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  1. This is crazy! Why would so many people play on that server? Why do they even pay money on suspicious websites? How did they get to download those illegal mods -- player wouldn't be able to join without the same server mod right?
  2. "No More Speed a Beefalo" Achieved. An Ornery could eliminate most of his downsides, especially if you can complete domestication before the first Deerclops. Now, with growing giant vegetables became more difficult for Wes, the nerf is finally to the point. Can't believe you guy always imply great changes in minor updates. LOL
  3. Gameplay for Wes is now really becoming difficult, but fun. Thank you for this beautiful update, it's the dream.
  4. Just a thought, could it be an issue with internet connection? You can try using a vpn or web booster to help the app connect to steam workshop more easily or check if it's just blocked by firewall.
  5. First, I hitch my bonded beefalo to a Grooming Station. Then jump trough a wormhole. The beefalo teleports and gets "stuck" there(Maintaining it's hitched state). The bug exists in beta branch, too.
  6. Bearger doesn't spawn on new worlds at all. "TheWorld.components.beargerspawner:GetDebugString()" says "DORMANT <no time> active 0". Deerclops spawn for the first winter, howerver, it doesn't in the second winter. "TheWorld.components.deerclopsspawner:GetDebugString()" says "WAITING Deerclops is coming for nil in 437.97 active: <nil> stored: <nil>", fun thing is that the time (437.97) doesn't countdown in my world. One more thing, I tried using "LongUpdate", this will reduce the time even when the Timer is paused.
  7. Actually, the whole walrus family respawns without cooldown now.
  8. I get this error message twice in the same game day, when a wave of hound attacked. It crashedwhen I killed a fire hound. However, I can't reproduce it after that. I remember, it was night time, and I killed the fire hound near a pile of red pouch and yotb sewing machine and yotb mirror-thing. I played the yotb minigame earlier that game day, but the judge's booth is 2 to 3 screens away from my base, so probably nothing to do with that, I guess.
  9. Wow, I'm experiencing the exact same problem —— character stuck, moving towards your last input, and clicking world entity ends up clicking on empty ground (0:06 in your video). All along I thought I was just my laggy computer, haha. Here's my thought on how to reproduce, hope it would help a little. I always play on client sever (no caves), and I don't use mod at all. I noticed that everytime this "bug" occur, they are under some similar situations: 1. An inventory that's almost filled to brim. (That's when you have a backpack and probably have to carry stuff on your mouse, too.) 2. Game was running for around an hour or two before this happens. (For the record, quitting to main menu and restart sever wouldn't fix the lag, but quitting the game entirely would give you an hour of fluent gameplay the next time you play.) 3. Hovering the mouse on your inventory slots would make the lag wayyy more obvious. However, this bug isn't new or caused by March Qol. It might date back to RWYS or Hallowed Nights updates, as I had a few days of vacation and could play for many hours in a row so that I had chance to meet with this kind of weird lag. Although it happens to me everytime, I know the lag is super difficult to reproduce because it involves large time period and constantly picking and removing items in your inventory. So I tried to find information first before posting on the forums... Well, hat's all the information I can give for now. And to my guess, the lag might be a memory leak issue cause by player inventory. Thank you for reading
  10. I got spring deerclops too. It was day 47, I notice the screen shaking and found deerclops in my base. However, I did kill him on day 31 during winter time.
  11. I have no mod enabled, world on default settings, local only server, no caves. When I right click on the backpack icon to open it, it crashed. Here's a screenshot and log.
  12. Type gameplay As described in the title, when the character is heavy-lifting on a beefalo, he can do actions like harvesting twigs and picking up stuff from the ground. These actions should not be allowed just as how it works while not riding. Picture of Webber harvesting a twig while carrying a knight head.
  13. Year of Beefalo is already here?!! You guys are amazing!
  14. What beautiful Victorian beard for Webber! I always wanted it, and it's like the best winter's gift. Thank you Klei!!!!! Thank you so much!
  15. Type of bug: UI If I understand correctly, the rectangles should be assigned to "Growth Formula" while the triangles should be for "Manure". As the picture shows, they are not in their right place at the moment.
  16. Lol, I noticed this update right after I submitted about unfair aggressives.
  17. For me, I tend to fight with NPCs as little as possible. Since helpers have less health, this update makes boss fights more stressful to me at higher prestige levels. I could be wrong, because the last two times I fail, I was in low health and with incomplete combat decks.
  18. Alright, it's a probably a Windows Defender Bug. When it starts auto scanning, the software just uses up all CPU, crashing the PC.
  19. When I use the quit to main menu option, the game freezes, along with my computer, every time after I play the game for a while. (Happens after I click the "yes" button) Here is my save folder. The log, profile, and stat are filled with "null" Edit: forget to say that the save cannot be read, so the progress is lost. And the client_log_1 is a dxdiag that I apparently uploaded to a wrong section. Griftland save.zip
  20. I like this fatigue thing. You actually have so many chances and time in game to build up you decks, grinding for levels is just a waste of time. The implement of this mechanic, along with tuning down Impatience, helps/encourages new players to learn about their decks and make meaningful decisions.
  21. Congrats for finally out of EA! I've not played Hamlet as much as the other DLCs, but from what I experienced, I feel it's really fun and rich of details. Thank you for the Amazing game!
  22. Thank you for this wonderful surprise.
  23. I think Minotaur can be sorted into The Triumphant set. Except I hear Toni said in stream that all The Triumphant sets have something red. (Wes's red scarf, Winona's red gloves, etc)