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  1. I really wish Winter only lasted a week tops, its so damn boring just sitting around all day. I mean its winter, in the winter here at night I can see well enough to wander around outside with no lights ources but moonlight, why can't you do that in ds winter. Remove the grue or something so we can do something with 2/3 of the day. Anymore I just set Sandbox to Summer only out of wanted to be able to do something, sitting through one whole winter while reading reddit every 5 minutes of actual playtime was enough.
  2. In real life the majority of the planet's walkable surface is made of rock. Doesn't take a gentlemen scientist to learn to use the pick at the ground under his feet.
  3. I'd assume its sandbox on default settings.
  4. Yay, more control over Sandbox. :DIf you made a setting for all the features of the game from hunger to sanity, all the terrain generation, which mobs spawn and which don't, which seasons exist and how long they are, day/night length, ect. Everyone would be happy! Elitists could make it as hard as they want without punishing people who can't play at their level, and Newbies could slowly be introduced to harder difficulties without being frustrated and quitting. Everyone wins!
  5. You can attack your pumpkin lanterns with a ice staff, but it doesn't do anything o.O
  6. Lol, the Deerclops got punked out by a Treeguard, what a wuss.
  7. There's a bunch of files with things like disable or supercharge the spawns of the berry turkeys/hounds/tree guardians, turn winter or summer off completely, turn night or day or evening off completely. I wonder why these all weren't a option atm.
  8. I passed thru a portal and unlocked a character I already had unlocked.
  9. Um, so I have all the characters already unlocked, but when I just passed thru the portal on the 19th day, I got XP and unlocked Willow again?
  10. Joy. Bee's nerfed again. Edit: Fooling around with the sandbox options, The "lots of food" option in sandbox is pretty funny, there's a minimum of 9-15 berry bushes on my screen at all times.
  11. It took me 28 days to find the pieces in my first adventure world, it was to the north east of were i started, i went east and did a complete clockwise rotation probably explored 70% of the world before I found the machine.
  12. Honey is fine the way it is, its already been nerfed before. Noones forcing you to make a honey factory.
  13. I'm wondering if you'll able to selectively turn gameplay elements like sanity or food rot off or adjusting them tougher or easier, or change the amount of or disable types of monsters, ect.
  14. So your working on a mod manager basically? We really need one now