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  1. Hey how the hell did you get rpg hud with default status bars?
  2. There is no way you just beast them to death with a club. - - - Updated - - - There is no way you just beast them to death with a club.
  3. Huurrr duur just noticed this is a outdated thread.
  4. How did you even get enough food to survive winter tell me your secrets D:<!
  5. You don't survive mactusk n son mactusk n son survive YOU!there pretty darn weak
  6. Yes i would love to have something like this where we can spend our hard earned experince points for sort of DLC or extra characters or like a in-game shop you can find that lets you do said thing or how about if the complete story mode with a character you get a video of how they came here and there past life before the events of don't starve and possibly a bio!
  7. I've heard talk that a normal trap can catch a spider and kill it do you get the loot and is it ture?
  8. I laughed my ass off at this.- - - Updated - - - Lmao this thread!
  9. Dragon pie they restore alot of hp and quite a bit of hunger its 1 raw dragonfruit and 3 sticks or "fillers"
  10. I'm starting to think barov is a troll ._.
  11. If you want to get a non-boring map generation you pretty much have to use adventure mode :vI've made it to day 18 or 19 died because of hunger
  12. I heard roaring and stomping so i went outside my base and with it barely off screen and when the roaring and stomping stopped i went back to the campfire to find everything destroyed and looked at my walls to find most of the knocked down a level and in the middle one of them destroyed how did that fatso fit through that small opening???
  13. IS this a bug or just adventure mode and maxwell doin there going trying to screw you over as hard as possible.
  14. It makes taking on dens harder then it needs to be and makes them usuless.Remeber when you could attack a level 3 den and your pig buddys would have your back and stop warrior spiders from owning you?And now they do none of that and just run and get killed by warrior spiders leaving you all alone to die horribly.
  15. Lies i placed traps near the dens and leaded spider's to them it does not 1 shot.