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  1. Hmm, the game doesn't let me start if I have mods installed. It gives the whole "You have these mods installed, we can't help you if things do wrong" But there is not "Okay" button, so I am stuck before even logging into the game
  2. I never knew I could post a message here.

  3. Thanks for the bug fixes. Would it be possible to get a 1 week warning of when events are going to end? It would just be helpful to know.
  4. Hello, So, this bug happened to me today, and I think I figured out what caused it, but I am a bit unsure. I had just grown a Giant Eggplant and was carrying it on my back. I decided to used the beeswax on it while it was still on my back, and then a little bit later I noticed I could not interact with certain items.
  5. This is awesome and two days earlier than expected! Also, if you bought the pink and black winter hats, you received a pink and black winter sweaters as well! Thanks, Klei!!
  6. Would it be possible to make the plum pudding hat, gingerbread chest, and jingly top hop Klei rewards items?
  7. Thank you so much, Klei. This really will help make farming a viable option! Make sure you all take a well deserved break soon! Is there any chance for for veggie recipes in the future for stuff like Durian, Eggplant, and Pomegranite?
  8. I really appreciate what is being done with these updates. I absolutely love the new farming system. However, spiders+bunnies with some berry bushes still is better than farming imo (winter would just be replacing berries for ice) for food and healing. There are just too many thing to keep track of that would make me want to do farming early game, and especially now that combos have been nerfed, the lack of real automation of the farming mid-late game doesn't really make me want to set it up. The rewards do not outweigh, for me at least, the benefits. Again, I am really loving the care and attention put into this update, and it has made me really excited for farming. However, it just doesn't seem as worth as want I would want.
  9. God, I always love when Wes gets a nerf for no particular reason.
  10. Volx and Old William Dannighar brought back memories. I used to moderate for the guy, and he seems to have vanished.
  11. Is there any plan to put this on Mac?
  12. Klei, I hope we have these kinds of events every now and then. It's really fun and helps keep the community active.
  13. This event is so cute! I just submitted a spooky picture of my biological literature research. Nothing is scarier than science!