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  1. SO happy I copied my world for testing instead of just moving the file. I am going to be one happy spelunker with a special wormhole and proper fountains Both of these things make me happy. Not even things I knew about/complained about, but I like them both anyway. The knowledge gifting did seem a bit confusing when auto-granted.
  2. Well, then they should stop cheating with Endless mode and play a REAL unmodified long-term survival game with no rollbacks and watch all their grass and berries slowly cease to exist by no fault of their own. (I'm joking. Kind of. But also kind of not?)
  3. This is the very reason I was happy to discover that random wild bushes and MooseGoose bushes can be different kinds, and one of the defining reasons I'm keeping the world I got I that in. Which also has the special Pig Village bushes that aren't a guaranteed spawn. And despite being against the idea of tampering with world settings, this is the reason I gave in and turned off disease. For me I feel like Endless is cheating, so I play in Survival despite calling the world permanent. It's up to me to keep the world permanent. But disease takes away non-replaceable plants in an unpreventable, unrecoverable manner. So count me in for this being a good idea. Craftable berry bushes as a late game reward sounds great.
  4. Bring it back, please! Along with every other currently unobtainable skin. Yeah I have the thermal stone skin. But I don't have the PK hat skin, the telltale heart skins, the eyebrella skin, the salt box skins, etc. That is one thing I DON'T like. Limited Edition, non-transferrable skins.
  5. I like playing Wurt even though I've never built a merm hut with her. She made me find easy ways to get non-meat in Winter. An excellent food source that I had completely overlooked before she forced me to find it. The answer is murder, of course. Highly sapient rabbits are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin A. I can't call myself a Wurt main, though. Wurt's my #3 choice.
  6. Of all the things that want to kill us in the Constant, one thing that has our backs is land-spanning worms that open their toothy maws inviting us to willingly hop in when we draw near. How suspiciously, uncomfortably wholesome. Flashbacks to my earliest DS days here, where I wouldn't go near wormholes and "Jump in" looked like a "Click to die" prompt.
  7. Telepoof staff. Wortox is the only one who could do it at will, though. Then there’s the inevitable lunar cave connecting via worldgen fluke like how lunar island sometimes does. I like the idea, don’t get me wrong. Completely logical and I’d enjoy seeing it as another reason to visit the Lunar Island. But I can’t not point out minor little things when I see them!
  8. They’re Sentrypedes. Robots. I doubt they’re the old inhabitants. More like robot guards made by tbe old inhabitants. And we can see chairs and stuff that we find in the ruins in that area, so it’s not ALL lunar stuff. Sad that the horror stuff is pretty much confirmed gone, but I’ll trust their decision on that.
  9. I have four yellows in a retrofitted world. Here's my file from the same location fimmatek mentioned, and just for good measure, the entire caves folder. Disclaimer that the world had two server mods prior to retrofitting (GEM core and Global Pause), which were automatically disabled when I transferred and re-enabled after retrofitting. Edit: That's not a typo, by the way. I have four, not three. server_log.txt
  10. Welp, put in the command and it told me "4". Checked it out, and I have four yellows. Time to copy the file, zip it up, and send it in! Can I say how much I love the improved save management? Because I love it and I will be abusing it
  11. Do we know their prefabs? So I can get a count on them without map-revealing.
  12. If that's without using console commands, then thanks for the warning to NOPE far away from that actual nightmare! No way I'm messing with THAT many shadows. Wow. I love it. I'll stay far, far away from it, but I love it.
  13. Well, if @Maxil20 is to be believed, then the Moon side won't try and kill us unless we don the enemy's equipment. Whereas the Shadow side has very much tried to kill us many, many times. Team Moon it is!
  14. The fact that Klei goes out of their way to even allow old world compatibility is one of the many things I love about their style. They don't even have to do this. It's shows they're simultaneously not holding back on content just because some people will be upset that it's not in their existing world, while at he same time saying "Here, its not the same, but we found a way to give you the new stuff, too". Yes, a new world is the 'best' way. But assuming it stays, I intend to treat this wormhole as a trophy of the longevity of this save! It shall be cherished. Someone looked into what it's supposed to say. Apparently it's supposed to say "Pretend it's connected". Which gives me a chuckle.
  15. I'd prefer the wormhole, thank you. Do you have any idea what this would do to people with large cave bases? It'll wipe them out. To add insult to injury there, think of the people who don't follow the forums and have no idea that the update will completely regenerate out their caves? All the stuff they could lose.