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  1. What about regional pricing? I Live in Brazil and our economy has gone downhill for sometime now. Dont starve together Costs R$27,99 here, if i use the current exchange rates between Real and Dollar - which is probably the wrong way to do it but is a way that could give us an estimate - Dont starve would cost R$27,99 ÷ 5,85 (how much $1 is worth in R$) = 4,78 dollars. During a sale it costs R$9,51 which would translate to $1,62. $1,62 for two copies, $0,81 per copy. There are probably countries in which DST costs even less.
  2. It's on PC Mike, I play DST on my old notebook!
  3. I don't if it was because of a rollback, but it happened to me 1-2 hours ago. After I came back to my solo world save my beefalo called Josnei II had a clone.
  4. Wes ascends the throne and the constant goes silent forever.
  5. I find it weird how wendy's beefalo damage jumps from x1,0 to x1,54 after the petal debuff, there is no reason for it. The x1,54 damage multiplayer is used to balance wendy's x0,75 base damage multiplayer, and it's arguably too strong at that, making it go from x0,75 to x1,155 ,but in the beefalo's case there is really no reason for it to be this strong since beefalos don't consider the character's base damage multiplier. it's a 54% damage buff to beef's already possibly high damage. If you are riding a beefalo with ornery tendency (50 auto atk damage) + a war sandle (16 auto atk damage) any other character would be dealing 66 damage per auto atk with the beef, wendy on the other hand deals 101 damage per auto after the petal's debuff. Lets consider the player attacks 2 times per second - it varies from 2 to 2,5 if i'm not mistaking, depends on conectivity - while other characters would deal 132 dps wendy would be dealing 202 dps after the petal's debuff. 54% extra damage not counting abigail's damage seems overkill, the 10% extra damage from the petal debuff that applies to allies should be reasonable enough in this situation. Or maybe wendy and abigail are in truth part of triplets and have a twin beefalo brother/sister, that would explain this synergy, hehehe.
  6. I thought about this, It would be a problem. There would be no point in klaus respawning every 20 days during winter's feast if the event only lasted one winter season and the waiting time to try again the event would be enormous as you noted. That said, it's just an initial ideia, it needs a lot of refining, it doesn't need to be every two winters, it doesn't need to be available only during winter, etc... it would be up to them to figure out how something like this could be better done, but this idea seems hard to pull off and, as such, difficult to happen.
  7. I'd like a world generation option that when enabled would allow for the events to circle thought out the in game years. For example: After the first in game year every new year would unlock a diferent lunar event that would be available until the start of the next year - when a different lunar event would start. Starting during the 3º or 2º winter every two winters would be winter's feast - the same could be done with summer and the upcomming summer event, prefebly during the in game years in which winter feast woulnd't be available. I don't know how halloween's event would fit in this schedule, maybe Summer Soltice, Winter's feast and Hallowed Nights would simply take turns being avaible in different in game years. I'd also enjoy if it could be done organicaly, maybe we would have to do something related to the event theme to make these events not currently avaible happen the first time in our world.
  8. Does beager swipe atk count? Maybe I'm wrong, but he seems to hit any player in it's range, even if it wasn't the one attacking him/holding his aggro.
  9. I wish we could trade items with the nox guy in game someday, he sort of looks like a merchant. He could set up a shop near beefalo's savana during certain times of the in game year and trade beefalo related items with the player. Maybe he could be a way to introduce new items to help traning/maintaining beefalo domestication.
  10. Everybody is getting the same amount, you can only get one moth-eaten chest and it contains 3 sweaters.
  11. Hmm... I wonder what this book does and what it was used for... I see, It's the rare "Horticulture, Abridged please don't nerf winter edition". Are you sure having multiplied this many potatoes seeds during the first 23 days of a world is a problem with winter?
  12. Hello, I loved the video! I don't know if it's intentional or not, but it's unlisted on youtube, people can only get to it thought direct link.
  13. While it's okay to express yourself, unless you want to add something to the topic, there is already a tab that you can use when wanting to express yourself but not add much to what was said: Single words, acronyms and some other things that don't add much to the topic end up clustering the thread. I don't know about klei forum's guidelines, but some other forums like steam's forum have rules against that. Although I don't agree with what x0-VERSUS-1y said and found it to be harsh... It's important to think about the forum's organization.
  14. Wx skin is the one I found to be the most interesting, It reminds me of Mr Freeze from batman's comic books.
  15. You both probably had already gotten the daily login drop prior to the update, that or you got an item from a higher rarity than the chest. It happened to me as well, I had already gotten my daily login drop when the update happened, so no chest for me today. I'll probably get one tomorrow.
  16. They upped the heal compost wrap gives from 30 to 45 in the beta, 30 hp instantly and 15hp over time. I also think that his plant interactions with the new farming system is lacking.
  17. I haven't played much on the beta branch, but I do really appreciate the hard work that is going on those updates, the last days must have been really busy.
  18. I think it should be buffed to how it was before, I mean how am I going to feed the people on my megabase now? It's only fair since she's the character for megabasing and so should deliberately be made above others. Also, I wouldn't like if other characters could mega base as well as her, It's her unique thing so it's fair... of course I can also use on tentacles and farm bee queen without having to set up 30 rabbit hutches... but that is not the point and it's fine because i'm being rewarded for my knowledge. (Gif of me growing 400 grasses with one use of silviculture) I should be able to do this but with food as well - especially stone fruit bush.