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  1. So they can be shared with other dupes, like outhouses and showers. This would be helpful if you play with many schedules, because why having 10 mess tables when only 3 of them are being used within any given schedule.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    random root hit by moon gem must have been like:
  3. More appropriate post title would be "my opinion about characters' pros and cons"
  4. "I'm wondering" is more like a statement that question but ok
  5. Bcos you dont need to put flingos down and ruind base design. Having cramped base that is capabale of being covered by 2-3 flingos is small and ugli base that i personally do not pursuit. Me and my friends are going big, taking over whole biomes building things wide spread. The lack of resources does not bother me bcos eveything can be relocated or you can just... walk to the original point of he resource, its not like walking costs you anything. Distances does not matter in wolds 1k days +, its only annoying in the first year when you ahve to establish everything. And come on, rabbits and moles? No one needs them at daily basis, just use 4 for the magic station and few moles for the moogles. It also shows a lot about your gamplay, your concerns suggest you are "sit at base" guy that likes have everything not further than two meters away from you from the day 1 or else you cant survive Just imagine covering THIS in flingos
  6. Topic title: *clearly states there is a question* topic body: *not a single question or a question mark*
  7. Yes, anyone who wants to get extra 3.33 sanity per minute carry the fish as wurt. beta branch have all buff listed
  8. I N S A N I T Y

    newbies are not the issue, the issue here is the fact that you get mad for being good at this game. if any trigger you mentioned would be in place imagine what would happen to the new players that joins public servers with that triggers activated already
  9. I N S A N I T Y

    Just like I said. You are more experienced so it is too easy for you. Think about someone else for once, how new players are dying constantly to shadow creatures. It is being seen as major downside with great benefits. Just after a time you are able to overcome major downside, thats the nature or learning and gitting gud at game. I don't get whata your issue. You're mad bcos you are good at game, smh
  10. I N S A N I T Y

    Why would you avoid anything? Its a sign of mastery that you want to explore every aspect of the game. You don't want to willingly avoid parts of the game just because you think its not hard enough. Ask every beginning player what they think of insanity. The more experienced you are the more easier aspects of the game appear. If you want a challenge ditch an armor, eat only berries or fight only with fists
  11. Wx-78 is not being damaged when wet and its not raining. For example when abandoning ship he gets 100 moisture penalty yet no sparks or periodic damage occurs, same goes when hit by water balloon that increases moisture by 20 each time. The only time when wx-78 has sparks and periodic damage is when he is wet AND it is raining. Seems like it might not be intended since it didn't happen in dont starve singleplayer
  12. bcos its the same sprite but inverted, same goes for maxwell monocle. for assymetrical horns on beef hat, bascicaly eveyrhwere. dont do clickbait titles next time tho :/
  13. When wurt examines skeleton of dead player she says "Something happen to them..." without giving the cause of death
  14. World Edit Mode?