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  1. That is correct! We are bringing a playable demo of the game to PAX starting on Sep 1st. We're currently fixing bug, improving the interface, and testing and tweaking things so that they're understandable without a tutorial. The demo is time-limited to keep the lines moving on the show floor, but other than that it's pretty much just the start of the game (as it currently exists). You pick a starting character, and then we turn you loose in the world as you play through the start of their story. The game is pretty free-wheeling, so it's certainly possible even in the demo to wander off the main path and find trouble. I'm really looking forward to seeing how far people get, and what they find. It's also an amazing chance to see which parts of the game people are responding well to, and which parts need more attention. I was spoiled with great feedback in the early days of Don't Starve, and I miss it. Anyways, I'll be on the show floor giving demos on the 1st and the first half of the 2nd, so if you're attending swing by and say hi!
  2. This is *so* awesome! Invisible Inc is a neat project to work on, because you get to write so many characters. The agents don't say all that much in-game, but through their pictures, quips, and Central's descriptions you're able to paint *just enough* of a picture of them to inspire cool works of fanart like this. It's also a game that demands a broad representation of people - they are an international spy agency, after all. Oh, and welcome to the forums. I'm looking forward to seeing anything else you draw!
  3. What Was Your First Death?

    The first death *ever* in Don't Starve was either to a spider or to Charlie. I can't remember which, exactly, but those were the first two dangerous things added. I could check the SVN logs to try to figure it out when I get to work tomorrow. The first food ever eaten was probably the carrot, because one of the very first resource loops that we tried to set up was catching a rabbit with a baited trap, and then cooking the meat over the campfire. The first thing ever crafted would have been either the axe, campfire, or the torch - again, I'd have to check the logs to see if we did nighttime or woodcutting first.
  4. We're pushing a super-small hotfix today to fix this issue.
  5. Hotfix is live - details in the OP. Starting standalone push.
  6. Building the release now. Steam servers were being difficult yesterday, so the upload failed.
  7. We're probably not going to change that - it's a pretty advanced technique.
  8. I'm going to take a look at allowing multiple open containers when you're in mouse+keyboard mode before we push the last hotfix today. I didn't realize that people used it that way!
  9. OK, publicpreview is live. Hammer away!
  10. New public preview will be up again in a bit. We'll let this one soak over the weekend and push it to default (and hopefully stand alone) on Monday. Fixes: fix for KEDS-179 - don't allow controller deployment from within a containerSnow is now dxt1.- [bug #1292] cave and follower information is cleared when saving with CompleteLevelfix for interrupted actions when hitfix for entities not falling asleep when teleportedfix for stale component reference in projectileyou can properly deploy or murder captured butterfliesmake aabbs dirty when rotating the cameraNew pot file.fix for wx78 dying on load if he's upgraded a lot and has a lot of effigiesFix for putting putting partial stacks in a container.- [bug #1219] 360 triggers no longer read as always held down on Linux- [bug #1218] default bindings for 360 controller under Linuxcave entrances shouldn't show up in adventure modesome engine-level sim speed improvementsFix for flickering walls and such.fix for bad anim bounding boxes (was leading to armless night-hands)- [bug #1295] on screen controls don't store controller id between updates to ensure that they are always displaying the correct control tipsput an upper limit on the number of birds wickerbottom can spawn at once to avoid out of memory birdameggedonhide the crafting menu when using the pause inventory- [bug #1292] world clock is only advanced to the player's age when entering or leaving caves, not after travelling with the teleportatoput a cap on map zoom-outfix world customization screen override loadingFix for minimap not clearing properly.
  11. We're going to push to standalone once we're done hotfixing (early next week, probably).