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  1. Cosmetic Items after 100%

    Some cosmetics are in community mod levels.
  2. Lol, I noticed this update right after I submitted about unfair aggressives.
  3. Wow, it's gonna be a perfect Halloween at Klei's!! And I can't wait to try out this pretty little merm.
  4. Congratulations! Can't wait to show some LOVE for LAVA!
  5. For me, I tend to fight with NPCs as little as possible. Since helpers have less health, this update makes boss fights more stressful to me at higher prestige levels. I could be wrong, because the last two times I fail, I was in low health and with incomplete combat decks.
  6. [ Experimental Build ] My PC freezes up

    Alright, it's a probably a Windows Defender Bug. When it starts auto scanning, the software just uses up all CPU, crashing the PC.
  7. When I use the quit to main menu option, the game freezes, along with my computer, every time after I play the game for a while. (Happens after I click the "yes" button) Here is my save folder. The log, profile, and stat are filled with "null" Edit: forget to say that the save cannot be read, so the progress is lost. And the client_log_1 is a dxdiag that I apparently uploaded to a wrong section. Griftland save.zip
  8. I like this fatigue thing. You actually have so many chances and time in game to build up you decks, grinding for levels is just a waste of time. The implement of this mechanic, along with tuning down Impatience, helps/encourages new players to learn about their decks and make meaningful decisions.
  9. Game launches early and a stream? I'll dying from excitement!
  10. They Sure fixed it fast. Now, I'm finally able to visit the store page. And Klei, THANK YOU for always listening to us, and always bringing hours and hours of fun. Time for me to wait in peace for Griftlands Alpha.
  11. I heard of a few things that Epic store did, I don't like it very much. Yet, I would still chose to support Klei for this one, since Griftlands just looks so great, I could not wait for another year! ...Until this "partner" of Klei slaped right into my face. Hope this is not intended, and will get fixed soon. PS. I live in China. Could it because that the game is lacking the regional price? If so, I wouldn't mind paying the full $15 if you haven't decided the price yet, but just give me the access already!!!
  12. [Game Update] - 333702

    Congrats for finally out of EA! I've not played Hamlet as much as the other DLCs, but from what I experienced, I feel it's really fun and rich of details. Thank you for the Amazing game!