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  1. Who's Smith?

    Smith is one of your playable characters / possible companions. He's a trust fund kid who rebelled against familial expectation and became a Grifter. He's kind of a dirtbag. "When Smith's lips aren't wrapped around a bottle, they're bellowing hot air—usually in the wrong place, at the wrong time. On top of that, he hasn't mastered his knack: a mysterious power he never quite grew into. But he does have his uses. And he certainly seems to be happy to travel with you, even if you do have your fair share of enemies.",
  2. Close. Your Kradeshi is actually a Shroke. These are Kradeshi:
  3. He's a Shroke, one of the four (living) sentient species that live in Havaria. That particular guy is a backup member of an Admiralty patrol group. The woman with the cape and purple hat is his leader. You meet and interact with the leaders as they go about their business. You can do jobs for them, hire them to do your dirty work, call in favours, etc. You only meet their backup if you do something to make the patrol leader very angry. If you manage to win the fight, you usually get to choose what to do with the leader. You can let them run away, take them hostage, or kill them on the spot. Each action has immediate consequences, and depending upon the psychology of the person you are dealing with, which faction they are a member of, and who their personal friends are out in the world, there may be different deferred consequences for you later.
  4. Oshnu culture?

    They're currently used as beasts of burden by the teamsters that transfer goods and meterials between buildings on the world map. They carry a lot and hold up pretty well in a fight. They're also adorable! There are several variants of slug to be found, and the shells and attachments are interchangeable and confer different stats and abilities. You can get a snail by buying one at a mucus pit or by rustling one from an unlucky civilian. Races would be interesting, but we haven't gone there yet. The closest thing we have to that currently are the fighting arenas where you can take on teams of mercenaries in non lethal combat or bet on ai fights.
  5. They're all in there. Lots of seeming clones show up right now because we don't have a large variety of heads made yet.
  6. They're called the kradeshi. I think that Oshnus may originate from their homeworld, but no one on the planet would remember something like that, given what happened. The other races are human, shroke, and jarackal.
  7. Here's the in-game codex image for a lil' baby flead-worm: They grow up into these nasty customers, if they aren't culled: Here's some fresh-cut spollop, ready for the digestion vats: And this is a manufactured dole loaf. Not much to look at, but it will keep you on your feet. Civilians collect their loaves from the Admiralty's Food Allotment Program: It's enough to make you want to run away and join the Spree!
  8. Sorry, that was a typo. The Bread Fields are a region within The Feud.
  9. The Deltrean Admiralty maintains control over the civilian population of the Feud by strictly regulating the industrial production of their staple food, euphemistically known as "Dole Loaves". The primary ingredient in Dole Loaves is spollop fungus. Spollop, which grows naturally in the an area known as a the Bread Fields, usually has little nutritional value. When digested by Flead larvae, however, the complex chemical reactions transform it into a complete, if unappetizing, meal. Flead larvae, of course, will mature into deadly Fleads if left unattended, so the life of a poor spollop farmer is nasty, brutish, and often short. It is little wonder, then, that the Spree rebellion is able to find so many willing recruits in the Bread Fields.
  10. That is correct! We are bringing a playable demo of the game to PAX starting on Sep 1st. We're currently fixing bug, improving the interface, and testing and tweaking things so that they're understandable without a tutorial. The demo is time-limited to keep the lines moving on the show floor, but other than that it's pretty much just the start of the game (as it currently exists). You pick a starting character, and then we turn you loose in the world as you play through the start of their story. The game is pretty free-wheeling, so it's certainly possible even in the demo to wander off the main path and find trouble. I'm really looking forward to seeing how far people get, and what they find. It's also an amazing chance to see which parts of the game people are responding well to, and which parts need more attention. I was spoiled with great feedback in the early days of Don't Starve, and I miss it. Anyways, I'll be on the show floor giving demos on the 1st and the first half of the 2nd, so if you're attending swing by and say hi!
  11. This is *so* awesome! Invisible Inc is a neat project to work on, because you get to write so many characters. The agents don't say all that much in-game, but through their pictures, quips, and Central's descriptions you're able to paint *just enough* of a picture of them to inspire cool works of fanart like this. It's also a game that demands a broad representation of people - they are an international spy agency, after all. Oh, and welcome to the forums. I'm looking forward to seeing anything else you draw!
  12. What Was Your First Death?

    The first death *ever* in Don't Starve was either to a spider or to Charlie. I can't remember which, exactly, but those were the first two dangerous things added. I could check the SVN logs to try to figure it out when I get to work tomorrow. The first food ever eaten was probably the carrot, because one of the very first resource loops that we tried to set up was catching a rabbit with a baited trap, and then cooking the meat over the campfire. The first thing ever crafted would have been either the axe, campfire, or the torch - again, I'd have to check the logs to see if we did nighttime or woodcutting first.
  13. We're pushing a super-small hotfix today to fix this issue.