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  1. my sandbox world doesnt have a pig there's a chance...and yes,my map is 100% explored...
  2. its funny watching 2 pigs fighting and then die at the same time..
  3. flints...lots of use for flints when pig king is not present in your world in sandbox..
  4. i suggested that too...a new mob in the stony biome that would drop rocks..
  5. yeah,i thougt so too..but i explored the whole map and the king was not there..only the pig village with lots of berry bushes and flowers...i just use spear for spiders at night..and kiting the deerclops/treeguards/spider queen coz apparently they don't kite...
  6. i just wish some alternative items for non renewable resources, like golden spear and the pig king should always appear on sandbox mode....
  7. i don't even build walls on my base... why do you ppl think i'm making a castle or stone wall mazes?im using the flint from rocks/ sandbox world is missing the pig king so i ran out of gold too,so i use flints for axe/pick/shovel..basic tools for survival..but the game only gave me the option to use the teleporter...its not that im not good at surviving but the world didnt offer me enough resources...
  8. flint will run out if you survive very need a spear to fight tentacles to get the spikes and you are too busy preparing for winter,making traps,weapons,hunting for winter clothing...i just thought maybe the devs can make them respawn in every 30 days or so..maybe 5 rocks a day..i survived 5 winters in my sandbox world but unfortunately, flint run out...i had no other choice but to use the teleporter..i know there are other ways to fight but i prefer to fight with my spear...
  9. yes, i agree with that..but its just that you'll be forced into an option of using the teleporter...its not because you didnt use your rocks wisely but you just survived very long and the resources just wont keep up with your greatness..
  10. with that, pigs should not stand, there are no big spiders, no one-eyed tallbirds....
  11. anybody knows if the devs are planning to make'em renewable?or at least a drop from a common mob...
  12. only thing missing from a pre-patch world are the walrussers camps..