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  1. But thers plenty of it! 450 kilos of it gives you whooping 5 tons of super coolant! I literally mined two tiles of graphite and im set for all the liquid hydrogen and oxygen i need
  2. both of these resources are renewable without the new asteroid fields!
  3. With 32 dupes you sure are able to afford aquatuner loop with petroleum to cool down your food in CO2, no?
  4. Currently rocket platforms placed next to each other along with solid, liquid and gas port loader / unloaders create very useful closed system. You can use only one set of loaders / unloaders to service all your rockets. However in order to do that all of those needs to be closely packed together next to each other limiting the usable space for other infrastructure for example gantries or posing risk to having your other structures burned by the fumes of rocket. I suggest adding very simple two tile high "connector" that you can use to connect platforms and ports together allowing you to increase the distance between those while not being limited by the 3 tiles height of loaders and, possibly saving important infrastructure from being destroyed by fumes ( i would rather have my cheap connector destroyed than configured loader / unloader)
  5. i never seen any dupe in the main menu besides those who are next to the counter to the next update. How long am i supposed to stay in the menu to see them? Any have pics?
  6. when you click the pipe and hover over status it tells you the reason of daamge
  7. how many maps have you tested to be able to tell that most of the time its not possible?
  8. "more thorough mastery of temperature and atmosphere is required to fully preserve food" that's a quote from the patch notes. seems like its supposed to be challenge to preserve food infinitely so that's why its not as easy early game
  9. next time just summon the boss on one of those little islands, not the main one
  10. i am aiming for resource free mechanism so don't really want to fertilize wheezwhorts, dont know how much they eat before i can get pips how is the cold not escaping the pit? im wondering
  11. can't do that early without going to the planet with pips :/ and still the food needs to be transported out of the cold room to be accesible by dupes, cuz if they were to enter there they will get cold debuff and wet feet assuming liqid lock was used to allow accves. so i wouldnt call that simple and no hassles