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A Winter's Tale Update Release Notes


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Winter Update Changelist



Winter comes every 20 days or so, with snow and a new audio landscape. Ambient air temperature is modelled, and wilson will get colder the longer he stays out in the open. Getting too cold for too long will cause freezing damage. You can extend your time away from the fire by wearing warm clothing. Nights are longer, and vegetation does not replenish. Bees and butterflies don’t leave their houses in the winter.

Improved Mod Support

There is a new mod API that should make mods break less when we update, and allows multiple mods to work at the same time. Here is some documentation on how to create a mod.

Language packs are now actually supported. We supply a strings.pot template file with every update, and the game can load .po language files. This should make maintaining translations a lot easier, and you can use industry-standard tools. For more info, see here.

New creatures:

    [*]MacTusk the Walrus - Sets up camp in an igloo, and then hunt you with blowdarts and hounds.

    [*]Deerclops - He’s big, he likes to smash stuff, and he’s really hard to kill. You should probably just run away.

    [*]Winter Koalefant - You can harvest his warm winter trunk.

    [*]Snowbird - A winter bird that drops a new type of feather.

    [*]Mosquitos - Spawn from ponds or Maxwellian traps. They eat too much and explode!

    [*]Ice Hound - Comes instead of the fire hound during winter.

New Drops

    [*]Blue gem

    [*]Walrus Tusk

    [*]Deerclops Eye

    [*]Tam o’Shanter

    [*]Snowbird feather

New Craftables

    [*]Ice Staff


    [*]Blow Darts (damaging)

    [*]Winter TrunkVest

Adventure Mode (continued)

This update continues the development of adventure mode, and seeks to refine the difficulty curve.

    [*]Varying summer/winter lengths

    [*]Varying day/night lengths

    [*]New resource-starved worlds

    [*]Island chain worlds with lots of wormholes

Sandbox Mode (continued)

Added a new world creation screen. There are only a couple of options enabled currently, but soon you will be able to unlock more!

Sanity tuning

From our testing, we determined that sanity was coming on too early for new players, but was also easily avoidable by established players. The intention is for sanity to be a long-term lurking danger, so this was the complete opposite of what we were going for. Here are some changes to help rectify this:

    [*]Vegetables, crock foods don’t regen as much sanity

    [*]Monsters cause more sanity drain when near

    [*]Player’s Initial sanity is higher

    [*]Pure darkness causes a large drop sanity (instead of a gradient around a light source)

    [*]Shadowbeasts show up later in the sanity curve, and are unattackable when you are not insane.

    [*]The crawling horror is weaker and the Terrorbeak is tougher

    [*]Charlie the invisible monster deals sanity damage when he hits you.

    [*]The sanity effect jiggles more slowly, so as to be less nauseating.

Tuning / Fixes

    [*]Rabbit traps work again

    [*]Maxwell leaves traps for you in adventure mode

    [*]Armour is less effective

    [*]Player attacks are less powerful

    [*]Pigs can’t be stunlocked, have less windup animation before an attack, attack less often, have more health, take longer to respawn, and attempt to kite their targets

    [*]Bees run around between attacks

    [*]Meat healing and health values adjusted

    [*]Dead rabbits respawn slower

    [*]Beefalo drop fewer meats

    [*]Honey doesn’t heal as much

    [*]Honey generates more slowly in bee boxes

    [*]Spider dens have more warriors, and cycle through levels faster

    [*]Spoilage is a bit faster in general

    [*]Stale food has less of a hunger penalty

    [*]Healing values are a bit lower in general

    [*]Ponds show up in more places

    [*]Eyebones turn to ash during teleportation even if you hide them in a backpack

    [*]Teleportato pieces are more scattered, and have little setpiece scenes surrounding them

    [*]Panflutes require a mandrake to craft

    [*]Darts shouldn’t miss targets that are walking away

    [*]More effective bushhat

Hotfix Feb 28


    [*]Armour durability back to sanity-patch levels

    [*]Player does 34 base damage instead of 33 (so as to not leave creatures with 1 health that requires an extra hit)

    [*]Werepigs kite like normal pigs


    [*]Tent overhaul - acts as a multi-use bedroll (restores sanity, costs time and hunger)

    [*]Bedroll has a normal hunger penalty, not a percentage


    [*]Translation fixes (some spelling fixes too)

    [*]Possible fix for rare oncreep crash

    [*]Highest campfire light level circle is larger than the second highest

Hotfix Feb 29

    [*]Fixed a crash on day 12 of Level 4 of Adventure mode when the seasons change.

    [*]Fixed "\n" showing up in English

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This game justs gets better and better, with the increasing mid-late game difficulty, and the updates and puzzles, this game is just amazing. I love the Maxwell puzzles, and that last one, was relatively simple in the end, but so incredible in its (sort of) simplicity. The update sounds amazing and Mosquitoes, you kept them under-wraps didn't you. I can't wait to play, and I also can't wait for Mushrooms.


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Nooooo!! Big nerf on Panflutes! I actually liked those! Now I'll have to sacrifice the little Mandrake fellas to make a Panflute... and that means I can have a limited amount. Ouch. It hurts.(I know I sound butthurt, but I feel bad for the Mandrakes. /o/ And I understand why this was needed, and fully support it!)

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