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  1. Seaworthy crash!

    Hi, I had a similar problem once. Turned out mine was caused by a bunch of lureplants I planted. I wonder do you happen to have a lureplant farm, too?
  2. Masks. It'd be so cool to dress up like mobs (or maybe other characters).
  3. If you can't find your saves, check out this klei support. And I'm curious, do you happen to have a lureplant farm?
  4. So my friend ran into this problem, when he was traveling from RoG to SW, after he had stayed in RoG for about 100 days. Then the game froze when SW world was trying to catch up. Here's a screenshot, the task manager said the game's memory use rose to more than 3g. He told me he had a big lureplant farm in SW, like 40 or so lureplants were planted there. So I thought that might be the problem. At last I added a mod. The world no longer freezes. AddComponentPostInit("minionspawner",function(self) self.LongUpdate = function() end end) I did some testing: when I plant 10 lureplants on no-eyeplant-turf. Console type "LongUpdate(10*480)", the game lags for a few second, memory rise a bit. When I do LongUpdate(30*480), freezes a bit more, memory rise to 3g. and in cases longer than that, the game will say "out of memory" and shut down. When there is no lureplant in the world at all, even "LongUpdate(100*480)" can be handled easily, without apparent change in memory. edit: upload his save and log. 219740.7z log.txt
  5. Hazard's lore?

    @ImDaMisterL Cool! I asked because Klei deleted the last Hot Lava stream replay pretty fast. So, I was worried they might not want too many spoilers here and there.
  6. Hazard's lore?

    From Pax twitch video. (Is it allowed to post screenshots here?)
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Check out Lava Monster Beefalo.
  8. In DST, when your temperature drops below 5 degrees, you get a freezing warning only during winter time. (According to "widgets/iceover.lua", "(temp < 0 or TheWorld.state.iswinter)".) However, in the first few days of spring, player can often have their temperature dropped below 0 because of the heavy rain, which is really painful. So it'd be very nice to keep the warning on for a few more days. Thanks for reading up.
  9. Category Graphics Version PC In RoG compatible worlds, walls change their rotation when you press Q,E to rotate screen. The issue is not in SW and vanilla worlds. Steps to reproduce, generate a RoG world WITHOUT SW compatible. Then craft some walls. Try rotate with "Q","E".
  10. In SW, merms and flups can catch on fire when you attack them with torch or cannon. While they should be wet all the time and unable to burn, like tentacles, or merms in worlds not compatible with SW. Additionally, merms drop ash instead of cooked fish morsel after burning to death, which feels weird.
  11. I think it actually was the web that detected the nightmare. Or "they" poked that web on purpose.
  12. Just want an option to gift them to friend.
  13. The side and front of the dress look the same. Is it supposed to be like this?