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  1. A mod eh? Yeah right, what mod-er-ing have you done lately?

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    WrathOf Provides an "english_master.lua" version of my "english.lua" template file based on the "strings.lua" organization with a lot more string settings listed for all characters. This can be used as a starting point for creating speech mods without changing the game's "strings.lua" file and enables you to define more character specific speech than what is provided in the "strings.lua" file. Notes: ** This is now designed to use the new mod loading system without you needing to change your existing speech file based on my previous template. ** Refer to the "Speech Changes for DS Winter Update.txt" file for the new items you can copy/paste to your existing file in order to upgrade it for the Winter Update See discussion thread below for more information. Features: * Complete list of all available speech settings for all characters. ( and you thought you had enough already! ) * A few "corrections" to some speech settings for consistency across all characters * Comments in the file on how to add more pigman talk, tombstone epitaphs and pigman names * Now includes speech from A Winter's Tale Update Game Version: Revision 73662 2013-02-26_10-21-53 Use: Read top portion of the provided README, modmain.lua and english_master.lua files for current information. In the file, remove the "--" comment characters in front of any speech setting you want to activate. When you are done you might make a copy of the file for distribution and remove all of the commented out lines in it. That way other players can see what you have changed more easily. Please revise the top comment block in the file to reflect your mod's information but do leave a credit to me and the version of my template you used for support purposes. Thanks! Changelog: Support: Discuss this Mod
  3. Please be aware that the next game update will now include my PO v2 format for support of translating all text....so my mod will not be required anymore. This should greatly reduce the confusion of why some text is not appearing translated even though they have been.---- Google Translation ----Por favor, esteja ciente de que a atualização do próximo jogo vai agora incluir meu formato PO v2 para apoio de traduzir todo o texto .... por isso o meu mod não será mais necessário. Isso deve reduzir a confusão do porquê de algum texto não está aparecendo traduzido, mesmo que tenham sido.
  4. That is the new function I put in v1.1 of ModLib which must be installed and loaded *before* the placer example mod.
  5. Ok added a new example mod for adding a placer prefab to an existing prefab, marble pillars in this case.I hope to get all the existing examples updated to using the new ModLib mod tommorow for proper Doorway update support.
  6. Looks fine....you can move the update code out of the if statements to do it once at the end though.... --Callback function to change the recipe for pan flutes at SimPostInit.--Use this version if need to access hud to force an update to the crafting menu.local function modSimPostInit( maincharacter ) local xrveleasyrecipe = nil --Search for the recipe you want to change xrveleasyrecipe = GLOBAL.GetRecipe("panflute") --If find it then change it if xrveleasyrecipe then --Set the ingredients for a recipe to a new list xrveleasyrecipe.ingredients = { --Each ingredient is the internal name for it & the amount needed GLOBAL.Ingredient("cutgrass", 1), } end --Search for the recipe you want to change xrveleasyrecipe = GLOBAL.GetRecipe("meatrack") --If find it then change it if xrveleasyrecipe then --Set the ingredients for a recipe to a new list xrveleasyrecipe.ingredients = { --Each ingredient is the internal name for it & the amount needed GLOBAL.Ingredient("rope", 1), GLOBAL.Ingredient("twigs", 1), } end --Should not be necessary, but wanted to show how to do this just in case --Get reference to crafting menu local craftmenu = maincharacter.HUD.controls.crafttabs --Tell menu to update so recipe changes appear if craftmenu then craftmenu:UpdateRecipes() endend--Add a post init callback to the game when this mod is loaded.--This will tell the game to run the function above after loading a saved game--but before handing control over to the player.AddSimPostInit(modSimPostInit)
