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  1. Say hello to the guys at the Dapper Den that still remember the day that I heroically made the Dapper Badge!I miss those chats. D:
  2. Eff it!! I started on a new job this february, and my classes are back, so I stay out from 7am through 11pm, so no time to be on the Dapper Den... good times. Sadly I never got to really TALK to people, only typing, and drawing stuff. D:
  3. Funny thing is that I had a concept fan-art that looked a lot like that... fly-mosquito-thing. I think Klei is starting to enter my mind and read my thoughts!
  4. Nooooo!! Big nerf on Panflutes! I actually liked those! Now I'll have to sacrifice the little Mandrake fellas to make a Panflute... and that means I can have a limited amount. Ouch. It hurts.(I know I sound butthurt, but I feel bad for the Mandrakes. /o/ And I understand why this was needed, and fully support it!)
  5. That is supposed to be lipstick. I opened a tab with her art on the character selection screen... guess it wasn't the best of my ideas. But keep on saying that is a moustache, sounds funnier that way. =B
  6. I am not even slightly proficient in colouring, and truth be told, that was the first time I tried to colour fire... I don't see how I could improve it now. But, point taken. And I really like constructive criticism! Thanks!
  7. Updated with the "pretty much finished" version... I apologize for being a bit lazy with it, but I really am sick right now, and didn't want to leave it as it was, because there was a chance I'd never finish it... Tell me what you guys think!
  8. Feel free to use my art in any way you like! =D Just remember to tell where you got it, should anyone ask. Also, added Abigail and a tree! Is there anything you guys would like to see in this image? Just tell me and I might put it there! =D
  9. Nah. There will be a tree in front of her. The dots around her are the colors I was using... /o/