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  1. you are actually on! so lets do this ---- -about a week later most of the group have been introduced to Maliss and she has even been causiously coming outside of the treehouse when Wither isnt around-
  2. @F3RR1S we need to discuss plans on what to do... you are never on in the afternoons anymore and supossitly batt quit... at this rate I am thinking of just closing this thread (maybe I with start a new one with ponies)
  3. did someone say bananas? *launches ferris to the moon*

  4. @F3RR1S well we have to wait for batt for C, so here are the options for while we wait... A. wyvern and Mallory shenanigans B. magic lessons C. cooking lessons
  5. then you are forgiven as gods know I have done that myself (i forgot to sleep the first nights I had twilight princess and skyward sword) as for the plot well... option A. you just make up some stuff a human might ask a demon b. have her talk about herself c. we wait and have batt/wither inturrpt the whole thing
  6. Ok good at least your still on board batt @F3RR1S now we just have to deal with you not showing up is there a time we can work on? are you avoiding due to the plot? do you need a hiatus? I see you are still active and at least on in the mornings (when Im asleep, or busy) so post a reply as soon as you see this so we can work it out
  7. sigh guys is this not showing up goning to be permant or not? can you guys at least leave a message here when you get on
  8. why are you guys never on anymore! @F3RR1S @Lord_Battal