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  1. Say hello to the guys at the Dapper Den that still remember the day that I heroically made the Dapper Badge!I miss those chats. D:
  2. Eff it!! I started on a new job this february, and my classes are back, so I stay out from 7am through 11pm, so no time to be on the Dapper Den... good times. Sadly I never got to really TALK to people, only typing, and drawing stuff. D:
  3. Funny thing is that I had a concept fan-art that looked a lot like that... fly-mosquito-thing. I think Klei is starting to enter my mind and read my thoughts!
  4. Nooooo!! Big nerf on Panflutes! I actually liked those! Now I'll have to sacrifice the little Mandrake fellas to make a Panflute... and that means I can have a limited amount. Ouch. It hurts.(I know I sound butthurt, but I feel bad for the Mandrakes. /o/ And I understand why this was needed, and fully support it!)
  5. That is supposed to be lipstick. I opened a tab with her art on the character selection screen... guess it wasn't the best of my ideas. But keep on saying that is a moustache, sounds funnier that way. =B
  6. I am not even slightly proficient in colouring, and truth be told, that was the first time I tried to colour fire... I don't see how I could improve it now. But, point taken. And I really like constructive criticism! Thanks!
  7. Updated with the "pretty much finished" version... I apologize for being a bit lazy with it, but I really am sick right now, and didn't want to leave it as it was, because there was a chance I'd never finish it... Tell me what you guys think!
  8. Feel free to use my art in any way you like! =D Just remember to tell where you got it, should anyone ask. Also, added Abigail and a tree! Is there anything you guys would like to see in this image? Just tell me and I might put it there! =D
  9. Nah. There will be a tree in front of her. The dots around her are the colors I was using... /o/
  10. BUMPITY BUMP!! I've just added some stuff to the image! What do you guys think of it now? =D
  11. Has anyone tried shooting the Smallbird with a Sleeping Dart? Maybe it would prevent the little brat from getting into trouble.
  12. I am never really out of this place, Fu. I just tend not to post anything because I am always lazy or busy. /o/
  13. So, christmas season is coming, and as much as I respect those who doesn't celebrate it, I felt compelled to try and do a comemorative fan art. So, finally, here is the finished fan art. I am sick, and not feeling very well, but I wanted to finish it anyway... so, there are a few things missing, and a lack of polishment, but this is what I was able to come up with when lacking in both health and patience. I wouldn't want to simply tell you guys I wasn't going to finish it... D: Tel me what you think of it, and if you like the results. (I really think there should be "merry christmas" written somere, but there wasn't any space left, and I REALLY feel ill right now...)
  14. "Krampus will punish you if you are too naughty." Not really. I was playing as Wolfgang, it is true... but when that goat appeared I just kicked the snot out of him easily.
  15. It is confirmed to happen with Chrome version too. Just happened to me.
  16. My actual reaction: THIS. IS. AMAAAAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIING!!! Really. I almost screamed. And it is so early here that, if I did scream, my mother would probably jump out of her room and kick me in the nuts... Also, beatiful and easy to navigate. Congratulations. And... Excess' idea is actually really good. I don't know if it is doable, but I can certainly imagine height added to maps, making higher places overlap the lower, and the perspective changes when you rotate the view. Now THAT would be an interesting idea, and would allow for secret goodness. (Would even allow for caves and underground, supposing that when the character enters lower levels, the higher ones would turn invisible, leaving only the entrance/exit viewable. Yes, that would make it almost impossible to map, unless the map itself was divided in layers... oh, God... My brain is bleeding now...
  17. I am sure it did. I tried drawing him happy, but he told me he doesn't really like spiders. He despises them. He'd rather jump off a cliff than cuddling with a spider. Then he hit me on the head with a Pigman Butt and made me re-draw him running away. Now that I think of it, it was quite strange that he did not ask me to draw him kicking the spider's arse...