  7. The modGamePostInit method is fine, you do not need to do both. I was just showing 2 contexts of accomplishing this. Just delete the modSimPostInit portion or clear it out and use the function for some other purpose.Also, you could declare the recipe variable once and use it repeatedly....local recipe = nilrecipe = GLOBAL.GetRecipe("panflute")if recipe ....recipe = GLOBAL.GetRecipe("meatrack")if recipe ....I am showing you how to change an existing recipe so that the order in the menu is kept. You could also just redefine it but then it will show up at the end of the list for a given crafting tab....--(in modmain, not inside a function, near top before these vars are used)--Declare local versions of vars used from game's global environmentRECIPETABS = GLOBAL.RECIPETABSRecipe = GLOBAL.RecipeIngredient = GLOBAL.Ingredient--in the modGamePostInit functionRecipe("panflute", { Ingredient("cutgrass", 1) }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, 2)Recipe("meatrack", { Ingredient("twigs", 1) }, RECIPETABS.FARM, 1, "meatrack_placer")But you will need to use my alternate version of "crafting.lua" to fix a bug in the code. Hope that is not more confusing :S
  8. [MENTION=14288]spiritcrusher77[/MENTION] I dunno, they are not labled as Fn keys on the device images I am seeing on the Chromebook site. They show it as this key:
  9. [MENTION=14288]spiritcrusher77[/MENTION]Well that's different... :abnormal:Um, looks like you need to press the top 5th key from the left to toggle fullscreen mode....since you have no function keys. :DAlso, look here for more info...Change text, image, and video sizes (zoom) in Chrome Browser
  10. The maker of the TEXtool is attempting to reverse engineer it but for now we do not have access to that information. The animations are made in Flash and exported to some other format using a custom process is my understanding per this thread....Animation Workflow
  11. [MENTION=18982]Toktom[/MENTION] Support for the creation of all new characters is not available yet. We do not have a way to create and load new animation files and I am not sure about sound files. For now, you should be able to create the "framework" for a new character but use the existing assets as placeholders until new ones can be made. My understanding is that they do not use a specific IDE for programming Lua but Kevin uses the 'Sublime Text' editor and 'Decoda' has also been suggested. Regardless, we do not have support for debugging tools at the moment. Other than those, there is the SciTE program which is included in the Lua for Windows package, an open source program called LuaEdit and of course you can use whatever plain text editor you prefer. For tex files.....use TEXtool to decompile them to png and TextureConverter to compile png files to tex format. Make sure to use the following command line parameters: [noparse]textureconverter.exe --swizzle -i "input.png" -o "output.tex" -p opengl -f bc3 --mipmap --premultiply[/noparse] For fsb files.....take a look at the fmodstudio system they use and a mod called FsbExtractor made for other games to extract the audio in fsb format. Beyond that, please look at the FAQ for links to other helpful topics on modding this game.
  12. [MENTION=14288]spiritcrusher77[/MENTION]Are you not able to use F11 on Windows or ⌘-Shift-F on Mac to toggle fullscreen in Chrome?
  13. [MENTION=20527]VirtualVampire[/MENTION]Not sure what you mean? The game files are in the data/scripts folder and are text files with the .lua extension which you can edit in Notepad or whatever plain text editor you prefer.You can install one or all of my example mods to get you started with a folder structure to copy files into and then experiment with them from there. Make sure you mods uses the same scripts/prefabs or whatever folder structure the game uses for the file you are changing and the game will generally try to use your version versus the standard one.
  14. @ posts 11-20Ok, it is not a question of liking a larger or smaller hud, it is a question of being able to *see it* without eye strain.This is obviously subjective depending on the person's eye sight and the computer or laptop setup they have. The new hud is great on 1080 hd, ok on 720 HD but not so great on smaller screens (laptops or computer). Even on a large enough screen, if it is low quality/cost then it is probably hard to read the text. I am sure older players with poorer eye sight are not too happy either.I was wondering how well this mention of hud scaling was going to go over.
  15. You should just have to replace your old version of the crafting.lua file with the new one I posted and then move the lines where you are adding the new tab to outside of the AddCraftingMenu function: --NEW LocationRECIPETABS["CRAFT"] = {str = STRINGS.TABS.CRAFT, sort=10, icon = "mods/Uncraftable Craftables/images/tab_craftableuncraftables.tex"}local function AddCraftingMenu()... --OLD Location --RECIPETABS["CRAFT"] = {str = STRINGS.TABS.CRAFT, sort=10, icon = "mods/Uncraftable Craftables/images/tab_craftableuncraftables.tex"}...