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  1. I never heard it before, its pulsing noise that varies in speed and the pitch, it happens on private, public, modded, unmodded servers and on every character. Not sure what is the source. Any ideas? Here are videos, turn up the volume. In the night one the pulsing is slow and low, during day its very fast and more hearable due to higher pitch!AunP5uMVljGY7kKrRpJcSGaZ8_Sn!AunP5uMVljGY7kHqaqkP-JO1Cs6Y
  2. Wurt's diet guide

    For now i just described current state of Durian. The main reveal page does not say anything about different values, it just says she likes it more. We will see what does it mean whe she goes live. There is one kind of vegetarianism by definition. As for the recipes that use eggs and butter, currently game works in a way that the type of crock pot dish is not dependant on the fillers, so you can add meat to Waffles and it will still be non-meat dish. Its unlikely that klei wll introduce mechanic of chaning type of dish depending on its fillers
  3. Wurt's diet guide

    How do you know i didnt On the other hand its not rocket science. Im experienced enough player to know what is the best food to use that are not meat based, and this post is me sharing this knowledge with you. If she vegetarian, just exclude meat from diet. Thats what I did, pointing out the best non meat items to fill hunger, since a big part of playe rbase just survives on meatballs. If udpate will reveal some new way of telling meat from veggies in game, which is unlikely, then i will edit the guide Similar thing happend with wormwood when they announced he cant heal from food, then poeple had to learn healing from other sources, if they were used to eat pierogi to heal. Experienced players could tell the best way of healing excluding food before they had chance to play him. And based on that knowledge they were creating lists such as this one
  4. Wurt's diet guide

    We are not sure, we just assume according to the definition of vegetarianism (which is abstaining from the consumption of flesh) and what is considered meat in game
  5. Wurt's diet guide

    Maybe they will be able to reproduce eventually. Lunar Island got to be used for something
  6. Wurt's diet guide

    Yep, they are. They still can be used in crock pot to produce non-meat dishes
  7. Wurt's diet guide

    Thats why my post starts with "assuming" But due to low cost you can make a lot of it
  8. Assuming that Wurt being vegetarian means she cannot consume meat or meat based foods (instead of for example losing sanity when eating such foods) a change in play style would be needed for those meatballs fans. Here are some valuable information: Crock Pot As of today there are 29 out of 50 crock pot dishes that are considered non-meat in game, and most of them accept cheap and abundant inedible ingredients like Twigs See the list here: Fruits All of the fruits has fruit value of 1, the exception is Berries, Juicy Berries and Lesser Glow Berry which has fruitvalue of 0.5. It is worth mentioning that some items are still considered as fruit in game, even though it may not be so obvious for new players: Glow Berry Cooked versions of every fruit, if such exist, has identical fruit value as its raw counterpart. Durian/Extra Smelly Durian both gives 25 hunger but also lowers sanity by 5. Raw Durian lowers health by 3, cook it to remove this penalty. Veggies All of the veggies has veggie value of 1, the exception is Red Cap, Blue Cap, Green Cap and Cactus Flower which has veggie value of 0.5. It is worth mentioning that some items are still considered as veggie in game, even though it may not be so obvious for new players: Toma Root, Lichen, Cactus Flesh, Ripe Stone Fruit. Cooked versions of every veggie, if such exist, has identical veggie value as its raw counterpart. Cactus, Lichen and Stone Fruit still produce their products in winter unlike every other plants Try using Merms to help you hunt down heated Salamanders to get valuable Dragon Fruit Pumpkin/Hot Pumpkin gives whooping 37.5 hunger, avoid using it for crock pot dishes when you need hunger Eggplant/Braised Eggplant gives 25 hunger, similar to Corn, Roasted Potato and Cooked Asparagus. Bonus: Braised Eggplant, Roasted Potato and Roasted Toma Root also heals for 20 health. Think twice before using those in crock pot since the sum of stats of dish sometimes may not exceed the sum of stats gained from individual ingredients. Rest of the veggies usually gives 9.375 and 12.5 hunger, those will mostly yield crock pot dishes with positive stat gain Eggs and Meats Assuming Wurt wont be able to consume meat of all kind, she can easily convert to Eggs using Bird Cage with any bird trapped inside. Recipes that excludes meat fillers, most of the time does not limit eggs usage as a filler. However most of the recipes that accept Eggs as a filler, also accepts cheap inedible resources like Twigs as filler, so better leave that eggs for Pierogi Tallbird Egg has value of 3, Egg has value of 1 You can still put meat to Crock Pot and produce non-meat dishes, given that you don't use more than 1 monster tag (coming from meat or durian). Those dishes includes: Mandrakes Soup, Pumpkin Cookies, Stuffed Eggplant, Waffles, Jellybeans and Powdercake. Cooked versions of every egg, if such exist, has identical egg value as its raw counterpart. Dairy and Sweeteners Butter is rare resource that when eaten gives 40 health and 25 hunger Butter and Electric Milk has value of 1 Dairy Honey and Honeycomb has value of 1 Sweetener, Royal Jelly has value of 3 Royal Jelly a boss item is better used for making Jellybeans, however eaten raw gives decent stats of 20 health and 25 hunger Honey is easily farmed resources that can be amassed very quickly. One portion gives you 3 health and 9.375 hunger, but since it has very long shelf life and you will end up having a lot of it, consider Honey as your second grade snack food. Other There are many other edible items, but since they not necessarily fit into above categories I will list them here. Butterfly Wings very easy to get all year round, except winter. Each piece restores 8 health and 9.375 hunger. It can also be used as a filler in every Crock Pot dish, and is needed for Butter Muffin dish Roasted Birchnut restores 1 health and 9.375 hunger upon consumption.It can also be used as a filler in every Crock Pot dish, and is needed for Trial Mix dish. Cutting down third level Birchnut trees in Autumn rewards two Birchnuts Kelp Fronds gathered on the sea can be dried on Drying Rack to give you light snack that restores 10 sanity and 9.375 hunger Glommer's Goop can be eaten for nice 40 health and 9.375 hunger, but it also lowers sanity by whooping 50 points.
  9. mod is just supposed to gather data stored in default character's component and then display it using bigpopupdialog widget. Is server check this "if GLOBAL.TheNet and GLOBAL.TheNet:GetIsServer() then" bcos i have it
  10. so where can i find possible solutions? looking for cave keywords in forums does not return results that satisfy me
  11. Any idea why mod works fine on server without caves, but suddenly stops working when they are caves enabled, and how to remedy this?