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  1. No *new* player would survive long enough to stumble across ornate pedestal. By the time player gets there, they will know enough, and not only the quotes of the examination but also simple *common sense* (not game knowledge) would tell you that if there are two pedestals with gems inside and the one is empty, that would mean it needs to be filled, not emptied the other two, especially if you had experience with telelocator focus
  2. you dont know that, you dont know if its her house, and as i said in previous post its not necessarily self obsessed objects
  3. Are you sure about that? the radius is roughly 2.5 pitchfork tiles you mean an area? why base calculation on intentionally incorrect data? just calculate the area of a circle pi*r*r and use that to determine amount of tiles covered by the light. that will give you a little more accurate results
  4. What makes you think its photo of her? Id say she is just a fan girl of a valkyrie and she just dress ups to be one Havent you ever met potterheards or weebs? They have a lot of interest-related things in their homes, or even fricking altars. its not nesecearily their own photos. Then they go to the conventions, meetings and cons and they dress up as their fav characters pretending to be them.
  5. well, they specificaly allowed dens to spawn spiders on boat (bcos at first they didnt) in the patch 344479 so id say they are supposed to spawn
  6. Spider Den does not grow on boat, stays 1 stage forever; upgrading them as webber also does nothing
  7. you can trigger cave earthquake by exploding gunpowder assuming that the damage it would deal is equal or bigger than the time (in seconds) until the next quake. since quakes happen eveyr 1 to 3 days, the amount of gunpowder you need to use to be 100% sure to trigger quake is 8
  8. Getting credit towards what? the hermit tasks?
  9. Wearing Funcap accelerates spoilage of all perishables in players inventory and equipment slots by adding "spoiler" tag to the player, however wurt is unaffected by this. I discovered in the perishable component that game first checks if owner has preserver component (which wurt has) and then skips check for "spoiler" tag because it is elseif condition. Even though this seems like a nice little perk for wurt, i am not sure if it is intended
  10. from what i understand in the code, toadstool seeks 'debuffable' targets, which mostly are players, bcos they can get the spore bomb debuff. but since the abigail, update, every other mob is debuffable (due to abigail petals) so in the pool of 'debuffable' target is also toadstool himself, hence he sometimes cast it on himself
  11. When fighting misery toadstool i noticed he drops spore clouds under himself, at first i thought that is a new feature that adds difficulty to misery frog, but maybe its just a bug. In the video you can see three instances of it. First time he casts sporebomb only wigfrid gets affected (and presumably toadstool himself, but he does not display bomb icon over his head), 3 seconds later spore bomb explodes on wigfrid and toadstool (you can see wigfrid dropping the cloud at the same exact moment toadstool does. This repeats second time when he casts spore bomb on wigfrid, and third time when he casts it on WX-78 toadstoolsporecloud.mp4
  12. Did anyone made or is in progress of porting root trunk from hamlet into dst?