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  1. Are Klei happy with the current germ system or might we see a re-design/tweak in an update or DLC? Also is there a fix in the works for the zoomed in Tech-tree caused by UI scaling?
  2. Then the sync will be aborted and the local file will still be available (and not be overwritten because local date > cloud date). No harm no foul.
  3. [Game Update] - 284355

    I can tell you are still salty after Don't Starve, glad to see you are still around at least. EDIT: That last part sounded sarcastic but I mean it, It's nice to see some Eldritch are still lurking around in the forums.
  4. Yes! This is pretty swell Next step is the tuning-table, pretty please? ;D
  5. Are we going to get any updates on how the DLC progression is going? Hints? Features? etc etc!
  6. Don't flatter yourself, Spirit started it ( in context ) - Moonkis
  7. Kevin, I really feel Wes is getting the short straw, while all other gets a "major" re-work Wes gets balloons and that is it. WX and Willow has these interesting systems while Wes is rather bland.Just letting you know my opinion~
  8. I'm horrible for doing this but no, no they are not equivalent, a rocket launcher that gets twice the ammo but shoots twice as many rockets per "shot" does not make +/- 0.2 projectiles equals double the damage...just saying.
  9. Because he is made out of metal, gears, cogs and wires?
  10. No, no it doesn't make sense and here is why:1. From a gaming perspective fully negating an negative effect is outright ridiculous.2. From a realistic perspective ( if that was what you were getting at ) often direct contact with water isn't the cause of rust but the dampness itself, and whether he is shielded or not he will rust - alas take damage. I could see the Umbrella lower the damage drastically but not negate it.
  11. Wouldn't that be a little bit to....convenient? Basically negating his only negative perk?
  12. Here is where it all started guys! the nostalgia! :3
  13. "Yesterday"....wait are people still posting in my topic ;___; I love you guys <3Reading through the first posts is very nostalgic for me! I remember the day I posted this suggestion and I was thinking - meh nobody will join anyways.....and then tons of people wanted in! Truly amazing and one of the few achivements in life I'm both glad I did and proud that I did! :3It truly brought a whole lot of us closer together ( [MENTION=5693]w00tyd00d[/MENTION] ).EDIT:Wait this was the second topic, where is my original topic ;___;
  14. You damn lurker! xDWhen are we going to see you back Velcraft
  15. Don't Starve Roadmap

    I disagree, I still think I did the right thing to post my un-revised feelings, they are true and none-compromised, it summarizes exactly how I felt, which is important, anything else would just not do that, it would come close but not accurate.Edit:Most time I would think before writing ( I almost do that every time ) but sometimes it just will not do, it's highly situational.