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  1. Are you by any chance going to hotfix some world generation issues before the next patch?I mean the lack of Tallbirds, Pig Kings, Roads and some other things from time to time (rocky biomes, Beefallos) in Sandbox. Or are those intended?
  2. I'd love to see a world in Adventure Mode where you have to turtle a little bit, just for the change of pace. It might be because some Teleportato parts are unavailable until certain conditions are met. It would be pretty sad if half of the stuff added to the game is useless in Adventure mode, because you just have to rush through every world, not building anything.
  3. Agreed, should be easy to fix to me more clear with the underlying clock.
  4. Now that you brought some numbers along, I also think that having more specialized defensive spiders than typical all-purpose spiders in a den seems a bit silly.
  5. Stress? Don't let games make us stressful. Let them challenge us and test our abilities. These are not the same.
  6. So.... many..... roads......It must be pre-patch world.
  7. OK, some feedback from me (seasoned player) after playing the new update:I love the winter theme, the danger and difficulty it provides, the threat of freezing and starving due to lack of resources. It's just brilliant! (I also love Game of Thrones, go figure).I like changes to Sanity, feels more fluid now, I agree with those changes completely.Pigs became formidable opponents and valuable allies. I love playing with and around them.No more Crockpot Twigs abuse! I'm not sure about new worlds generated after the update - I like Ponds showing in more places, Mosquitos are fun, spreading out Teleportato parts around the map is a great idea and new landmarks are always nice, but it seems to be much harder to find rocky biomes. Also Tallbirds and Beefallos are almost extinct, which I don't really like. And the lack of roads...I used to play some RTS games and it usually was a bad idea to double-nerf something. I think you should either nerf the armor values or damage done to monsters by the player and see if this is enough. It would also let players get used to using new tactics easier. Nerfing both those values seems harsh - if I was not an experienced player I'm sure I would struggle a lot more. I have nothing against those changes, but maybe implementing them in a more gradual process would be more appropriate, just for the sake of new players. What I really don't like is what happened Spider dens. I understand they are much harder now with Spider Warriors defending level one Nests, but why they also level up faster? I would maybe agree with those changes if you hadn't double-nerfed player's combat capabilities.Overall, I like the new update. I dig the increased difficulty level - it was much needed. Still I'd encourage you to look close at the changes you did and maybe fine-tune them here and there. Also take a closer look at world generator - the lack of roads and some resources (in Sandbox mode I mean, I'm more than fine with it in Adventure) is something I'm a little concerned about.
  8. This is why I played Wes for 5 minutes and never want to play him again. Killing a bird with 2 boomerang attacks is plain dumb.
  9. Died to 3 Hounds at day 17. Never happened to me until now. They seem pretty dangerous.Warrior spiders in level 1 nests caught me by surprise. Gathering silk became quite a challenge. Also it's pretty difficult (I mean super difficult) to clean most of the dens on the map before they become level 3.
  10. I knew that crying about OP Twigs would result in a nerfhammer! Thanks Kevin, love ya!
  11. Generated two sandbox worlds. Besides those glitched roads it is very hard to find a rocky biome. On a plus side I found a part of Teleportato surrounded by 5 empty farm plots!
  12. Generated two sandbox worlds. They lack roads, and half of them are glitched (semi-visible).
  13. Custom Sandbox options are great! Now we can slap anyone crying about a high difficulty in this game and send him right there
  14. Giving us items that are (so far) useless is a pretty poor design choice in my opinion. It would be better to just add the Tusk as a drop when it has any use (so in the next patch I guess). Also I'd love to get Examine lines for every new item. "It's a thing..." is getting more and more annoying.