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  1. The reason I don't like the smile is it feels crappy, as if tweaked by some cheap mod. I'm not against DST gaining more of the original creepy vibe. Also, I would totally love it if Klei could come up with spiders' new idle and friendly animations. However, the thing I had in mind while posting the topic was that doing such would cost developers much effort they might not be able to spare. So, an option for the smile could be like an "easy fix". However, your reply point to me that making new animations is more likely a better solution, as agreed by most people. Although it requires more work, it will make a big difference.
  2. Yes! That's a great solution. I definitely hope they imply this. OK, I get you like it, but you can't speak for everyone. There are not a few people who get annoyed by these constant sliming spiders. Also, if it has to stay then devs should fix the inconsistency in animation states where spiders go from smiling to hissing and fighting with a smile. Smile when happy is an expression exclusive to human. It means nothing to spiders. Spiders should have their own expression for happiness, instead of constant smiling. In the current game, spiders smile even when they're attacked, how is that happy by any means? They're just forced to make weird faces that human see it as happy. Even the smile is for cartoony reasons, it still is a bad design to make them smile in all situations, eg. they should express anger and tension during fight. I'm not asking to change it back. All I said is we need an option to switch the face, so that players disturbed by this can choose to disable the feature while others can still enjoy their smiley-face spiders.
  3. After Webber's rework spiders can smile to indicate they are friendly. Some players may find this facial expression cute, but many are creeped out by this. To me, original spiders are ugly-cute in their own way, and I don't like these new smiling faces at all. 3 reasons why it's unfit. First, friendly spiders keeps smiling during battle. They chase and attack with a smile! This is so confusing. Normally, you would expect them being angry, so a smile in such situation is emotionally unacceptable for me. Then, spiders smiles in a weird way. A big smile like this with the mouth wide open requires many muscle parts to work, so usually, it shouldn't last long. In other word, these always-smiling spiders give the impression that they are forced to open their mouth rather than they are happy, which is weird. (Even Webber doesn't do the smiley face all the time, you know.) Third, the transform from smiling animation to hissing(or smiling/attacking) feels very divided. This sudden face-swap is uncomfortable visually, and it feels ugly, rough and somehow very cheap. One more thing from the point of gameplay. Although it's a way to distinguish friendly and regular spiders, it's not necessary. Option to turn off smiling spiders won't be game changing, plus it should only take effects locally, meaning that setting it to off will leave your teammates who have the option on unbothered. In conclusion, I prefer the original not sliming spiders, befriended or not. Yet, using smiley face to distinguish spiders is a really cool design, and many people may think smiling spiders are cute. So, all I hope is to add a setting to be able to turn off spiders' smiley faces, then everyone will be happy.
  4. Poor Webber. At least he's not lonely anymore after his refresh. He can get along with both spiders and other survivers for real now.
  5. Yes, it would be really convenient to saddle on/off your beefalo with a bound key.
  6. What would happen if all spiders are outside of their den when you shave it? Would some spiders become homeless, or would they live "crowdedly" together ever after?
  7. Crows fly away after sometime. (Maybe when there's danger, too?)
  8. CaWnival, could it be related to those bird-minigames that went into the trade inn during the past few years.
  9. Post about Klei Fest in "Weibo" (a Chinese social media site) uses a different poster for Hot Lava event. See here Thought I could share it in the forum.
  10. I never said about they should make player invincible. However, not able to control your character is a real bug, even though it might not happen to everyone. Solution: Adding invincibility is not the only solution, actually, it's a silly idea even, I'd say. They could just add some code to check for input state during teleporting world and only spawn in the character until the game is ready to response to your input. Or figure out if there is something that prevents inputs from responding immediately after spawning in the character.
  11. It's not you to judge that. Bug or not the problem is bringing people unpleasant game experiences, so it's worth checking out.
  12. I think you can post this in bug tracker, and let the devs decide if they should do something to it.
  13. Sorry for your world. I have also lost a hundred-days world from accidentally hitting reset - one time after I got killed while fighting DF, all I had in mind was to quit a bit and calm myself down, so I just mindlessly took the button as "quit to menu". "Reset" isn't as clear as "regenerate world" I think, since DST do have c_reset in console commands for rollback 1, this could be misleading, too. Thus, I agree that the line should be rephrased or a warning/confirmation should be added.
  14. If THEM is a eye chained in the moon, how is Celestial Champion and Wagstaf related to it? Also what are the difference between the power of moonrocks in ANR and the power of Them.