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  1. as i said, i enjoy chocolate so much, yet im still getting fat and probably diabetes
  2. just bcos one thinks someting is better does not mean it really is. i think chocolate is better, but im still getting fat from it
  3. move the glommer away from buzzard spawn you can see them on map
  4. It seems that you might apply treatment to 'honey' as you did to 'twigs'. Some recipe do require specificaly honey (like powdercake) but some require just sweetener, which is either honey, honeycomb or royal jelly. So like taffy, you get taffy by using royal jely and three inedibles, while in game no one would use royal jelly for other things than jellybeans, the recipe is still valid. There are four recipes that require just sweetener (and not honey specificaly): ice cream, pumpkin cookie, taffy and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, plus jelly salad from beta Similary ice; no recipe calls specificaly for ice, it was just the only one item in the frozen tags category. Recent addition of Ice Bream changed that, and also more of the frozen items can be added in the future. For example Ceviche can be made without using ice, you only need to put, lets say ice bream, 2x small fish meat and berry. You cant replace ice with ice bream in other recipes that calls for frozen, since all of them exclude meat. So for the sake of correctnes, even tho it applies only to one recipe, i would change the 'ice' in your guide to 'frozen'.
  5. you should correct some of the recipes by replacing 'no twigs' with 'no inedibles', since someone can add nf or bone shards and be surprised that they get something else even tho your recipe said its ok also might wanna fix other recipes that calls for meat or fish, like for example meatbalss - since you included the recipes from beta, you should also take in account the values: with beta ingridients, meatballs now can be done with 0.25 meat, instead of 0.5
  6. well, they specificaly allowed dens to spawn spiders on boat (bcos at first they didnt) in the patch 344479 so id say they are supposed to spawn
  7. Spider Den does not grow on boat, stays 1 stage forever; upgrading them as webber also does nothing
  8. you can trigger cave earthquake by exploding gunpowder assuming that the damage it would deal is equal or bigger than the time (in seconds) until the next quake. since quakes happen eveyr 1 to 3 days, the amount of gunpowder you need to use to be 100% sure to trigger quake is 8
  9. saladmanders, carrats - no reason for the to exist except make a chinese year specific mob and so that lunar island isnt desolate
  10. -.- ill bet they dated at some point but also crepes is typicaly french and wes is also french so thats why, the rest is jsut coincidence
  11. theyre too lazy to get the mats
  12. Then make a test in game if they catch wildfire, youd be surprised
  13. Just to be specific, its not tanking if you dont take damage; its merely keeping him in safe distance