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  1. I like playing Woodie, how do you heal when clearing ruins with his moose form?
  2. It's on PC Mike, I play DST on my old notebook!
  3. I don't if it was because of a rollback, but it happened to me 1-2 hours ago. After I came back to my solo world save my beefalo called Josnei II had a clone.
  4. Does beager swipe atk count? Maybe I'm wrong, but he seems to hit any player in it's range, even if it wasn't the one attacking him/holding his aggro.
  5. Everybody is getting the same amount, you can only get one moth-eaten chest and it contains 3 sweaters.
  6. Hello, I loved the video! I don't know if it's intentional or not, but it's unlisted on youtube, people can only get to it thought direct link.
  7. While it's okay to express yourself, unless you want to add something to the topic, there is already a tab that you can use when wanting to express yourself but not add much to what was said: Single words, acronyms and some other things that don't add much to the topic end up clustering the thread. I don't know about klei forum's guidelines, but some other forums like steam's forum have rules against that. Although I don't agree with what x0-VERSUS-1y said and found it to be harsh... It's important to think about the forum's organization.
  8. Wx skin is the one I found to be the most interesting, It reminds me of Mr Freeze from batman's comic books.
  9. You both probably had already gotten the daily login drop prior to the update, that or you got an item from a higher rarity than the chest. It happened to me as well, I had already gotten my daily login drop when the update happened, so no chest for me today. I'll probably get one tomorrow.
  10. They upped the heal compost wrap gives from 30 to 45 in the beta, 30 hp instantly and 15hp over time. I also think that his plant interactions with the new farming system is lacking.