"Reap What You Sow" Update Now Available!

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Yeah, the only change is birds can eat raw monster meat, which is quite handful since now I don't have to  press cook 80 times to change my 80 monster meats into 80 eggs.

Birds cannot eat cooked eggs now doesn't bother me too since I never do that.

About bunnymen, they were nerfed so hard that they don't become a good food source. Pigs are better. They are still very good fighters however, I use them to farm spiders/ Dragonfly scales all the time.

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2 hours ago, -Ghost- said:


Noooooooo! I missed the previous reward! This is a very beautiful reward! And I really want to get it! Is there a way to get previous reward? Maybe add the previous reward here?

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Maybe you should reconsider the method of receiving rewards? For example, to get an award now, you need to get previous awards. That is, to get the 5th reward, you need to watch a total of 30 hours on twitch. To get the 4th reward, you need to watch a total of 24 hours on twitch. And so on. So everyone can get rewarded at any time.

Well friend I missed a lot of things too because of my computer but we have to wait. Klei is working so hard to impress us so they will probably add old loyal items.

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1 hour ago, Willyhoo said:

hang on, on the rewards link: whats the difference between spools and coins?


Spools is what you spend in-game to craft cosmetics
Coins is what you spend on the website to get some rewards, most of them being previous skins that you would get on Twitch.

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49 minutes ago, Onionbird said:

no rush and this is a really good update but do yall think the wormwood rework will be out next? i think it would make sense

Those are the changes he received, they are really nice.

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Updated image with full change list.
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20 minutes ago, Onionbird said:

my day is ruined and i am upset is this really true?

The new update actually feels good enough to be the wormwood rework, he can talk to plants, figure out what they need, he can build all sorts of fertilizers with the new composting bin- it’s great!

But the best part of the update for me has to be how OP the Watering Can is.. you can effectively extinguish a base that’s been put up in flames.

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On 12/16/2020 at 4:56 AM, ScottHansen said:

(If you have already completed the Crabby Hermit storyline, the Crabby Hermit will trade her adornments for Empty Bottles and the special Crabking Adornment can be achieved by socketing 3 or more Iridescent Gems).

Anyone else been systematically trading away all their Empty Bottles except for a couple for extra lures and whatnot to stockpile on high end fishing gear and now that the update is here massively regret doing so as you now have to farm a ton of stupid bottles to get the ornaments :roll:

They're so gosh darn expensive...

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1 hour ago, gaymime said:

how do you get moth-eaten chests? i've only gotten one for logging in but i've seen people who have all of the sweaters so surely you can get more somehow?

I got 3 of them. Why everybody didn't got the same amount of sweaters ?

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On 12/15/2020 at 9:10 PM, Russian_Philin said:

Delightful work! I was looking forward to it.
Well, as I promised under the last post about the news with this update, I just want to congratulate you a little:

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I made a couple of works based on the theme of Christmas just for you, Klei.
This was done to thank you for your tireless work. I hope you'll notice...
you make many people and your fans happy and bring them joy, positive emotions. I decided, based on my enthusiasm, to present my small works just for you:
I wish you all a good holiday and good mood!:wilson_love:

the wortox skin looks awsome 


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