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  1. From what I understand there won't be any content updates anymore, so after this DLC it might well be the end or maybe another DLC in the future, who knows.
  2. Considering the fact that the DLC will include new biomes and more I would say that a new world is needed to experience all the new content.
  3. Mostly a fully fledged Autumn season with new weather cycles/dangers and possibly some spring only events to make a full cycle of seasons. I always found it a shame that only summer and winter have gotten their features and time in the spotlight.
  4. Great to see Webber finally in action. Now to wonder if the DLC adds new content to already existing seasons.
  5. I sure hope so, a whole new season would be great.
  6. Once, but I have to admit that it was quite a few updates back by now.
  7. Post-Launch Roadmap

    We will just have to wait and see, though the game has been selling fairly good I would say.
  8. Not long anymore, just a bit more patience.
  9. It is worth it though, to have pig hat party.
  10. Thanks for the heads up Palpetinus, I might have gone on being derpy and thinking something had gone wrong.
  11. Number 3 here now, but that is very very good. The only thing that I find suprising is that there are hardly any reviews yet, heck, my review tomorrow will be earlier than most other sites.
  12. We're Live!

    You can never be too late to the party here.
  13. Very nice, longer songs are always welcome.
  14. We're Live!

    That is one very big and lovely poster, kudos.
  15. Number 2 here too, though seeing as number one is a heavily discounted Dragon Age, extremely well. Also, love the banner.