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  1. Hey how the hell did you get rpg hud with default status bars?
  2. There is no way you just beast them to death with a club. - - - Updated - - - There is no way you just beast them to death with a club.
  3. Huurrr duur just noticed this is a outdated thread.
  4. How did you even get enough food to survive winter tell me your secrets D:<!
  5. You don't survive mactusk n son mactusk n son survive YOU!there pretty darn weak
  6. Yes i would love to have something like this where we can spend our hard earned experince points for sort of DLC or extra characters or like a in-game shop you can find that lets you do said thing or how about if the complete story mode with a character you get a video of how they came here and there past life before the events of don't starve and possibly a bio!
  7. I've heard talk that a normal trap can catch a spider and kill it do you get the loot and is it ture?
  8. I laughed my ass off at this.- - - Updated - - - Lmao this thread!
  9. Dragon pie they restore alot of hp and quite a bit of hunger its 1 raw dragonfruit and 3 sticks or "fillers"
  10. I'm starting to think barov is a troll ._.