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  1. Hey Jason or anyone else knowledgeable on the matter, how does one launch a dedicated server in 64 bit? Like for example, I currently launch my world's shards individually via launching command files. Such as:
  2. So, seeing Charlie looming over the characters like that, to me pretty much confirms what I was always uncertain of: Charlie is evil. Period. She might still be able to get redeemed, you could say Maxwell has been redeemed. He certainly came from the same position of evil as Charlie, but now at least gets along with the others. That doesn't rule out he won't betray them one day, but oh well.
  3. We now have cannonical proof WX-78 and Wormwood interact with each other and the other survivors. Glad to see they 'exist' in the storyline.
  4. Adding to that, I can't imagine being able to interact with them in any way other than attacking them.
  5. What I expected: Provided it is daytime or dusk, and a Saladmander is within the range of a Cavelight entity, the Saladmander would walk around from time to time, in between napping. What actually happens: Saladmanders always sleep, anywhere in the Caves. The only time they wake up is if they get damaged. Then after 1-2 seconds they fall asleep again. Note: Saladmanders can be brought into the Caves via the Lunar Steeped Experiment on a Dragonfruit. And I love the idea of putting them there for ambience.
  6. Duplicate of Should be fixed whenever the next update gets released.
  7. Can confirm. While I have experienced some but not all, it is could be assumed that: -Hound and Crocodog waves spawn while inside. (seriously Klei just copy paste the new vampire bat wave code. They somehow never spawn a single bat each time you use the sea/skyworthy) -Smoldering inside. -Hail inside. -Puddles inside. -Giants spawning inside. -Volcanic eruptions inside. Previously strong winds, lightning and rain occured inside, but I can confirm they do no longer. Also should interiors provide some protection against overheating/freezing?
  8. If they pay the prime ape in question, that would be neat. You'd have to kill or befriend it to gain the coins yourself, the first one ofcourse meaning retaliation from the other apes.
  9. I just disabled all mods and it crashed regardless. I opted to use the 'report bug' option after the crash, so Klei should be able to acces the world right? I also added the log here. log.txt
  10. If you were to get Hamlet pigs into Shipwrecked, attempting to for example give a berry to an Usher pig will crash the game. It seems to occur for any trade and traders. You do get to see a single frame before the crash where the pig makes a bow.
  11. Hey Jason, I was wondering, is the Rabid Beetle grow cycle fully functional? In the past I would get massive amounts of beetles appear in the jungles after I had not visited that place in multiple humid seasons. I think their spawners, the Great Leafy Stalks if I'm not mistaken, keep spawning new beetles each temperate season but do not clear any old ones. These numbers of beetles really cut my framerate due to their taxing AI, so I disabled the glowfly cycle in newer worlds. Question is, has this been fixed or should it perhaps be looked at? I think it is really one of those things that should be tackled before a final release of Hamlet, they are real gameplay killers.
  12. The real bug is that dismounted dung beatles get a new ball each time you relog, meaning the old one remains.