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  1. You forget he gains more health and sanity too Its very hard to compare characters in games like this. It's obvious that say wickerbottom does more than say Wendy... Or does she? Its kinda like comparing wrench to a screwdriver. They both excel in different areas
  2. Why we need merged crafting.

    Eggs do not talk but ok, and please stay on topic, not the users
  3. Why we need merged crafting.

    Then you didn't seen enough Its neither a comeback or a takedown c_skipdays(391) Don't talk like I'm not here. You're just calling someone who's not agreeing with an opinion a troll. Not a smart move. But I guess it's too hard for you to get that people can have different opinions. And the topic is merged crafting, not parusoid. So discuss the topic please It does not show nothing in this matter but ok Wildobres in rog does not make sense as per established rules of don't starve universe, omg. Don't take everything that literally.
  4. Why we need merged crafting.

    no its not, op's point is that they cant build things to help them farm other things, so lets stick with that or just use a campfire
  5. Why we need merged crafting.

    Its not what the game says <put a crazy solution to a problem (that is you not being able to survive with what you get)> isnt op if it is something you have to work for. Just beacuse you think its not op, does not mean it makes sense. Yay, lets place Oscillating Fan in rog beacuse thats what we need. well tell that to op whos one of the reasons for merging is that they cant use bunnies in sw same as above, tell that to op, who cant survive with the things that they already have Wchich just confirms that having wilbores outside of SW does not makes sense, hence you cant have them Um, i was referrring to your post: Thats just seem like a character design flaw, rather than lack of merging system
  6. Why we need merged crafting.

    You can't move reeds too. It seems ntentional. To not make everything easy. Especially when it's specifically said when you load the game that hamlet is much harder than previous dlcs Secondly it gives the player incentive to go explore instead sit in base
  7. Why we need merged crafting.

    You can farm honey in hamlet, use ant chests instead of bee hives
  8. Why we need merged crafting.

    Please discuss the topic, not your view on forum users, thanks If you really need a reason against, it's this. Dlc is meant to feel different than the other so no sense in having wildbores in rog or something. Secondly sw and hamlet seems to intentionally be harder than the rog, so you have harder times 'doing automated farms that do things for you' to make more engaging and to force more direct approach from player. And its the designs of characters like Wilbur and woodlegs makes it hard to play them outside their dlc, not the lack of merging system, so you should be asking for rework than just a workaround
  9. Why we need merged crafting.

    as seen here, not only me
  10. Why we need merged crafting.

    one man's opinion
  11. Why we need merged crafting.

    what kind of weird deduction is that?
  12. Why we need merged crafting.

    oh wow 4 things out of 24k suggestions posts, thats like 0.02% chance, you have more chances to drop krampus sack, than make suggestion a feature in game, so take that into consideration
  13. Why we need merged crafting.

    Its not like any suggestion ever made into the game so, your argument is invalid in so many ways
  14. Why we need merged crafting.

    I dont need anything