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  1. Make the two items crafted from Cat Tail be less expensive or more usefull. As it is right now both are extremely expensive, especially considering what they do. The Tail o' Three Cats - an underused and niche effect item - needs 3 Tentacles Spots - a somewhat hard to get item - to be crafted. The Cat Cap needs 4 Cat Tails to be crafted, Cat Tail is an item that drops %33 of the time when you kill a catcoon so you would need to kill an average of 12 catcoons to craft a single Cat Cap - an item that has the same insulation factor as an Rabbit Earmuffs: 60. It would be nice if those items were less expensive to craft, for example: The Tail o' Three could cost 2 less Tentacle Spots and 1 less Cat Tail while the Cat Cap could cost two less Cat Tails and one less Silk.
  2. I did really like the new bosses sculptures and the removal of the special items requiment to make some of them. Not having to use a boss drop to make a sculpture gives you much more freedom to decorate your base and show your accomplishments. The changes to marble suit and to the insulated pack are my favorites tho, I have been using them much more than I used to.
  3. Really thank you, Woby is much more enjoyable to use now!
  4. @CarlZalph I don't know what was quickest, the fix or you revising the numbers. Also, Thank you for contributing to this discussion, I've seen some of your posts in the past and I've always found you inteligent/smart. This data is amazing for someone like me that doesn't know how to access it.
  5. Oh, this data about their stomach size is interesting, I had suspected it was something related to this. It's a shame Big Woby gets completely outclassed by a walking cane in terms of mobility - the cane doesn't need monster meat and always gives you a high speed. It also boders me that Big Woby has no eating animation, even beefalos have one. Nor does she have a way to tell us when she's hungry.
  6. Hello! As we all know by feeding Woby 3 monster meat she'll turn into her big beefalo like form, knowing this I run some small tests today and noticed some... weird behaviour related to Big Woby's belly... she likes to eat a LOT of monster meat. The first thing I did was feed Woby 3 monster meats and time the duration of the transformation without feeding her more monster meat, the duration was 11 minutes and 44 second. The second thing I did was transform Woby again, but this time I fed her 3 more monster meats around ten minutes into the transformation, the duration of the transformation got extended to 13 minutes and 54 seconds. After that I repeated the same process once more, this time feeding 4 monster meats ten minutes into the transformation, getting to the duration of 14 minutes and 37 second. I then did some calculations: Duration of Woby's transformation: 11 minutes and 44 second = 660 seconds + 44 seconds = 704 seconds. Duration of woby's transformation when feeding her 3 monster meats after ten minutes: 13 minutes and 54 seconds = 780 seconds + 54 seconds = 834 seconds. Duration of woby's transformation when feeding her 4 monster meats after ten minutes: 14 minutes and 37 seconds = 840 seconds + 37 seconds = 877 seconds. Substrancting 834 and 877 from 704 834 - 704 = 130 seconds of extra duration for 3 monster meats given to Big Woby 877 - 704 = 173 seconds of extra duration for 4 monster meats given to Big Woby Then I divided the extra duration by the number os monster meats given to Big Woby: 130 ÷ 3 = 43,33 seconds per monster meat 173 ÷ 4 = 43,25 seconds per monster meat (the difference in miliseconds is because I timed Woby's transformation with a chronometer in real life and I'm not a machine, I have human reflexes :-p) So for each monster meat we give to Big Woby she'll only be getting around 43 extra seconds of transformation. With that number in mind we can then find out how many monster meats a near starving Big Woby would need to eat to become full again: 704 ÷ 43,3 = 16,25 monster meats (I divided the total duration of the transformation by the extra duration that one monster meat adds) A near starving Big Woby would need around 16-15 monster meats to become full again. After learning this about her I now call Big Woby by "monster meat black hole". Observation: This situation is a problem because it becomes extremely hard and taxing to maintain Big Woby fed and in case you didn't know she gets slower the hungrier she is to a point where it's faster walking with walter normal speed than riding her. Also, before anyone says "just wait for her to transform back to small and feed her 3 monster meats again", yes you could do that... but then you'll be stuck with a slow Big Woby for part of the transformation while you wait for her to turn small again, even if you already have the monster meat. Thanks for your attention!
