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  1. Tar, not that useful.

    It's really good fuel for the new machines though, saved a lot of time from cutting tree for fuel. Also the ability to slow creatures down, may be used in some traps i think.
  2. They mentioned something like breaking down skins into scraps and refine into new ones. Maybe it's about buying those box with scraps?
  3. I like both the single player game and together. They just have different themes. For multiplayer, you always want to think about balance, so things like old bell is hard to get implied. But you don't worry about that in singleplayer. Also, if there's going to be a storyline, having multi people playing together might just mess it up.
  4. Flotsam doesn't spawn

    Saw there's not a flotsam spawner component in player_common. (In dlc0002) Probably they are still figuring out how to make it compatible with shipwrecked.
  5. To me, Hamlet feels like a story mood similar to adventure mood instead of a new world with a variety of biomes. Maybe it's both. Really looking forward to it.
  6. Metheus gate is a time machine? ...no idea
  7. Meet Winona!

    Did anybody mention that Winona doesn't have huge white eyes like other female characters?
  8. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    It feels even easier to read on mobile than before. The update is pretty good.
  9. Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save folder, (backup and) delete "profile" Then the settings should be restored. (I don't know if there are any side effects, so be sure to make a backup.)
  10. Why kill rooks? They are great woodcutters.
  11. Depth Worm drops

    Worms can eat even in single player.
  12. When wearing Bone Helm, press "f" and characters will still attack shadow creatures, dispite there are other real enemies around (for example hounds), simply because shadows are closer.
  13. Seasons in RoG and SW correspond to each other. That is when it's dry season in SW, it must be summer in rog. So I guess you just entered Rog in the last day of summer. (Saw the picture you post, day 216 is rhe last day of dry season/summer.)