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  1. Awww, the truce is over, no more PK gold for Wurt. It was fun while it lasted!
  2. I fully understood why Bunymen would attack you for dragging around live fish out of water, and considered it a feature instead of a bug. However, as a potential new Wurt main, Yay! They understand that I love my pet fishy! Thank you!
  3. I have the Bottomless Pit, but please make it available to all. If old owners have to have a special rarity value on their skin for bragging rights then fine. Anything that makes retired skins obtainable. Retired skins make players without them sad because they can't get them and I don't like that. This is an okay start. Not great for people who don't do social media, but an okay start none the less.
  4. Adding more to them would be a good compromise. For Bearger, I don't think I'd mind him getting better as long as he stays as the neutral giant he is now. Forcing a seasonal fight with a boss that requires 2+ players would be a bit cruel. Goose almost has the same thing going on as Dragonfly, being that you won't fight her unless you get close enough to make her mad. The only difference being the massive difficulty difference and that Goose is seasonal. I dunno. I kind of like how tame she is, but I also watched her and her chicks get absolutely murdered by the seasonal torrent of frogs. I do feel that at the very least, she should get something that stops her from dying to her own season's weather. Some sort of AoE or something special for them. And if using her to farm froglegs is OP, the just make the chicks eat the meat. Agreed on Deerclops for the same reason as Bearger. A forced seasonal fight requiring 2+ people would not be fun.
  5. Spoilere'd for space-saving: While I like the idea of Toadstool being impossible (or at least close to it) solo, I don't think the same should be done to the others. The three seasonals definitely not - two of them come to you and the third spawns multiples every season. Dragonfly was always the hardest, and I feel she's in a good state right now. Technically an optional encounter, but she will initiate the fight. Beatable, but in no way easy compared to the other three. Now Toadstool, on the other hand, is a 100% optional boss with non-game-changing (but cool) loot in a fight that you antagonize. You know what you're getting into, and you choose the time and circumstances.
  6. I was about to go make a ton of bee mines and wipe him out solo. Thank you for stopping that! That was sincere, not sarcastic. Super Toadstool is best Toadstool!
  7. I hope so. I found a nice little world I've been thriving in since the last update came out, and I'd hate to have to make a new world to see the new stuff. And considering I base in caves, regenerating them alone would wipe out my everything!
  8. Crows are actually really smart. It wouldn't be out of place for DST crows to reflect that. Kind of hope that happens!
  9. Must. Have. Mushroom hat! I feel like seeing Toadstool will require making a new world to see. Klei dang it. This update. Much hype. Now I gotta tone it down so I don't overhype!
  10. It's nice that some people use it I guess. How often is "regularly", and how many times is "a lot of times" compared to the total number of times you have used it? Honest questions. I like data! I did the math, yes. I asked people to correct me because I have a history with math. I like math, but have a routine habit of messing up the formula pretty badly and was hoping that was the case here. I wouldn't have even bothered to compare it to the Market if waiting so long for a single use of the Trade Inn wasn't testing my patience. I failed the test. In my case, not only would I need nine commons, I'd need nine commons that were duplicates. I'm no hardcore collector, but I am a collector and dislike parting with something I may want access to later. Through playtime alone, I gathered around 5-6 duplicates and was saving them for trading, then happened upon a comment mentioning that the Market was better. So I looked into it. And the results filled me with determination a glimmer of hope that collecting without spending real money wasn't as painful of a task as I thought. I broke that for the PAX items of course, but those are a special case. (One that I am grateful to Klei for making the decision to let them be marketable! THANK YOU SO MUCH! That jacket is so cool!) I'm not attempting to use the Market nor the Trade Inn to make money at all. I'm using the Market as... well, what I feel the Trade Inn should have been. Exchanging my duplicates for non-duplicates. Don't get me wrong, I'm a greedy little thing that would gladly destroy 4-5 non-limited edition items that other people may want if it means I'm not bothering with the market. The reason I say 4-5: - Four items would ensure you could get at least one Classy or higher item each week, even if you need to sacrifice all four random common drops to get it. - Five items would ensure that it takes more than one week of drops to trade up for a Classy, so they stay a little more special. Heck, make it six if you must. Still stretching it, but still a lot better than the current system. Current state: You need two full weeks of nothing but common drops, plus one. That's a lot of playtime and a lot of crappy luck. Or really good luck, if you're aiming to use the Trade Inn. Without desirable conditions, it will take over three weeks for one. Single. Trade-up. One trade-up that, excluding a lucky roll of the die, you could have gotten earlier and with more control by simply using the market. On another note: That's two anecdotal confirmations. I'd be rather interested to know statistics behind this, it sounds like it has potential I didn't know of! Unfortunately, to test it on my own, I'd have to sink in months, nay, years of data collection for a decent sample size. Or, you know, buy a boatload of commons off the Market. Or I suppose I could do the Together thing and ask where base is for help gathering data.
  11. I was gonna say mushroom frog. But someone already said "Toadstool". That is so Don't Starve. Is there room on the hype train? I think I want a ride this round.
  12. Is this true? I've never heard of this being a thing before. Any data behind it I could look at? I'm mostly sour about needing over two weeks worth of commons for a single trade up. If the number was four or five, it wouldn't be as useless as it seems now. Can't complain too much though, since most skins are pretty cheap if you're desperate. It's just a shame how the market currently eclipses the Trade Inn as far as value goes. It sounds like the TF2 method is pretty good. Having recognition for promo items yet availability for all as second-hand duplicates would be great. I don't know any other details, but I'd be interested to see it in action!
  13. Trade Inn really did turn out badly. Someone please correct my math. I don't want to be right on this one: 9 Common = 1 Classy 81 Common = 9 Classy = 1 Spiffy 729 Common = 81 Classy = 9 Spiffy = 1 Distinguished Market price for Common: 0.03-0.08 Market price for Classy: 0.05 - 0.15 Market price for Spiffy: 0.14 - 0.43, excluding PAX items Market price for Distinguished: 0.18 - 4.10 Market price for Elegant: 0.98 - 20.55 The most expensive distinguished on the market, assuming the only drops you ever get are commons worth 0.03 (netting you a 0.01 profit), requires a maximum of 410 commons for YOUR CHOICE of a Distinguished. As opposed to the Trade Inn, which requires 729 commons for a RANDOM Distinguished. That's nearly double the cost for zero control. Same story for Spiffy items. I could get a Spiffy for a mere 14 commons. Nine commons for one Classy? There are only two classy items worth more than the worth of nine cheap commons, and a couple Classies worth exactly nine commons. The rest, it's the same as above: cheaper trade for your choice instead of more expensive trade for no control. I even got a Classy for the value of a measly three Commons. Trade Inn is so dead, I don't think it was alive in the first place. Can confirm, have gotten skins while playing DST solo.