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  1. Off topic:I suppose it's to late for me to join heh?
  2. Awesome!But what was that a fake base?Did Maxwell really set up a trap that brought winter and Deerclops???>_<
  3. So a winter can vary from 10 to 60 days?Man that's rough,how many deerclopses will you encounter 3,4(10)?
  4. No.In real life would rocks be reneweble?If you have need of rocks and you feel like having stacks of them just use the teleporto 2 or 3 times,break all the rocks you can find in a word and move on until you find one that you like and have decent rock sources
  5. I don't know that seems kind of odd,i think after the first winter it's supposed to take a 20 day pause. But it maybe the fact that you are playing adventure mode
  6. Not that stress,i meant stress in like a challange like you said
  7. Seriosly guys?The pan Flute is useless now!Why use it if it's this rare now?You get 2-4 mandrakes per world so almost 4 pan flutes per world?I'm also a one for the higher difficulty and stress while playing the game,but i just feel like this is not a good change.Either make mandrakes in some sort of way renewable or eliminate them again from the crafting grid and make the crafting harder.For example it could take the initial reeds(10),nightmare fuel,red gem,ice gem(so you atleast have to make it one winter)This is a way to make it renewable
  8. I just hope they don't nerf it to much or not at all
  9. I hate that it isn't reneweble,they could of atleast made it super expensive to make players lean towards using Sleep darts but they had to make them use mandrakes,with this prop also means that you only get 2-4(max 5) pan flutes per worldWell Time to make 6 full chests of pan flutes while I can.
  10. Really all you do is seem complaing,If deerclops destroys your base while you are gone then oh well(we still don't know),you will rebuild it,that doesn't mean the end of the world,like actually dying and learning is a part from the game aswell