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  1. [Game Update] - 324933

    When were new diseases introduced?
  2. I don't think it's unique to wortox. The roars are not hearable to everyone on the server especially when they are far from each other
  3. Pigkinggame quotes refers to year of the pig King event and every character has similar quotes saying that there is danger, night or mess. I don't know if those quotes are any different for him
  4. Destroying Wes's Ballons makes Wortox gain souls, it is really cool as a new synergy but I dont know if its intentional.
  5. With some exceptions, like shadow creatures, chess pieces, walls or WX78
  6. Its for when you die in the endless mode, you dont have to go to the surface to ressurect
  7. Question to Klei

    This guy seems to have more megalomaniac issues more than triggered pengull Ikr, some poeple just dont know when to stop
  8. Question to Klei

    Well maybe dont fricking call me mean when I'm defending myself
  9. Question to Klei

    Yes you are making me look bad because you only saw me not letting an attacker insult me. You didn't care to read the whole topic and see that I was attacked with insults in the first place which resulted in me refusing to argue with person who is throwing insults during discussion. You allowed one person to insult the other and when the other person is not letting themselves to be insulted you scold them for being mean. Smh. Rethink your ways and learn to know the whole picture before making judgement. But as you intentionally omitted this fact it only shows that you are as bad as the person who insulted me in the first place
  10. Question to Klei

    Not mine only, but as I said, you are lead by double standards, and need to be pointed out that you should widen your perspective since you are making me a bad guy without making the effort to know whole discussion in order to make proper judgment
  11. Question to Klei

    OMG, another one who does not read whole topic and then cherry pick making incorrect conclusion... If you are so fast to judge people whi are "mean" then take a time and quote the people who started throwing insults, not the ones that are responding to it... geez And also I wasn't calling you lesser so by your logic you shouldn't even quote me calling me mean, but double standards I guess