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A Winter's Tale Update Release Notes

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DaNewb    10

I agree with you.I really was surprised when I saw that trees still grown during winter, because stocked a full chest of logs for winter, and then I saw that trees were growing normally.Grass an Twigs are important, but you can still collect a lot of it during winter, since everything is ready for harvest, they just won't grow back until winter ends. Not having clothes to walk during winter might be a problem, but not that big of a deal.I think that when it's almost winter, like, snowbirds are already landing but it's not having snowstorm, those itens should be collectable, but when full winter hits the ground, the plants should die (harvested stage) and the trees should stop growing.That would make winter preparation a thing.

I am really confused, i thought the update caused vegetation to not regrow in the winter but any wild grass, berry bushes, and twigs still regrow in winter for me... is this intended or is this a bug?

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