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  1. Gate charity

    Can you not shut off access to the farm room via automation? It's doesn't fix the issue but allows for a work around at least. So balance, or lack of balance options are not important? This is like a sledge-hammer to a nail. The suggestion (binary use/don't use) doesn't address the actual problem (non-binary in nature), at all. Is this the end all be all of any discussion surrounding balance or improvements to the game? Don't like it, don't use it. Don't have it, add it yourself.
  2. Gate charity

    Okay but neither addresses the OP. The question is that they (according to OP) is over-tuned, and should be tuned down. It has nothing to do with liking/disliking it. If nothing else, OP clearly likes the concept but takes issue with the balance. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. I really wish they would implement something akin to Don't Starves difficulty settings. Maybe have a slider for frequency, white-/black-lists for items that can show up and in what quantity. This could be per world.
  3. Are Klei happy with the current germ system or might we see a re-design/tweak in an update or DLC? Also is there a fix in the works for the zoomed in Tech-tree caused by UI scaling?
  4. It's fast. We are talking about BaseAddr + Offset levels of access. Sure you are going to end up getting cache misses, but if you aren't accessing all the data in a given cell, then packing them in structures (larger data that needs to be pre-fetched) you might end up loosing performance due to walking over the cache-line, no?
  5. Sure! Let me re-iterate the key phrases: I like it and don't want it gone. It's realistic It's how ONI works, it's a game I never said you had to use them. (Presents picture of waterlock being a thing IRL, gets called out, then proceeds to say that principle is the same isn't equal to concept being the same). I know what I said. If you paid close attention, you would have noticed that I never once said I didn't want waterlocks in the game, I'm arguing about the fact that they overshadow pretty much any counterpart for minimal investment, with few (see @nakomaru arguments) downsides compared to it's intended counterparts. The alternatives are either fragile, deletes gases or costs a ton of materials and power. It takes almost no effort to construct one, it's compact and it's accessible almost right out of the gate. There are few reasons to consider another approach.
  6. True, and that is my mistake. Apologies. Agreed but that doesn't translate into water, does it? One is a space-age material the other one isn't. You could argue that because it sticks it was intentional, and I disagree but that's purely speculative on my part, reality is only time will tell. That's not an argument. I do though? I'm not really sure where you got the impression I didn't from. First of all, waterlock is not a vast majority it's a tiny mechanic in the plethora of implementations so what are you on about? I mean granted I can't really agree or disagree with Klei on waterlocks yet because it's not a confirmed intentional side-effect. You extrapolate from the fact that it has yet to be patched out, it's intentional and you are essentially agreeing with your own conclusion not Klei. This is partially true. There is a whole field of peer reviewed research that analyzes what makes a game "fun", "good", "engaging". It's personal, but definitely not involuntary belief. To imply that it is, is to discredit the entire field, researches and their work. Granted it's not an exact science but it's at the very least quantifiable data. This is good, I'm not going to argue against that but I'm curious how often does waterlock fail? Compared to an Airlock? (I noticed you deliberately used the word Airtight door, both you and I know that's not what it's called.) Not sure what you are getting at here, seems irrelevant. I guess time will tell what Klei's intention are.
  7. There is a poetic amount of irony here. Nobody likes to have their hypocrisy pointed out and I get that, but it doesn't change the fact that it boils down "I like it and don't want it gone" which is then badly justified with "It's realistic" and then when that fails "it's how ONI works, it's a game". You want engagement? How about providing some decent arguments for waterlocks. The actual state of the game is a really bad metric. Especially with the numerous amount of bugs, exploits and performance issues that have persisted since day one. Which you know. Gas Deletion from Airlocks being a prime example. Not only ignoring the fact that many issues that existed since day one have just started being addressed. I'm not sure where you are going with that last paragraph, it's just restating what I said previously, but I think we can agree on that.
  8. Only until the devs actually speak up about it Yes Waterlocks exists in real life, but it's an incredibly weak bad faith argument considering the same people will turn around and tell you "It's how ONI physics work". You can't cut it both ways, you can't use realism to prove your point then turncoat and use the fact that it's a game to cover the flaws of said point. I mean you can, but you would undermine your original argument.
  9. Then the sync will be aborted and the local file will still be available (and not be overwritten because local date > cloud date). No harm no foul.
  10. [Game Update] - 284355

    I can tell you are still salty after Don't Starve, glad to see you are still around at least. EDIT: That last part sounded sarcastic but I mean it, It's nice to see some Eldritch are still lurking around in the forums.
  11. Yes! This is pretty swell Next step is the tuning-table, pretty please? ;D
  12. Are we going to get any updates on how the DLC progression is going? Hints? Features? etc etc!
  13. Don't flatter yourself, Spirit started it ( in context ) - Moonkis
  14. Kevin, I really feel Wes is getting the short straw, while all other gets a "major" re-work Wes gets balloons and that is it. WX and Willow has these interesting systems while Wes is rather bland.Just letting you know my opinion~
  15. I'm horrible for doing this but no, no they are not equivalent, a rocket launcher that gets twice the ammo but shoots twice as many rockets per "shot" does not make +/- 0.2 projectiles equals double the damage...just saying.