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  1. WX can now restore a ridiculous amount of stats while no gear is consumed? Isn't that too powerful Gears does not upgrade him anymore, meaning WX can already bring back tons of gears by killing himself after ruins rush, even with a 2/3 drop rate. And now no punish for eating gears at all? I suggest that either he can use gears to up grade his charge slots (with 3 on born to max 6, so that he can't use optielectronic on day one), or give little of the gears back he consumed on death, so that death has some punishment rather than reward, and gears eating is not spammed. And maybe add his system overload back, giving him variable charge slots (3 base, 3 from upgrading, 2 from overload), making wx more playable: more challenge and higher limit. More overload ideas, check this thread.
  2. You can try to toggle weavable filter off in your collection.
  3. I'm thinking a time limited overload mode where WX gets more charge slots would be really fun. It would bring much more flexibility to the character. System Overload tweak: WX gains two extra charge slots upon strike by lightning (charge himself from lightning post/ generator) and enter a short period of overload mode. During System overload, unplugging circuits doesn't decrease WX's energy level, but brings more damage to the circuits (consumes more durability on unplug). A timer would replace the charge slots, by which end, WX loses all the overload charges (or maybe all charges) and circuits plug on the extra charge slots get dropped automatically. Downside: WX goes into a Low Battery stage for one in game day, where only a max of four charges will be working, and cannot re-enter overloading during the period. The amount of overloaded time he gains could imitate his old ability where the first one or two lightning charges provide WX with a day of overload (or lower the time to half a day since it is quite easy to charge him now) and each add-on charge during overload mode adds decreasing amount of time to the timer. For the circuit, they are really well designed, I don't think there's much to change. Just, maybe some needs a little tune down if WX gets more slots. Unrelated to the topic, don't give WX damage multiplier circuit of any kind. We have enough of battle themed characters. I like the current rework as how WX is focused on more utilities.
  4. We even got quotes when you wake your beefalo up at night, SO elegant!! (And beefalos does not do his "refuse" animation, instead, they just wake up.)
  5. I feel you, the Think Tank could use a QOL.. Even the devs themselves tried to move boat recipe out of it during beta. Right now, it has a few problems that brings weird game experiences. Firstly, the theme doesn't stand out from science, unlike magic whose crafting recipe for the basic station is suggesting it's about a whole new area. In the old crafting UI, Think Tank somewhat serves a purpose to unlock a new tab, and even that is gone now. Without much to imply that the TT is about a new system or to divide itself from science, not even its own crafting recipe, it just gives no reason to not have all its unlocks unlockable from a Science Machine, where TT itself is unlocked from. Too little stuff to prototype is another issue that contributes to it's low sense of "theme" problem, especially when Klei changed a bunch of crafts to not require the Think Tank anymore. I believe, at first, the Think Tank was designed to be set up on the boats, so that you can unlock every tool in time when you need them during travel. Yet, the problem is that you'll have to craft one on land to make a boat. However, since they are not portable, so what you end up doing is 'craft a TT' (-4 boards), 'craft a boat' (-4 boards), 'craft a TT for the boat'(-4 boards). And you just wasted a big pile of logs (and time) without any notable progression. Lastly, if they are ment to be a boat structure, TT should not take so much space as they currently do (and better become portable in some way). We've got a small small boat after all.
  6. I hope it's changed back to 6...
  7. I believe it's to make clicking on the meat tracks more easily. It's not SO obvious in my game though. Did you literally stack a lot of meat tracks on the same spot?
  8. Not Paused menu will pop up when trying to close the Crafting menu with Esc button. It would make more sense if it just closes the Crafting menu.
  9. After reading the Message in a Bottle, the map will pop up while the revealed area not updated on the map if you have auto pause turn on. You have to close and open the map again to actually find it.
  10. As shown in the picture, rider, ornery and pudgy beefalo's default skin is missing build. Default tendency isn't affected by the bug.
  11. Did you change this part ("…\Don't Starve Together\bin\dontstarve_steam.exe") to your actual install dictionary? And don't get me wrong, the launch parameter does not skip Steam's launch option pop up, but forces Steam to start the 32 bit version whichever your choose. To skip the pop up, you just have to add a shortcut to either your desktop or inside Steam library.
  12. If you're experiencing lag, try disabling your anti-virus software while running dst, including windows defender. I noticed their scanning could bring great lag while the game's running. If you insist running the 32 bit version, you might also want to enable small texture or texture streaming options in game, or the game will often crash due to "out of memory". Steam will ask you which version you wish to launch only when you launch it from steam library. Any other method will open the 64 bit version by default. I'm currently using this launch option to force steam to run the 32 bit dst, no matter launching it from inside or outside of steam library. Just put it in dst's launch options. Note that you should use the real dictionary to your 32 bit dontstarve_steam.exe. For example, if you installed dst in steam folder. (Don't leave out the quotes)
  13. There is a similar issue when holding down mouse button to feed a beefalo, the characters would say they need to wait continuously.
  14. System: Windows 10. Memory: 8g. Mods: none I get "out of memory" message every time I try to load or create a world. It happens upon joining the world, after world generation. 64bit version works fine. I can load the world with "small texture" and "netbook mode" turned on, though.