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  1. Obviously Charlie is trying to kill us. Also, the old farms had the same issue.
  2. I completely agree. I think if anything, a harder crafting recipe would have been sufficient
  3. I already may have bought the spider plushes before, but I need more.
  4. Volx and Old William Dannighar brought back memories. I used to moderate for the guy, and he seems to have vanished.
  5. Absolutely one of my favorite parts of the game. I love going into an unoccupied, wilderness server and just exploring. I ADORE finding little settlements, using some items, putting some items away, and then looking around some more. Found a dead body? Neat! Had 20 grass on them, rot, a winter hat, and some useless junk. I die to something stupid? Refresh! Maybe you will find your stuff fast, maybe not. It feels far more like a survival game with past players skeletons dotting the map, burnt settlements, farms left unattended, birds dead, glommer and chester just chillin somewhere. Going into a random server on a Friday night and spending a few hours exploring a world left behind is one of the most fun and interesting parts of this game. If only others felt that way...
  6. Is there any plan to put this on Mac?
  7. No, no, no, not just realistic, HYPER REALISTIC
  8. Great idea! While I love switching from Warly to Wolfgang (OP!!!!!), I love playing as Warly for an in game year. It's fun to have a completely new playstyle.
  9. Klei, I hope we have these kinds of events every now and then. It's really fun and helps keep the community active.
  10. This event is so cute! I just submitted a spooky picture of my biological literature research. Nothing is scarier than science!