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  1. If it's in the same amazing style as the shorts, then I can't say I really care. Oh, but it has to be voiceless. They can use the instruments to convey that they're speaking, but voiceless shorts are the best.
  2. That encourages Wurt to intentionally kill her pets. And that is sad. Regardless: Seems like a good fix for the issue. The king doesn't need that many pets, anyway!
  3. Who is the most polite Survivor?

    I'm just going to pitch for the sake of it that "Polite" is not the same thing as "honest", and "nice" has a more wider interpretation than "polite" does. Attempted examples: It would be honest to tell Wormwood (in a disgusted voice) that he smells like beefalo dung. It would certainly not be polite to do so. It is nice that Wickerbottom has taken to teaching Wurt, but I wouldn't necessarily consider that either polite nor impolite. Just... nice. On that, I think the point of Wilson's language is a good one and makes him a strong contnder.
  4. Yeah, I'm sticking with the "I want Winnie, but I want her as an alternate personality for Wigfrid". Can't really say I care how the Wigfrid/Winnie switch works, nor am I too bothered about the details of Winni's mechanics (though "Shepard/friend to all animals" sounds like a great reversal role of Wigfrid's kill everything gameplay). I just want her to be the shining light in Wigfrid's rework. I want to see the actress part of Wigfrid shine through and become a major feature of her gameplay. Swapping her personality on command would be such a fun, lore-friendly polish for her.
  5. Wait. Is that not what we're supposed to do with everyone else?
  6. It sounds that way, but I'm not lol. The one single person I play with IRL isn't very good at the game, so I'm pretty used to needing to pull more than my weight. Possibly why I find intentional creative griefs amusing, since it mixes things up for me in a world I'm not trying to almost single-handedly keep alive at any cost. One of my most memorable randoms was the time someone found my cave base mid-winter and burned it all down. I stared, took what I could salvage and just roughed it as long as I could. Which happened to be longer than the griefer, since they died and left long before me. I didn't survive the Winter, but I was darn proud that they didn't see me die! On my own style, I'm the quiet one who won't touch anything in a shared base but I'll drop off all my unneeded supplies. And sometimes base alone as a neutral party just to watch the chat and see people I didn't feel were mature enough to base with fail to survive. Ever base in a cave and watch the death messages an freakouts when an unprepared crew faces Deerclops, starvation, shadows, and freezing simultaneously?
  7. Personal opinion time: If a greifer griefs creatively on a public server, I'm not mad. Chances are the worlds will last until no longer than early Spring anyways, and every now and then people can ruin the world in creative ways. Alternatively, it gives me more experience to survive after getting my base ruined. Which in turn helps me become better at the game. Not saying that people should grief. Just that I personally make light of it when on a public server.
  8. Small Details You Like

    I did not know that Constant butterflies were plants. TIL. Well played, Maxwell!
  9. [Game Update] - 382128

    Awww, the truce is over, no more PK gold for Wurt. It was fun while it lasted!
  10. Small Details You Like

    At first, Wigfrid not eating butterflies and Wurt eating butterflies bugged me. (heh) Wurt specifically isn't vegetarian because of that. But after thinking about it, it made sense. She's not a vegetarian, she's an herbivore. It's not terribly uncommon for herbivores to eat bugs as well as plants. Being nonhuman, she's simply got a different biology than other survivors, same as Wortox (and Webber, but he's an extra special case). Wigfrid, on the other hand, doesn't think bugs are food fit for a warrior because... well, they're bugs. There's no great chase or battle to smush a bug. Even killing a rabbit requires more cunning than punching a butterfly.
  11. I have to avoid wearing specific headgear with Webber because they cover his biggest eyes. And that is not okay. Skins make some of them better at least.
  12. Long pig may have been removed from the drops, but that won't stop Warly from cooking up fallen survivors.
  13. Got an elegant drop for a character I don't use, looking to swap it for something I'm more likely to. 1:1 Top priority is any Webber reskin I don't have (Especially Roseate/Webilisk). Would also consideder any Elegant belonging I don't have. 3:1 Willing to consider 3:1 trades of distinguished items, especially Belongings Trade Link | JSON Link
  14. Adding my vote to let her keep the trading thing. Pig King trading with Webber/Wortox gave me the impression that he doesn't really care about species. Webber especially; we see spiders and pigs in constant conflict, but PK doesn't care and treats Webber like everyone else. He just doesn't give a crap what his subjects do. I also really want the Shamlet mask to be craftable without a mod, and usable by the three hated by pigs. With a slight personal preference that it does not work as a disguise for bunnymen. Edit: From a lore perspective, I guess you could say that by hanging out with the other survivors who are okay with PK (especially the other two who get attacked by his subjects, same as her), she opens her mind about him specifically. But his subjects are still the enemy.
  15. I really like the idea of Winnie becoming part of Wigfrid in her rework. I feel like doing that would accomplish a lot. - It fits Wigfrid, because she's a die-hard actor. Literally. She will literally die before breaking character. So swapping mechanics when she switches her role works perfectly. - It further separates Wigfrid from Wolfgang. They're pretty much rivals right now because they're both combat-based. Giving Wigfrid an anti-combat alternate persona (with her own unique traits that aren't a straight nerf like Wimpy Wolfgang), would help stop Wigfrid from just being overshadowed by Wolfgang. - It smoothly adds an unimplemented human character without wasting a character slot. EDIT: Just got the suggestion that she could switch between Wigfrid/Winnie by swapping putting on her helmet/bonnet.That would work well with the thing of her bonnet looking too big to be a part of her model.