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  1. Next update...

    Steam workshop? :3
  2. some art :D

    Can you please draw a baby cthulhu?
  3. some art :D

    Welcome back! *hugs*
  4. some art :D

    No problem, have fun in Austria and good night!
  5. some art :D

    What program do you use to make these masterpieces? I really like it thought!Can you drawn a baby beefalo and an adult one eating grass together? :3
  6. Zoidberg, is that you at the end?
  7. Community made characters

    I think it is possible but it will take some time
  8. Life imitates Don't Starve

    Hey dude, your profile pic looks like Ed
  9. http://nl.twitch.tv/riptidepow# just saying
  10. When don't starve finish his story...Will they stop adding things??Please if you guys stop modding this game, make it available for steam workshop...If you ever quit doing this game (like the guys who made terraria) make it so people can add thingsSorry for my bad english :/!
  11. or you can place birdcages as target?
  12. How about gates?

    That sound awesome!
  13. Well since we have stone/hay and wooden walls...Why not stone/hay and wooden gates?Just right click on it and it will open/closeIt is good for making a base or trapping some animalsI would love it...What do you guys think?