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  1. double the time upon spawning merm has 50 hunger (out of 200) live: hunger drain 50 per day (full stomach last 4 days) beta: hunger drain 25 per day (full stomach last 8 days) when 0 hunger is reached, it takes additional 2 days for his health to go down from 1000 to 0 and die
  2. If it was truly your main reason then why complain you can't have speed AND something else? You can focus on speed right now no issue
  3. xactly, ppl forget that wx has stats just like anyone else when they spawn in 150 hunger sanity and health. its basicaly wilson that can eat spoiled food and be speedy and i hate when ppl say wx HAVE to eat gears to be good
  4. you might wanna try watch it once its done, it should be in recent streams and you can use naviation bar to skip things
  5. Wickerbottom cuz I like magic / spell themes and she a lot of power and zero cons (no one uses tents anyway, and eating spoiled stuff... who does that?)
  6. Currently meaning in light of update 498339 Don't Varglets just summon more hounds tho?
  7. Currently the only way to deal with hound waves at later stages is building various hound killing machines and be ready to stop doing what you were doing and run to the traps as soon as you hear hound barking My suggestion is to introduce mechanic that would either delay next hound wave or reduce hound count in next hound wave. The first thing that comes to my mind would be Vargs - the more Vargs you kill the more next hound wave would be delayed / hound count in wave reduced. Alternatively instead of considering Varg kills, take into account the hounds summoned by Varg - more Varg's hounds are killed means more time before next hound wave. That is also opportunity to make Horror Hounds (the ones that spawn on Lunar Island) more interesting and useful - they could provide more delay to the hound wave than Varg's hounds
  8. Umbrella and eyebrella provide summer insulation, rain coat provides winter insulation
  9. just wait it out, its impossible to play one game all the time without a burnout; play something else in the meantime
  10. I'd like to see this improvment for statue sketches in the potter's wheel too
  11. Bunny Stew - Health + 20, Sanity +5, Hunger +37.5, spoils in 10 days Counts as meat Requires: meat value < 1, frozen value >= 2, does not accept inedible, priority 1 Frozen Banana Daiquiri - Health +30, Sanity +15, Hunger 18.75, spoils in 15 days Counts as goodie (can be eaten by anyone) Requires: Cooked Banana/Cave Banana (at least 1), frozen value >= 1, priority 1
  12. While text gradually fades away, profile icon appears to just disappear instantly when the fading is over profile icon stays visible.mp4