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  1. i really don't like the non-human characters..wx,wortox,webber....i'm waiting for wallace..
  2. woodie's save and exit and werebeaver again?
  3. Caves: Ok, wtf is going on?

    i think i know what flowerchild is feeling,i might be feeling the same thing about the game;i play the game in its current state..i master how to survive, i reach 300+ days on a world,i feel some sort of achievement for reaching that goal coz apparently the main game/adventure mode itself is not that hard..then suddenly, a new content will be added which will heavily affect the gameplay..i feel that if i play now, and learn how to deal with the new content, it'll just be changed again in the next update..i lost my will to play DS because of the post-launch new content being added every update..i feel that i should just wait for it to's still fun though going here in the forums and seeing and reading all the new content and everything..the new contents are really good in my opinion but i don't want to test them until they're finished..
  4. flood on a full moon -some areas will not be accesible.. beefallo stampede happens when more than 5 are chasing you,they would destroy anything on their path and make the screen shake,it'll last as long as duration of the earthquakes in caves.. make rain have effect on plantables makes them grow faster hot sunny day makes plantables stop its growth cycle for the day tallbirds have babies make them hatch eggs with a max number of 3 babies/tallbirds and will never grow to an adult
  5. unnecessary NERFING!
  6. in short,UNNECESSARY DECAYING OF impact,just tedious..
  7. yah, i dont find any risk in getting silk that why i was saying the change was unnecessary...i dont get it why he's saying that i argue about the risk:reward ratio...
  8. i just want to point out that im pro hardcore...and your wrong if you think that we want the game to be easier..i want the game to be harder and more challenging..and the thing that the breaking down of clothes adds is increase in management...its easy..yes..but i think its unnecessary..
  9. let's just move on..:grumpy:kev already gave his word...god, im so sad..
  10. maybe put durability on the science machine,alchemy machine so they will not be just decoration on the build tab menu...and other buildable structures...and make firepit need fuel, make twigs need poop, make birds die in bird cages so that you need to feed them once a day, make pig houses perish too..
  11. im with you..i don't feel relaxed anymore while playing the game..its like playing some time management game...makes me so sad...
  12. bad bad way to increase exploration...
  13. its not about the game being hard....its about the game being tedious..
  14. least make things harder to find or build...this clothing breaking down thing is just...wrong..i dont enjoy so sorry..
  15. something that will make the game less tedious..