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  1. Thanks for hearing us through this beta process, I hope the release process comes smoothly! I'm so hyped for next week!
  2. I have one question: If I'm in a world with only one tusk camp, kill it's Walrus and release the flare, will another Walrus spawn? Or the flare follows it's respawning cooldown cycle?
  3. This is a amazing idea! I'm also very found of the survival and basebuild play styles and I would LOVE to see them implement it!
  4. I don't think this would be healthy, exactly because of the minecraft situation. Our playerbase is very small, most of us know one or another youtuber... so it would be very easy to spam report or spam ban someone. Also, a lot of new players would suffer with the reputation system, since most experienced players don't bother to teach and help them. I'm a very experienced player myself and already saw server were "picking the same character was trolling" or servers that you're kicked immediately even when it's public. It's not fair to have your reputation decreased because someone didn't bother to put on a passwork or write in the description that different characters are preferable. About the public server experience... Most public servers have a auto-reset configuration, so players will always log in (we know how the population decreases when winter comes). I, as a player, LOVE the setup and base-building part of the game, so this situation is ideal for my play style. If all server were now resettable, I wouldn't find a server to play. But megabases servers DO exist and you can find them, at least here on Brazil. I apologize for my english mistakes, if you find any syntax errors, please feel free to correct me!blockquote widgetblockquote widget
  5. Thanks for listening us about the Wortox changes! I think you hit the head of the nail with this one, I'm pretty satisfied about them! Now I just want one thing: W H E N (it's the release date) Also,.sorry for ghosting the forum since last week, I'm (or not) infected with covid, so I've been resting these last days. Thanks for the amazing work Klei!
  6. I will answer this in a single message... because I'm not very good at making posts in forum (this is still kinda of complex) Anyway, nice to meet you too! Well... To start, Wolf having a speed boost didn't make sense to his character. Like, at all. He get's his strenght back in LESS time than Wortox to collect all his souls. If we had to compare these two, let's imagine playing Wolfgang, but if you were AFK and reached the mightness limit, you would lose half of your might and some of your sanity. And now you can also gain mightness from chopping trees and doing other activities. I can't say a lot about his rework, I never found him very interesting to begin with, so it's just kind of meh (?). Wanda's clock, after your build it, you'll just have to put a purple gem into it's socket, which is pretty cheap if I'm bein sincere. After using the purple gem for the portal, for the shadow machine and maybe to change characters, it gets kind of useless in your base. You could argue about the """difficulty""" of getting the tusk tooth, but after you get one for you... well, thwy'll just stockpile in your base anyway. This is why most players don't get back to the tusks after getting their full loot. And as yourself said, you play Wanda now. She is a broken character, there's no way to deny it. So why are people so bothered to have another character, who is very team reliant to play at his maximum, to be """broken""""/fun too? I can't understand, and I feel so bothered because it comes from a place of much love from me. Ah, also, sorry for my english mistakes, I'm not a native speaker D: (And thanks for answering! I'm certain that this will be a fun chat )
  7. I'm so sorry, but I can't agree with those changes. And it's not just because I'm a Wortox main, it's because you're chosing to appease the players who DON'T PLAY as Wortox instead of us, the people who actually enjoy the character. I know the first post got a huge controversy, but as you can see, there's 1 hour that this update was released and none of the people who were posting complaints are here now. BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT WORTOX. ALL THEY CARE IS TO THEIR TRINITY TO BE INTACT. And just to put a end to this comment, Wanda being able to teleport to ANY PLACE OF THE MAP while all she has is clocks... but Wortox, THE SOUL HOPPING DEMON, who travels through DIMENSIONS isn't... Well, I don't need to say much to express how this doesn't fit into the lore. Again, I'm sorry that I'm kind of ranting in this comment. However, Wx rework was incredibly broken and he didn't receive huge nerfs, Wolfang was buffed a lot of times during his, Wanda's release... I can't understand why Wortox can't be """""broken"""" too.
  8. WHAT ARE THESE WORTOX CHANGES??? Klei... You unleashed now my true potential... Finally... I can became a god. Thanks for the beta, I really wish these Wortox changes go foward!
  9. Yeah... you are very found of my money, aren't you Klei?? Thanks for the wonderful update, as always! Being able to see the crow kids by the campfire will be sooo cute. I'm already excited for all the new games, I've been playing ONI and I'm having a blast! Happy Klei Fest and Cawnival, everyone! Have fun!
  10. Oh no... I wish I had seen it earlier! This looks like it was a lot of fun! In the future, I hope a little Brazilian Wurt player can join you too!
  11. If I have selected various items as favorites, but want to organize them in the order of my preference, I have to delete all my previous favorites and start it all over again. This can take a lot of time and be annoying after some time. I know this issue is not a bug, however I will recommend some solutions that I think can help solving it: Creating a toggle button, were I could reorganize them when activated Have a drag tool that can be activated by the button previously mentioned I'm sorry for giving trouble just after the update, but I believe it'll make everyone happier with the new HUD.
  12. Hey @ScottHansen! First off, thank you so much for the update! Looking through it, there's something that I believe the new HUD is currently missing: A way to change your favorite items order without having to delete them all. It could be activated by a simple toggle or a drag tool! I don't know how difficult it will be to make, however I'm certain that it'll increase our (the players) satisfaction highly!
  13. Gosh dammit Klei, you're almost making me miss my college classes just to play the update. I'm so hyped to play it!
  14. To start, I cannot remember exactly if we did a rollback during the Twins's fight or not, so I'll ask my friend and update this report later. Anyway, after the rollback, we started the Twins's fight normally and after they despawned (we didn't kill them during the night), my friend found The Eye of Terror spawned during the day on a random location of the map. It was active, since there were a lot of mini eyes around him, almost like the fight had been running on without any targets. We started to fight him and the day rolled on, when the next morning came, The Eye of Terror didn't despawn. We died, rollbacked the game... and when we returned, it was even more bugged. For some reason, it had water on it's feet (see the image) and was untargetable for me (both with ctrl+F and ctrl+click), but my friend could hit him normally. After killing some of his minion, he started attacking me, but I still couldn't hit him. Anyway, we died again, rollbacked and ended the fight. This all happening during the morning in the game. Ariving in our base, our terrarium was inactive, it seems to have recognized the death of the eye... However, the terrarium was corrupted and still got desactivated. Sorry for the bunch of information and my english mistakes.
  15. I hope that, in the future, you will give us a option to buy all the new items. Making them all with spools ends off being more expensive than just buying a pack. The skins are so nice, I really hope to get them all someday!