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  1. It's not a problem with Wortox's ability. You can get stuck in the same way by using up your Orange Staff. So probably the game doesn't need a fix at all, but that act-before-you-think attitude does.
  2. I think Minotaur can be sorted into The Triumphant set. Except I hear Toni said in stream that all The Triumphant sets have something red. (Wes's red scarf, Winona's red gloves, etc)
  3. I don't use celestial portal, mainly because there isn't a reasonable explanation for it. But I think it's nice to have a option like this. And about exploiting the portal, I don't think there's much to be concern about. Because DST is a multiplayer game, we are encouraged to combine each character's abilities. For example, with one Wigfrid in the server, everyone can use better and cheaper armor and spear. The portal just gives players who can't always play with friends a way to have a taste of how co-working part of the game would feel like. And don't forget switching characters comes with extra costs that you shouldn't be paying if there are some other players, so, in all, moon portal isn't very OP.
  4. She sounds so sad... Hope they can finally find each other. The new trailer also made me wonder, despite getting dragged into the Constant, these characters were actually saved by the Shadows. Maybe THEY didn't mean to do harm at all? Maybe (in Maxwell's case) the Shadows foreseen the earthquake rather than cause it, and all they did was to save Max and Charlie.
  5. We're almost there! Yeah! And I'm not gonna miss the stream again, this time.
  6. This rework is amazing! I can't wait for next Thursday!
  7. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    We're actually talking about the same thing... I didn't say you're wrong at all. First, Summer insulation and winter insulation is two different things.(They don't add or cancel each other's affect) Summer Insulation only works when world temperature is above 35. Winter insulation only works in winter. Which means beefalo hat(that have winter insulation but not winter insulation) will not work in summer. Eyebrella won't work in winter. Second, beard is special because it lowers your summer insulation and increase your Winter insulation. Third, insulation has a minimum value of 30, that's why Woodie will not overheat faster than other characters *when no item is equiped*. Because Summer insulation can't go any lower. However he does overheat faster than others when, let's say, holding an umbrella.
  8. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    I actually tested all I said above in DST. And beard does lower your summer insulation. So, this applies to you, too.
  9. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    Beard is special, because it's not an equipment. Beard's insulation is always calculated, however, items' insulation could be ignored depending on the temperature. For example, wearing a Beefalo Hat and a Floral Shirt and keeping Wilson's full beard give you: Summer Insulation during warm days (world temperature gets above 35): 0 (Beefalo Hat) + 240 (Floral Shirt) - 135 (Beard) = 105 Winter Insulation during cold times (world temperature gets below 35): 240 (Beefalo Hat) + 0 (Floral Shirt) + 135 (Beard) = 375 Also, world temperature is not affected by heat source such as burning trees or campfire, which means Floral Shirt would not prevent you from heating up next to a camp fire in winter.
  10. Trying to reason with a troll is useless. This guy's just looking for a ban.
  11. Item description says beefalo don't attack you because you "smell like" a beefalo when wearing the hat, not too much about looking like one.
  12. Will there be a DST stream later? So eager to see how devs team can beat the Pig king's little game.
  13. I don't like rollback feature either, but I also dislike losing my progress. So, sadly, I'm always left cowering in my little base, refuse to fight bosses or explore the caves.... ......At least I have my beefalo, right?