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  1. I think a simple change such as: "When being worn by wormwood, bramble husk activates its AOE damage every 2-3 attacks" would go a long way for wormwood. "Bramble Trap nearby a blooming wormwood resets itself after 2-3 seconds", also a small rooting effect of 0,25 to 0,5 seconds on enemies that step on them, just so they don't just run faster than the traps activates (hounds), it also avoids one fast enemy activating many traps and helps on getting enemy grouped so you can get value out of the AOE damage that differetiates Bramble trap from Tooth trap.
  2. Which continent are you from? If it's south america we could play together.
  3. Tu joga em que horário? Eu posso hostear se quiser jogar, só os horários que podem ser complicados.
  4. É na steam? Pode me add se quiser, procure por John G.A. ou use o meu código de amigo: 112554297
  5. I prefer shipwrecked water shoes than sailing in DST.
  6. I just played Deep Rock Galatic 5 minutes ago: Wilson would be sent to an allien planet without civilization and dangerous wildlife to mine space thucelite for a mining company that doesn't pay him well and treats him like a disposable asset. He would also have a minigun to get rid of big space bugs - Willow could have the flametrower. This is their world equivalent to gloomer: But you kill those everytime because they hold precious minerals.
  7. Yes, you are right, it was a dumb question. But I'm still interested in how he maps his keybinds, if his mouse probably has two sidebuttons, why only one of them is used for an invetory slot? What about the other button, is it used for something?
  8. What mouse do you use Guille? Does it have side buttons?
  9. Will skins previously acquired on console be able to be sold on steam market?
  10. I noticed the same when I was playing Woodie earlier: when holding the atk button It felt like it wasn't resgistering my attack input sometimes, for example, after holding the button to kill the first spider and keeping it pressed the character would stay there, staring at the second spider in front of him for a long time if I didn't press the Atk button again or move before atacking again, that happened mostly when I was trying to auto atk with moose form by holding F after charges, but happened once or twice with human woodie. It felt really bad.
  11. Yes, I also like this change. I played in a server with all seasonal events active, it was messy, but really fun.
  12. I think he's talking about having more than one seasonal event active at the same time in a world like klei is testing in beta right now.