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  1. Are Klei happy with the current germ system or might we see a re-design/tweak in an update or DLC? Also is there a fix in the works for the zoomed in Tech-tree caused by UI scaling?
  2. Then the sync will be aborted and the local file will still be available (and not be overwritten because local date > cloud date). No harm no foul.
  3. I can tell you are still salty after Don't Starve, glad to see you are still around at least. EDIT: That last part sounded sarcastic but I mean it, It's nice to see some Eldritch are still lurking around in the forums.
  4. Well that is ultimately disappointing, but I see where Klei is coming from. Unfortunate for modding but maybe they will revisit LuaJIT at some point in the future.
  5. Like the title suggest, does Don't Starve Together utilize LuaJIT and if not, is that something we could possibly have? The quick tl;dr of LuaJIT is that it offers quite the performance boost as well as allowing the modules ffi and bit. FFI being the most interesting here as it can load/include C code/libraries inline, which is very powerful and would allow mods to expand even further beyond it's lua scope.
  6. Yes! This is pretty swell Next step is the tuning-table, pretty please? ;D
  7. I disagree, I still think I did the right thing to post my un-revised feelings, they are true and none-compromised, it summarizes exactly how I felt, which is important, anything else would just not do that, it would come close but not accurate.Edit:Most time I would think before writing ( I almost do that every time ) but sometimes it just will not do, it's highly situational.
  8. Oh, yes, that I can get behind, yes sounds a lot better and more logical.Thank you Bigfoot for being so calm and explaining it to me even though I got all over the place, thank you!EDIT:Also I'm sorry for my behavior!
  9. Wow, just wow. After ALL the hints, ALL the promises and all whatever story mode was hinted to be your saying NOW 1 month before release that essentially SANDBOX-mode ( Which isn't sandbox at all, it's free-play ) is the MAIN game. NO, just no, it doesn't MAKE ANY SENSE.Since when was the story NOT the main part of the game? It's not exactly an open world as Elderscrolls. And the fact that you have stated that you will unlock what you define as the MAIN-GAME ( Sandbox Mode ) with the SUB-GAME ( Adventure Mode ), I'd like to call bull****, yes that's harsh but hey guess what this final very discrete mention of that SANDBOX is the main part is just a cheap shot. With sandbox as the main part you don't ( read you as a company ) need to tune or tweak, essentially the players will do that for you. You don't need to make sure content stretches throughout the entire game, because you got mods, the player will develop for you. If sandbox is the way you like to go, where the player has control over their experience, why have you been so persistent about not implementing difficulties, not implementing multiplayer? Because you want to develop a great single-player experience? A single-player sandbox experience where players defines the tuning? No. If I was told that it was going to be a sandbox game from the beginning, I would not invest nearly as much time into this game, nor this forum, it was not clear nor was it EVER clear that sandbox was the core of the game, and for that I'm disappointed in Klei, couldn't you included that somewhere in the game information? Maybe it's the wine that I just quaft or the fact that it's late here in Sweden or that I'm over reacting, but I felt I better write down how my initial raw feelings is towards this announcement was before thinking it over. tl;dr I'm not pleased with the information you have given us before this announcement. And I'm sorry if it sounds like a ****storm of bashing but I guess I'm just frustrated with this, and I really hope that you can understand why somehow.
  10. I'm guessing that's how it's intended, you will NEED to use wormholes.
  11. I can get behind that idea, Mushroom is essentially an instant way to get down the rabbit-hole ( or out ).
  12. Don't know if this is a serious answer or not, but if it it I'll better answer!If you are supposed to get insane by say eating mushrooms then no, their is no point in having a meter, seeing as it only clutters the HUD on-screen with no more purpose of being an boolean.If the world ISN'T a threat and we can choose to go insane or not go insane then the whole sanity mechanics as intended have gone to waist.
  13. Bashing someone is repeatedly insulting or "bashing" ( the use of negative feedback ) insulting someone in a short time frame, yes I was throwing a rather ( if you ask me ) mild insult at you, though it's true, you aren't educated in the art of game design are you? So for your statement to be anything else than un-educational is illogical. But the point of the topic wasn't to bash you, but yes I was basically insulting you, I'm not denying that. But you are misinterpreting it completely. Ah, passive aggressiveness in it's truest form. There is no need to scrape together any "argumentation-points", certainly not with this, it isn't a competition. For future references though I do know the difference between rouge and rogue, though me misspelling doesn't make my point any less valid. But whatever floats your boat I guess... While I can agree with you that they are a bit vague of where the game is heading. Though IMHO, one should research a product before buying it more than just watching TotalBiscuit-videos and front-page text, not that it's your case but you know what I'm saying.Now you really didn't answer my question, what did you think when you heard about UNCOMPROMISING SURVIVAL and presumably later down the road "Roguelike(like)"?
  14. The first statement here and the rest contradict each other, why make the game easier IF they are making a rouge-like where you die over and over again? I could summarize what you are saying in a few sentences I would bet I'm pretty much spot;dr Me and my friend that shares the same taste in game does not like the rouge-like genre you are heading and thus would like to illogically alter the course of the game so it fits my taste rather than actually fining another game that fits my ( read me and my friends ) taste, I un-educationally gives an recommendation of how you should design your game.The fact that you refer the hard-core players as the group that does the best is silly, it's been proven several times that none-hardcore players can breeze through this game without effort, and yes this includes me seeing as I'm not a hard-core gamer.Now even this sounds like bashing it really isn't, I'm curious when you bought the game, what were your expectations of an uncompromising survival game with rouge-like elements? Did you think it was going to be casual? or hardcore? or something in between?