to know how this patch will affect Worm as character.