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  1. Hey Jason, I was wondering, is the Rabid Beetle grow cycle fully functional? In the past I would get massive amounts of beetles appear in the jungles after I had not visited that place in multiple humid seasons. I think their spawners, the Great Leafy Stalks if I'm not mistaken, keep spawning new beetles each temperate season but do not clear any old ones. These numbers of beetles really cut my framerate due to their taxing AI, so I disabled the glowfly cycle in newer worlds. Question is, has this been fixed or should it perhaps be looked at? I think it is really one of those things that should be tackled before a final release of Hamlet, they are real gameplay killers.
  2. It’s another island. it is where the developers store all the interiors of buildings. What you see is an island compromised of ‘fake ground’ turf, and the black line is the edge of the island. The cliffs you could say. Using something like a lazy explorer, you can get onto the island. You can remove this invisible turf with a pitchfork, revealing barren turf. After doing that and relogging, you will get a normal island border.
  3. From my understanding they act like beefalo and have a herd.
  4. The real bug is that dismounted dung beatles get a new ball each time you relog, meaning the old one remains.
  5. Intended. It was patched.
  6. -Rabid Beetles do not despawn over time, and new cocoons are allowed to spawn, leading to massive numbers of Rabid Beetles waiting in cocoon form to be loaded each succesive year. -The aporkalypse does something with Mant Hills. I think it keeps spawning Mants and Mant Warriors without them despawning. I had roughly 60 Mants at all three Mant Hills roaming about after I ended the Aporkalypse multiple times.
  7. Calender Buttons don't work

    Relog inside this room. If it does not work, try doing it whilst standing on a pressure plate.
  8. Oh yeah I am also at that fun point were the calander has been stuck for 50 days, still is, and now the aporkalypse started. What should we do?
  9. It reveals the map only once, if you quite and restart your world your map returns to normal. If you want to he really sure, but it will reveal it on your map, you can do the gonext command with I think ‘ruinsentrance4’ or something like that. If you start typing the console should show you a list of symilair prefabs. Go for entrance4.
  10. Probably, but I do really hope they revamp the caves, probably not the ruins entrance, to match DST’s layout with more open spaces, more lightshafts and 10 entrances leading to one single cave world.
  11. Aporkalypse Calender stuck.

    I share this bug. Also, the buttons instead of changing the clock start to lower the door instead.
  12. Endless Mode breaks worlds

    So erm, I gues we basically have to wait until later in the next monday for a hotfix, considering its the last workday of the week is now practically over? Well that sucks.
  13. -Lucky you managed to get into the caves with the last update? -The heck is that world gen? Cool.