  7. @bitcrushed_rage He takes +10 damage from them and this +10 damage goes through armor.
  8. Hello! Does anyone have any information whether Griftlands will be available in a bundle like this one in the future: Or no info on it for now?
  9. I own DST since it's beta and for the first 1000 hours I had gotten 0 elegants. In March 7 2019 the skin drop system got changes that not only raised the number of skin drops you could get every week from 4 to 15 (7 daily skin drops + 8 weekly skin drops) but also raised the chances for you to get a skin from a higher rarity. Since then I've gotten an elegant skin from time to time (like 1 every one month and a half). You could definitely be "unlucky", but take in consideration that it's way easier to get an elegant skin nowadays than it used to be back in 2017 - 2018. Those were the skin drop system changes that ocurred in 2019: This is the link for the thread that has this information:
  10. As much as I'd love a system like this I have to agree with @ShadowDuelist: Skins seem to be the main way for klei to not only make money from dst - they are a business afterall - but also keep developing the game. Think about it this way: between weekly and daily skin drops, twitch drops and skins you get when logging in - like the recent axe skin, klei has recently also given us 450 spools two times from links conected to the Klei rewards system, 450 spools is 1/3 of an elegant skin, it's way better than a 1/3 discount in a random skin that could be not the one you wanted. So I think it would be better if they could keep it this way, giving us some spools from time to time trought Klei rewards for keeping up with their announcements, even if this is not as flashy as a weekly discount. Also they will be giving us Walter.
  11. The thing about pumpkin cookie is that it's better to eat the pumking cooked and use the two honeys from it's recipe to make something else, like a taffy for example. In the situation you decide to make a taffy you'll be getting +25 hunger +15 sanity for just one more honey. Following this line of though you'll notice that instead of getting just +37,5 hunger +15 sanity from one pumpking cookie, you could instead get +37,5 hunger +8 hp from the cooked pumpkin plus +25 hunger +15 sanity -3 health from a taffy, for a total of +62,5 hunger +15 sanity + 5 health.
  12. Hello @nome, I have seen that a lot of people are confused about getting points and spools in the "Klei rewards" system. I want to give some suggetions related to clarity, maybe It would help those people from getting confused. It would be nice if we had like a "redeemed historic" tab, we would click on it and see a historic of things we redeemed. For example: 03/06/2020 -> 450 spools redeemed from https://accounts.klei.com/link/gimmesomespool (the link used for it) 01/06/2020 -> 850 points redeemed from https://accounts.klei.com/link/gimmepointsplz Also, It would be nice having more visual clarity, for example in the curio cabinet we have our number of spools showing: It would also be nice having our number of spools appearing in the "Klei rewards". And also an animation showing it increasing would help those people understand what changed and if it was Spools or Points.
  13. Yesterday I ate 2-3 monster lasagna and turned into an invisible weremoose, I could see my shadow tho, It was interesting.
  14. That was such a heart warming joke to receive during those difficult times... thank you! :-)
  15. Hey! Will we be able to unlink/change the account we linked or is it permanent?
  16. I have to say: I find it amazing that you guys gave us alpha players a gift to compesate for something that is not even your fault. Especially because this gift is a FULL game. Invisible Inc. and Mark of the ninja are both awesome games. Btw, Invisible Inc. is so well written and has such a unique aesthetic, I wonder where the inspiration to create each agent/character came from.
  17. New stuff, awesome! Once again, Thanks for the update!
  18. Thanks! ^^ Also, there is this minor "bug", it's not really a bug, but from time to time i see a gobbler simply letting a frog hit him without even trying to run away like they do when a player gets near them. They jut stand there like they aren't near something dangerous and accept their death ;c I duno if gobblers reacts the same way towards others hostile animals.