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  1. the furthest an item can be away from player in order to start smoldering due to wildfire is 25 unit, the approximate area is seen in this picture (gold nugget circle) Default view Zoomed out view They are actually happening in fixed intervals of 45 seconds. Once the countdown is finished there is 20% something will actually catch fire in the vicinity of player
  2. you just dont play the game for some time. i usually play dst in waves. few months until late night hours, then i stop playing and move to another game. then when i get burnout for that another game, i switch to yet another and maybe thats the turn for dst
  3. think there was a bug that made the beefalo go feral when used bell to break the bond. the bell should now just stop the connection beef - player instead of removing the taming level
  4. giants can spawn on anyone, and its enough for woodie to be fullmoon to transform
  5. try here
  6. hammer is not neccesity, any giant or weremoose can break it too
  7. then why do you make you server public in first place? what's a fossil portal trap anyway. if its fossils planted by you, then players can just hammer them and exit
  8. there are so many cheap veggies dishes, to name a few buttefly muffin, spiral fancy tubers, fistful of jam...
  9. Why leaving armor and tools on low percentage in first place? The issue isn't with lack of trash can, it is with how players approach using resources and being frugal. 1% axe is as effective as 100% axe at hitting a tree once. #savethe1%
  10. spores last aprox 60 days thats a price you pay for slowed down unger drain this makes more sense than the 3 moon rocks + spore craft. As we recently saw klei recognized the different needs for megabsers vs casual survivors (green book rework). casual survivors wont worry about farming iridiscent gems cus they never ever gonna have 20+ mushlights... unlike megabsers with worlds that reaches few thousands days