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  1. HAHAHA! By far, this is one of my favorite quotes on here. Don't tell that to Wolfgang, though
  2. Please don't ever change this, it is exceptionally cursed and perfect for halloween
  3. Nice! I can use these as decoration for a mad scientist area. Great skins, Klei Artists! You do such amazing work!
  4. How? I don't believe they make money off of the Steam marketplace
  5. Hey everyone, When looking at the steam marketplace there are several types of skins, "Guest of Honor" and "Survivor" heads which are exceedingly expensive. However, skins sets that came out around the same time, "Roseate" and "Triumphant" are far less expensive. So my question is that are certain skins no longer dropping?
  6. On Mac (Catalina), when in the Return of Them Beta Branch, the game will not even be able to start. It crashes a few seconds after trying to open
  7. I believe the way I did it was with the eel recipe on the wiki page
  8. I understand you have problems with the game, but you are trying to put systems into this game which don't fundamentally don't work in it. After like 7-8 years of development (including both DS and DST), I think it is clear that this game does not have a real objective nor does it want to force players to have one. In that time, the devs could have added any number of RPG-like elements like quests to it, but they never did. You play, you die, you play you eat, etc. The game is whatever you want it to be. Some people like speedruns and challenges. Don Giani, Joeschmo(pls come back we love you), Helicalpuma, and many more, all have incredible challenges that you are free to do. Others like me, even after 2500+ hours just want to make a base, chill, and kill bosses when I feel like it. Make your world what you want it to be. I'll make mine how I want it to be. You have to get over the fact that the game has no purpose for you. Come up with your own. That kind of freedom is why I love this game.
  9. It's none other than our hungry boi himself's birthday. Everyone better play him today and eat some roasted potatoes to celebrate.
  10. Yeah, that's my biggest problem too. In no way do I think the mod "fixes" things. It makes them different, and some people like that.
  11. Yeah this is one major problem I have with Hamlet. I love it, I really do, but the bugs, while funny, are just too much sometimes.