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  1. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, so I understand if it gets deleted/moved. My old laptop died and I have the server files for the game, however, I am unsure about how I go and install my old server and settings to my new copy of DST. Could anyone help me with this? I have a Mac.
  2. Some detail may be a little wrong, as it has been a while, but this is overall what happened. There was a world that was barren. No way to make a science machine, no rocks, no resources other than trees, twiggy trees, some flint that would just spawn (I don't recall birds), no pig king, and no death. This was a skin farming dedicated world and I didn't realize this until later. However, I wanted to see what I could do with what was given. I explored the map and found what I assume were structures made by the admin quite a long time ago. I found a chest or two, and a Think Tank. At this point, I wondered if I could find and make it to the lunar island. However, I was Wortox, and couldn't respawn as Wickerbottom to make the necessary boards for a complete boat (mast and anchor) I couldn't die. I could still make one boat(boards from the chests, broken down with a hammer I found), but I couldn't park it and so I would have to stay on it if I was going to use it. After a little exploring, I found a spider den (thanks Webber) but it was only tier two and told myself I would come back. I thought about leaving the server because I had kinda done everything, but then I remembered, that whenever I telepoofed as Wortox, the immortality took a second to kick back in. Thus, I thought that maybe if I can kill myself to something in that few seconds or so, I could die and respawn as Wickerbottom. My problem is that because there was NO LIFE, so I couldn't die to anything...except fire. I crashed my boat to drown myself, and had enough boards from those chests I found to make another boat. Thus, I would make a boat, drown on it, respawn on the shore with less max health, make another boat to pick up the pieces of the old one and repeat. I got my health down to the minimum, stacked a bunch of logs really close to each other and some other trees, telepoofed right on top and died! Hell yeah! Because it as I think Wilderness Mode, I decided to respawn as Wickerbottom and my ability to make boards out of the trees I chopped, allowed me to always make boats since there were always trees from regrowth. My quest for the lunar island was well underway. I still had a few problems. There were like 6-10 grass tufts and no rocks in the ENTIRE world, and at this time, I couldn't make an anchor. Thus, I really couldn't park it. After a few days, I found the lunar island was able to use rocks from stone fruit in order to make some cut stone and eventually I made my anchor. Additionally, I later went back to the mainland to get the spider den, now a tier three, in order to make a sail. With Wicker's ability, I was able to make a nice base on the lunar island. I even made crock pots(despite not needing food) and transplanted land from the mainland in order to make it look nicer. I planted a bunch of trees and even had a spider farm with anemones. I made sure to eat kelp to make my sanity low so that the lunar island could become my new home. I spent hours in this world despite it seeming like I had no real ability to do anything. However, it allowed my creativity to thrive and to make a goal using what little I was able to have. I will always look back on that strange world I was alone in with fondness, even though it is long gone now.
  3. I used to edit for the wiki back in the day and let me tell you, there were a lot of inaccuracies. I wanted to correct them, and put in quite a bit of time doing so. I later became an admin and bureaucrat because of all the work I put in. Eventually, I just kinda stopped. :/ What I am getting at is that you can edit the wiki and help to fix it for other people like I did. I cared about the game, and wanted to help people better understand it. While some pages are locked, you can always just contact an active admin about it or leave a comment on the page in question.
  4. Very nice. I've often wondered how exactly Wagstaff fits into the current storyline of DST since he is just so different.
  5. On a nearly empty world with little resources and where you couldn't die, I managed to die using un-invincibilty frames (I was Wortox and the immortality thing only would kick into effect again 1 second after teleporting so I died to huge amounts of a fire damage by putting like 20 logs down around the same place and teleporting on it). Then I came back as Wickerbottom since there was literally no gold to make a science machine so I couldn't make like anything unless I was her. A little later on, after trying to get material to get to the lunar island and make a base on this hell world, someone joins the server and it is a Winona with a WX face. It looked very cursed. I later escaped to the lunar island and made a large base with whatever Wicker could naturally make without any research station. Months later, I found out there was a mod on the server that allowed you to change your character attributes around.
  6. You gotta hand it to my girl Wicker, she always sounds like she's right
  7. Hmm, the game doesn't let me start if I have mods installed. It gives the whole "You have these mods installed, we can't help you if things do wrong" But there is not "Okay" button, so I am stuck before even logging into the game
  8. I never knew I could post a message here.

  9. Thanks for the bug fixes. Would it be possible to get a 1 week warning of when events are going to end? It would just be helpful to know.
  10. Hello, since I have bought Chester and the Spider Plushes twice I have an extra set. If you have any offers let me know.