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  1. It definitely wouldn't have hurt to put it on Github. I have seen a good deal of people come and go, with some great progress but never hosted it on Github (or other Version Control System), and their work just (as you mentioned previous) went away. Which is a shame. In my opinion, this is how it should work. It leads to interesting findings and progression, offers a bit of healthy competition as well as gives the user choices. Reaching agreements are hard, not because people are assholes or anything, but because when you have two widely different visions/future for the software, it's easier to just branch off, than to shoehorn them together and hope that it will work (it usually doesn't). Obviously this is just my opinion, but anecdotally for me, it's never been communication that's been the main issue, it's always been goals, features, scope and vision.
  2. Like @Etiam said we have already talked a bit behind the scenes of merging each others work as a short term solution, and then refractor them into their own mods once an API is developed (long term solution). I frankly don't buy the whole "It's too early"-argument, as most breakage is small. More often than not, it's pretty easy, or a feature becomes obsolete anyways so it doesn't matter. OnionPatcher, whilst being a very small focused mod on unlocking some goodies, has only broken once, and it's been out for a long time. I mod because it's fun, that's my drive, and because it's a great learning experience, and getting familiar with it early is a lot better than later. The early stages is where the most fun lies, it's exciting, fresh and unchartered! OnionPatcher should have been (admittedly) put on Github a long time ago, but I have been incredible busy with a huge move/job-change so it completely slipped my mind. As soon as I have my new place in a somewhat decent state, it's going up on Github. In a good tl;dr I was lazy and I will own that mistake. Modding communities tends to develop in that order where you get a ton of crazy software that does the same thing, but different. That's just kinda how software development works. Usually it's healthy and it leads to new alliances and better programs, of course users suffer a bit because compatibility is a pain to maintain during this time, however at some point this usually ebbs out and a select few becomes the "standard". It's just kind of how these things work, no matter in what point of the games life-cycle we are in. I have no doubt that Klei will add modding of their own, it's already been a legacy feature in ONI so they have definitely toyed with the idea, considering how well it worked for DS/DST. Just my two cents.
  3. Damn it's good to have you back Kevin! You have been missed.
  4. That is very weird, it's literally just a File.Exists check - nothing fancy!
  5. Woops! Might have to re-name that, I guess it is a little confusing.
  6. Might be, there is two versions of OnionPatcher (reason stated in OP) have you tried the new (or both) version in the top of the OP? I don't think (from skimming) that they should clash.
  7. Did you read the opening post? There is currently two versions available that is compatible with the update (should be), have you tried both?
  8. Does DST use LuaJIT?

    Well that is ultimately disappointing, but I see where Klei is coming from. Unfortunate for modding but maybe they will revisit LuaJIT at some point in the future.
  9. Like the title suggest, does Don't Starve Together utilize LuaJIT and if not, is that something we could possibly have? The quick tl;dr of LuaJIT is that it offers quite the performance boost as well as allowing the modules ffi and bit. FFI being the most interesting here as it can load/include C code/libraries inline, which is very powerful and would allow mods to expand even further beyond it's lua scope.
  10. Well the world size option and seed option will probably be obsolete in the future, as it's already a planned feature (I'm 99.9% certain), and I can't imagine Klei not implementing QoL features like zoom limit. Much like the Meeseeks, OnionPatcher's sole purpose is to eventually stop existing. EDIT: I uploaded a new version of OnionPatcher just adding a tiny option to log the seed at world creation. On one of the future alpha-branches of Oxygen Not Included the seed-function in OnionPatcher will stop working as intended, I'm aware of this, It's a tiny update so it's an easy fix to make it compatible again. I'll add it to the main post when it's ready so fret not! EDIT 2: The Alpha Branch compatible version is now uploaded!
  11. I was wondering about this (haven't updated the version number), thank you guys for confirming, I haven't been able to yet (last stretch of the semester), and I'm happy that this lil´ patcher still brings people joy!
  12. I probably wont pay it much attention, no offense, but this seems unrelated to OnionPatcher at least in the grand scheme of things. This most likely because of a bug or oversight in Klei's code that OnionPatcher might make more apparent. I won't continue the discussion here any further (as per your request) but I might look into it, but no guarantees. Thanks for reporting the issue though, appreciate the effort @Eep
  13. Do you get the same behavior without OnionPatcher?
  14. I take it, it works as intended? Is it reasonably easy to use & understand?
  15. My apologies, seems the zip file contained only the .exe and not the necessary files. I re-uploaded it. Re-download OnionPatch and try again. Once again I'm sorry for the inconvenience.