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  1. Version 1.4.1


    Always check the changelog.txt. This is not the full release, things will change. This is WIP mod, so make sure to follow the mod to get a notification when an update is released. This mod adds a personal variation of the unimplemented/altered character - Winnie. Details: 175 HP 120 Hunger 100 Sanity Rabbits, penguins don't run away from her, and restore a bit of sanity when near her. But killing them drains sanity by 15. She is a vegetarian. But she can eat leafy meat. Custom speech lines. Compatible with the base game Credit for animation and sound goes to Klei Entertainment. Steam Link: Note: I am open to suggestions regarding anything, even some speech lines, those still need to be addressed. If any issue should arise, please pm me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Plans: Revisit strings More killing penalties Pro Tip: Penguins won't hide their eggs when playing as Winnie.
  2. Meet the Vegetarian [WIP]

    There is a tag "scarytoprey" or something like that. Once applied to a mob, mobs that fall under the category of prey won't run away. I don't know currently how to single out rabbits only, you'll have to look what makes mobs "preys" and make a custom tag or something. If you want them to approach the player, you'll have to look into the brain, but I'm not experienced with it. To make them immortal, I think you can simply remove the combat component or whatever the name was. For the rabbit "item", not sure.
  3. It's probably so you don't need to sacrifice rare items for a sign.
  4. Of course it's useful. Make crock pot foots with veggies, like Chilli.
  5. Jukebox Remastered

  6. Fireflies

  7. Craftable Bottles

    20 sand is absurd, DS isn't about grinding for items... except krampus sack.
  8. Craftable Bottles

    Version 1.0


    This mod allows you to craft bottles out of 5 sand. It's a science machine recipe found under the Refine tab. For Shipwrecked only.
  9. Gift Key

    Applause for bumping a 3-year-old thread, as if it is useful somehow.
  10. Wolly - The Lord of the Bling

    Wolly is an NPC in the base game that was added to announce Shipwrecked expansion. Now, he gives out red feathers, gold and other junk if you feed him. With this mod, it changes so that he drops gems, blue prints, beard hair too. You can configure it so the food he accepts if fish only or veggies and fruits and seeds only.
  11. Dubloons? I hate that guy.

    There's no way. Are you going to make the science machine out of dubloons?
  12. Dubloons? I hate that guy.

    I doubt. The world of DS is being a lone human, I think you'll trade dubloons with one of the humanoid mobs - Bacoons and the Cat ones. The item you trade for should be consumables like - the anti-venom, etc. so you can keep coming back for more.
  13. Islands around the main-land? I bet it's fun getting a message in a bottle only to have to travel the whole main-land only to get to it, and since you can disembark only on beaches, surprise surprise. What the big deal about it being a separate world? Why would you need to transport beefalos and other mobs to islands? This isn't minecraft so you can make the world your convenience, you have to adapt to it, not vice-a-versa, that's why you can't dig up reeds for example, it's an idea the game is based upon. You can make pig/bunny houses on the islands. They will make the game optimal to the requirements, not just because some people can load bigger worlds. And what if the isles have un-renewable resources like those sandstone rocks (or what were they called)? Wouldn't people want more isles then? This can be easily fixed by making it like the caves - a separate world.
  14. Lolwut? You already have an answer to that question. You simply don't bring them with you. What are you talking about man. "Why bring fishing gear to a mountain hike?" That's because you don't. As far as I remember, the player has full control other his inventory. Why would you even want to sail in a RoG world? Take a look at these world generation options that we have now. The only thing you can use it in the default RoG is faster transportation. In SW, it's the only way to get to other islands, in my opinion, boats have nothing to do in RoG or base game because it's simply not a part of the same experience.
  15. You mean making shipwrecked get accessed like caves? Why would it be a problem? It's the best option. You would be able to bring stuff with you, except followers (because piggies and water dont mix), and it wont act like a teleportato, you would be able to return back to it. Making shipwrecked isles part of the rog world would be a bad idea, how are you going to track seasons and giants? Does deerclops take a holiday off and goes for a swim to a tropical paradise? No. The world size would double, and islands would be hardly acessible because of the main land. The fake looking waves would imply that it is all like a thatre show, and you are in the middle of the act. The isles are the backstage where there is more realism, if you would consider this a more lore-ish explanation.