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  1. I had never comemorated halloween before, It's not a common holiday where I live. I never though I would enjoy it like they do in other countries... but I did! Taking part in this event was great fun, ty!
  2. And I thought I was being creative when I prepared the abigail costume for one of my dogs... I even made the flower! I challenge you, lets see whose picture is better! Dog x cat! I'll submit mine later when I make the hand drawn sign.
  3. JoeW, I'll have a picture dressed up as a mime, just like wes... but how will I handwrite it? Edit: Nevermind, I understood!
  4. Really thank you, Woby is much more enjoyable to use now!
  5. Hello @nome, I have seen that a lot of people are confused about getting points and spools in the "Klei rewards" system. I want to give some suggetions related to clarity, maybe It would help those people from getting confused. It would be nice if we had like a "redeemed historic" tab, we would click on it and see a historic of things we redeemed. For example: 03/06/2020 -> 450 spools redeemed from https://accounts.klei.com/link/gimmesomespool (the link used for it) 01/06/2020 -> 850 points redeemed from https://accounts.klei.com/link/gimmepointsplz Also, It would be nice having more visual clarity, for example in the curio cabinet we have our number of spools showing: It would also be nice having our number of spools appearing in the "Klei rewards". And also an animation showing it increasing would help those people understand what changed and if it was Spools or Points.
  6. That was such a heart warming joke to receive during those difficult times... thank you! :-)
  7. Hey! Will we be able to unlink/change the account we linked or is it permanent?
  8. I have to say: I find it amazing that you guys gave us alpha players a gift to compesate for something that is not even your fault. Especially because this gift is a FULL game. Invisible Inc. and Mark of the ninja are both awesome games. Btw, Invisible Inc. is so well written and has such a unique aesthetic, I wonder where the inspiration to create each agent/character came from.
  9. New stuff, awesome! Once again, Thanks for the update!