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  1. Backpack Skin Glitch

    I have this same issue. If I create a world without caves, the backpack skin shows normally. But with caves, it only give me regular backpacks. Also saw this when using console commands. Don't know if it's related, it didn't use to be there I think.
  2. You'll be next to the seaworthy in SW world. If you are not very sure you want to travel to SW, just backup your save fold before you go. In case you don't know where the saves are. http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1203394-i-ve-been-playing-on-steam-and-now-i-can-t-find-my-save-files-
  3. Does switching hats really work?

    Did some testing. If I drop the staff or drop the CD hat after casting, it does take longer for the next spell to be ready. So it's not decided on cast I think.
  4. Does switching hats really work?

    Thanks! So I should keep the healing hat on when others are still healing?
  5. I saw many healer like to switch between the healing-dealt hat and cooldown hat. Is it really working as what we hope it would, to have both hat functioning? The question got to me many times.
  6. Question about a garland skin

    Thank you. It would be weird to see characters without hair. I hardly use garlands, nor feather hats. But it's so sad that you can't even use the skined hat to decorate the base because it perishes. Wow, It just dropped out of my "I-need-to-weave-this" list.
  7. How come this is not a reskin feather hat? Also I've heard people say it used to be a skin for the feather hat in beta. I'm really confused right now.
  8. Wigfrid, melee or range?

    I think Lion said on twitch that Wigfrid does a battle cry every time she lands 8 hits on enemies.
  9. The Forge and why you probably failed your last run

    Thank you!! A little contribution: kiter is also useful aside from boss fights. He can lure most of the enemies away from distracting the other part of the team when CC's not ready yet or the healer accidently got into trouble.
  10. The Forge and why you probably failed your last run

    Wow, thank you for this great guide! Could I share your guide on a Chinese forum, please? I will attach the link to here in the post there. Thanks.
  11. What skins did you get?

    Got 8 elegants in beta from 44 chests. But only one wood armor reskin in live branch.
  12. When I finished the cyclum puzzle in April 2017, I received it from a pop up box from the main screen. I helped a friend with that puzzle yesterday. However, there is no pop up when he enter the main screen. He actually received the torch from a in game gift box. I'm just a little curious if it's a bug or there is really some change. (Asked some people in community who recently did the puzzle, they all said the torch didn't show up in main screen.) PS. the metheus chest and cane still pop up in main screen.
  13. It's coming!! Thank you so much!
  14. Actually in original DS, Pumpkin lanterns only have 900 seconds durability. Sad. You have to attack and kill it to regain fireflies. If it rots no fireflies will spawn. Food on the ground will perish 0.5 times faster, so actually that lantern can only last for around 26 days (with Hallowed nights enabled. And about 6 days without Hallowed nights, only 600 seconds in DS). The actual durability is also affected by wetness and seasons.