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  1. considering we have winter, tropics don't fit into the game much as it is. Even thuogh I love the idea of a different biome of this shape being added and I actually voted yes, I realize it's highly unlikely that it'll happen.
  2. Oh good lord, people.

    Sparta? also banana
  3. considering foods don't heal you instantly but make recovery overtime it sounds like a pretty decent idea actually. +1
  4. Oh good lord, people.

    I find that, in a forum with actually good company, the relevance of a post is counter-proportional to the number of the page the said post is encountered on.(excluding derails)example:topic about mosquitos -> becomes topic about fishing mechanics.
  5. Oh good lord, people.

    but Popsicle, it's already an underpants party, since everyone has their underpants on.Unless they don',my that's awkward.
  6. Oh good lord, people.

    Yeah now that you said it I remember someone told me about that yesterday...Not much of a TF2 player myself tho, so.... okay I guess?
  7. Oh good lord, people.

    Hatered? TF2 Items?Ooops, busy again and missed a lot of stuff going on.
  8. Rather, two words: custom sandbox. As I said, custom sandbox is a solution to it all.One thing though: If a player only sticks to an easier-moded game or a very easy custom sandbox the player is only hurting him/herself. By playing with a feeling of safety in a comfort zone devoid of challenge we kinda get used to certain actions and stop developing strategies for harsher times. And yes I died a lot in winter, in fact I have yet to tackle it, which is why I won't clamour this game is too easy - I have yet to figure out best ways to stay alive etc. But I definitely don't want to play an easier game, as it won't teach me anything, it'll be just kinda there, useless wallowing in content, with no development on the player's side. If you buy a survival game, you expect survival right? DS is supposed to be a survival game. Yes, it's not AS hard as some would want and it's definitely not an easy game now that the updates added layers of content. If you take a while to learn how to play it you'll overcome the difficulties eventually. Like the bosses attacking in packs. Figure out how to deal with them etc. To be honest, I really doubt the game will change to be easier, mostly because there are no unfair difficulties here, only things that require knowledge and planning.
  9. Odd Monster in Forest

    lol I seriously snorted so bad.
  10. A Message to Maxwell

    :3 *patpat* of course I get it.*gives love and understanding* >w>
  11. A Message to Maxwell

    D: aww there there. have a hug*is ma'am*
  12. Odd Monster in Forest

    :3 it seems that way. I am happy now.My thread on DS needing a creepy al'a'Herobrine worked.At least in my eyes XD
  13. A Message to Maxwell

    I'm surprised this thread is even going still.....*posts to keep it going :3*I love contradicting myself.
  14. Odd Monster in Forest

    C: seems like we are going to get a scary DS story that freaks everyone out anyway.I like.banana out of 10
  15. I love this picture!

    this is still probably my favourite screenshot. Because it's so pretty manly