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  1. The fires of this war have convinced me that I want to take my spider-infested world, clean it up a bit and reign in the warriors to not-murdering-anyone-that-isn't-Webber numbers, and go try out new Wolfgang. See how he feels now to someone who previously hated his completely boring gameplay of stuff yer face and kill things. I do have a LOT of boulders underground that I wanted for decoration on the surface.
  2. I missed the drama but am sure it was (and probably will still be) burning hot. On my end, I might actually give Wolfgang a shot now. He finally looks not boring!
  3. I was kind of on the side of don't fix this because it's pretty cool for non-Webbers. But on a personal note, man I appreciate this. Riding through the world on my boofalo using the refuelable LF mod to clean up stray scattered items, only to find my inventory getting packed with buddy spiders and sleepy spiders. That was a wee bit annoying.
  4. I had only that screenshot available at the moment and decided why not because the absurdity of the menu questioning whether it was paused or not was funny lol. I forgot to remove Global Pause from the beta. Real world tour! Let me show you all the world of someone who does absolutely nothing for 900 days! WARNING: Massive amounts of mess, clutter, and general what-were-you-doingness. First base, and current base. This is the full image hidden behind the paused not paused screen. The statues were cool so I settled there. Later learned that those statues were actually a boss. Oops. Oh well. I've based with bosses before! My best surviving boats. The one on the right was my first successful boat that I haven't crashed to death. I can only sometimes reach the steering wheel. Cave base. I liked the pond being so close to a sinkhole. The rabbit is imported and my friends play with the bunny nightly. This is my megabase. I was gonna make a whole pig town here before returning home. I got pretty far. Look at that kitchen and storage area! (Yes that is sarcastic.) Pig town sinkhole. Okay location. The extra saddle is from YotB glitches.There are three glossamer saddles and a whole unseen herd to the left that came from my duped beefalo. My second base. Much better location. Right between the swamp and two deserts, and uh, not using a boss battle as decor. Summer fun. I farm dragontomatos to supplement the fish sticks, butter muffins, trail mixes, and cooked cactus. I run for my life when hounds come and make them burn spawn instead of my summer camp. Some fun stuff of a long-term world. Also, that Beefalo is the same one from She is still alive!
  5. I would like to take a moment to share a my casual veteranness. I have killed Deerclops out of annoyance, seen frogs and beefalo obliterate Moosegoose, and watched poor Bearger die numerous times. That's uh... that's it, as far as bosses go. And that is my beautiful set piece base. I did not know at the time that shadow bosses were a thing. It just looked cool. I'm so organized. Look I put clothes/tools on the left and stackable stuff on the right!
  6. For those concerned with the auto-pause: This setting does not disable pausing via hotkey, but and keeps the rest of the game functioning as you know it now. So yes we can have our cake and eat it, too.
  7. It's the pause button. That's no tiny thing to add, and you mentioned yourself that it may cause some nasty bugs. That sucker needs a beta phase. And yes it is a huge QoL. Huge enough that it's one of only three server-side mods I use, and of those three, it's the one that makes me truly scared of the idea of console DST because dang you really gotta shut down the whole server just to go make manure without losing your entire save. How awfully inconvenient.
  8. Oh my gosh. I will be trying this as soon as I can. The single most essential mod I use is for pausing the game, and if I no longer need a mod for that then AWESOME.
  9. My top hopes for the next Refresh were WX and Wolfgang. I don't think WX can possibly be messed up, it has so much potential. Wolfgang, on the other hand...I think we won't need any heating when that refresh comes. No matter which path is taken, the forums will be burning down. Looks like we'll be warm for the winter! I don't play Wolfgang but I am eager to see what happens to him.
  10. You know us so well hahahaha. KLei over here just showing once again that they actually listen to community feedback. You guys are great.
  11. Play through Spring and don't use any sort of umbrella. There's your hydration meter.
  12. What have you done to best spider?! ... It looks fantastic! So glad to see he was put further down the 'Friend to spiders' route over anything else. Favorite thing about Webber was how innocent and friend-focused he is, and you guys outright buffed his army of friends and gave him more ways to help his friends, both spider and non-spider. Also really glad that the Spider Queen was not turned into a mount. That would have been really weird. And his short not showing his human face is perfect. His human face should remain ever a mystery!
  13. I'm tempted to do that on my still flingo-less world just for lulz. It's a magic duster and not that expensive. A few petals you find lying around a spooky forest and Wormwood's arm. Oh THANK GOODNESS. I really like this new trend of having fewer and fewer time-locked exclusives. I mean, I got them, obviously. But the person on hiatus and teh person buying the game 2 months from now will not have them. And these are super important skins!
  14. Nope. I don't like minimaps. Full list: Camera Tweaks, Craft Pot, Drops Reset Countdown, Geometric Placement, Hellish Hellhounds from Hell, Idea Testing, Improved Force Attack, No Mods Warning, Snapping Tills, [DST] Roseate HUD, Pick-Up Filters. Like I said, fairly certain 600 days of rot, twigs, and random mob drops do it because it only happens on my perma world. I just gotta go play Constant's Janitor. (Or use commands, but that's no fun. I feel like doing it the hard way.)