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  1. considering we have winter, tropics don't fit into the game much as it is. Even thuogh I love the idea of a different biome of this shape being added and I actually voted yes, I realize it's highly unlikely that it'll happen.
  2. we kinda need a natural enemy for the beefalo, because they seriously overpopulate the world fast.
  3. Wow that's some really organized camp you have there. It appeals to me in so many ways. XD Love it.
  4. pretty much.I'm sure Max is going to change that Soon
  5. Not to mention nothing prevents you from not using meat effigies and amulets either.
  6. it is. it's not so great that I can't understand a bloody word they're saying heheheheheh
  7. Sadly I lower my volume when I play DS these days so I didn't hear it since like... a month ago? I did hear it then. A long laugh that I think replaced the hisses of grue for a split second, though I can't say for sure.Never happened since, or at least I never heard it after that one
  8. and on topic of dying mosquitos, can I has RAID
  9. I am so making one using monstermeat for eyes. Want to go home to do it nooooow.
  10. They make me paranoid. I hate mosquitos *shiver*
  11. I like the idea, add the option to export journal in txt format and it would save me the problem of running MS Word in the background when I play the game.Plus sometimes when i jump into the game after a few days break I never remember what was my plan...