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  1. I want WX an Wolfgang to get their refreshes first. WX's big perk is actively harmful in a multiplayer environment, literally eating up a useful resource for personal gain. Wolfgang is just "Big man strong". That's it. That's what he is. Webber can come after them. His harmful perk is only harmful if he lets it get out of control, and he has more shakeup in mechanics with the opposite-day effect on Pigs and Spiders than Wolfgang has with 'Rawr strong I kill boss fast'
  2. I will admit that holding on to a trial period is proving to be extremely hard. I've never seen better official game devs than the Klei devs. It kind of hurts. I can't be mad at them, but I don't want to fall for the flawed logic of whataboutism. I want to support Klei's devs, but not Tencent. And I don't know if that's possible with Tencent basically owning Klei now. This is a terrible mindset to have. Just because "other people do it" does not mean that any individual gets a free pass to do something they deem as bad or immoral. Many people do many very, very bad things, so not doing them yourself doesn't matter, right? Because that is the mindset you are showing with that comment.
  3. I'm tempted to do that on my still flingo-less world just for lulz. It's a magic duster and not that expensive. A few petals you find lying around a spooky forest and Wormwood's arm. Oh THANK GOODNESS. I really like this new trend of having fewer and fewer time-locked exclusives. I mean, I got them, obviously. But the person on hiatus and teh person buying the game 2 months from now will not have them. And these are super important skins!
  4. Ehhhh flashy doesn't translate to good. This I completely agree with. Unique interactions with all the different spiders would be GREAT. I really don't think piggyback on mommy long legs is anything but a human desire to ride any being they see that is larger than them. Think of literally every mob larger than the survivors and ask yourself the same thing. "Would it be flashy and cool to make this mob rideable? When yes, is it a good idea to make this mob rideable?"
  5. Have you seen just how powerful and individual spider is? She doesn't spawn them THAT fast. There are plenty of Webber ideas that I'm iffy or neutral on, but this is high on being both nonsensical and pretty useless. Literally a Beefalo and a single 3 tier nest will get more spiders faster. Step on webbing with Beef, feed spiders, done. You have outpaced the Queen. If my icon doesn't say it, I play almost exclusively Webber, so I'm very familiar with best boi.
  6. Oh gods please NO. She's a queen, not a personal mount! Her job is to make babies and be protected, not ferry the child into war with a giant fire-breathing predator! Just.. I want to see Webber do more spider things and be able to safely live with spiders friends AND not-spider friends. Let him be the peacemaker between Spider and Survivor. And kill all the horrible pigs, of course. Make Wurt proud. And please no transformations unless ALL normal spiders get transformations as well. Webber is half normal spider, half human child. Not half human child half radioactive super spider. Pg. 2 Edit: They're afraid of the sunlight, not of Webber. They're following him outside of their normal waking hours.
  7. Nope. I don't like minimaps. Full list: Camera Tweaks, Craft Pot, Drops Reset Countdown, Geometric Placement, Hellish Hellhounds from Hell, Idea Testing, Improved Force Attack, No Mods Warning, Snapping Tills, [DST] Roseate HUD, Pick-Up Filters. Like I said, fairly certain 600 days of rot, twigs, and random mob drops do it because it only happens on my perma world. I just gotta go play Constant's Janitor. (Or use commands, but that's no fun. I feel like doing it the hard way.)
  8. My bases are pretty small. Like, embarrassingly small. "How is this person on day 600?" small. If I log in in the overworld it's slow, if I log in underground it's fine. The bases aren't much different size-wise. As for mods, I use two, technically three Server mods. Global Pause/Gem Core and now Refuelable Lazy Explorer. As for client mods, I use a fair handful. But considering it loads fine in caves, it's not an issue of using client mods. It's not just the twiggy trees, no. I get a lot of rot/houndsteeth/spoiled fish/twigs/silk/glands/misc stuff scattered EVERYWHERE. It's a general mess on an ol'laptop problem. I know the problem and it's 100% mine. I'm working on it lol. That's what the Lazy Explorer mod is for. I'm going around on Beefback picking up all the crap. But the twiggy trees DO make a difference. I once used commands to delete all the world's twigs, rot, and spider glands and the next time I loaded up it was as smooth as caves.
  9. I would like to pipe in that while they can know the full limitations of consoles because consoles have a set constant (heh) of what they can handle, tailoring to PC isn't as clear-cut because it's the same version of the game whether someone is playing on a spanking new fully rigged homemade HD Gaming PC or my 10 year old laptop on life support. As for the actual things being added; It all looks so GOOD. Best parts to me being these two! So glad that the settings for more/less won't put things all over the darned place anymore. Kind of hoping I'll be able to turn on berry bush regrowth for my Survival world? And get those Twiggy trees under control. I love twiggy trees, but I have gotten to the point where I need to log off in the caves if I don't want to deal with a 10 minute time skip on logging in where I can only hope I don't get loaded in dead in the middle of a hound wave. Speaking of, putting those onto less for a world where they've become more annoyance than threat doesn't sound too bad...
  10. Witcher 3 is ported onto Switch. I think it can handle Don't Starve and all its iterations. Just a hunch tho. Idk maybe I'm wrong and there's a different reason my good ol' laptop can run DST but not Witcher 3 on potato mode.
  11. Scared me good there, guys. The title made me think a certain parent company got REALLY bold, REALLY fast without even the courtesy of slowly snaking in their claws. Just a Twitch thing though. Still just KLei, albeit with some rather unfortunate timing! A few weeks of this may actually boost me just enough to get all the skins I wanted most and was missing, including some non-Crystalline ones, so thanks for that!
  12. I won't pretend to be learned in all this jargon.As an outsider looking in with little interest in politics, my opinion is heavily swayed by the community's concerns. After sitting on it for a while, my personal takeaway is this: I still enjoy the Don't Starve and DST. I find it fun. I enjoy the skins of DST and the overall design of the games. I was heavily considering getting Oxygen Not Included, on recommendation and slowly growing interest. I told folks I know that DS and DST are both great games and encouraged buying them. I had started getting looser an looser on my normal stinginess about cosmetic IAP's and started buying skins more frequently. Not just for the skins, but because I knew it was supporting a good company that deserved it. But I won't fall for the Whataboutism that some people like to point to. Not being perfect in every other aspect does not mean one should ignore bad things that come to one's attention. To me, this move signals that you no longer need financial support from the community, and more importantly, a portion of that money is actively funneled towards malicious intentions. So for the sake of things like simple enjoyment, bug testing, et cetera, I'll continue to enjoy the game. But for the sake of anything financial - recommendations, IAPs, buying other games myself - I feel the need to abstain for at least a year to see how things look, if not indefinitely if things don't look good.
  13. Okay, so for an eternal world... What should I focus on getting for its first Chinese New Year event? I just found out there are two special fish to catch. There are dolls to make, the Shrine and skins... hoarding gold nuggets I guess. Any other hidden things like the fish that will very likely go away after the event?
  14. Is naming one-time? I wanna know how careful I gotta be choosing a name for my boofy girl. Also YAY MORE REWARD SKINS! ... I can afford two but I need the torch, PK hat, and ALL the VDay ones. I hope they stick around!
  15. I did not know this detail, and I am amused. Such a small yet important detail.