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  1. Superstitions?

    Man, I have the axe problem, too. If for whatever reason I don't have my axe's durability at a multiple of 5 when I'm done chopping trees, I burn a few trees, then onehit them with my axe until the durability reaches a nice number. Well, that or I just whack innocent creatures a few times to bring the durability down.
  2. I'm pretty sure Tardar Sauce is a girl.
  3. About a week ago, I had a dream where general discussion was all turned into one thread where everyone was talking about all sorts of different things and only mods and devs had permission to make their own threads inside GD. More of a nightmare, really.
  4. Dude. That really clogged up the thread. Next time, use exponents.
  5. Generic Art Thread

    Do you like bees?
  6. Wow... Someone's not a happy camper. I haven't been having any glitch problems since the full release of the update.
  7. New charcter

    Webber because spiders. Plus, he's adorable. :3
  8. I love how people who look at this now will have no idea what you're talking about since he edited his post.
  9. Maybe the smaller gems are gem shards that are combined to make a full gem? Aaaand then we've got that giant clockwork automaton that we'll probably have to fight.
  10. We should put a strap on his underside and use him as a shield. Seriously. There is no material on earth stronger than Chester fur.
  11. Yeah, I really expected a multiplayer announcement. I also expected a release date from Starbound. Dear goodness. Why the naked minion? This is off topic, and I suspect you're making fun of Kevin the Robot.
  12. hello people

    Welcome! I do apologize for my fellow forum members! They're usually far more well-behaved than this! And your name... Doubletrouble, because it's a two-person account. Clever.
  13. Razors

    *Shave the beefalo. Hehe. See what I did there? Wasn't it funny? Hello? Anyone?
  14. Lets talk about woodie

    You're into that? Gross. I'm pretty sure it's illegal in some places.