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  1. A mod eh? Yeah right, what mod-er-ing have you done lately?

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      It's been 3 years...

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    WrathOf Provides an "english_master.lua" version of my "english.lua" template file based on the "strings.lua" organization with a lot more string settings listed for all characters. This can be used as a starting point for creating speech mods without changing the game's "strings.lua" file and enables you to define more character specific speech than what is provided in the "strings.lua" file. Notes: ** This is now designed to use the new mod loading system without you needing to change your existing speech file based on my previous template. ** Refer to the "Speech Changes for DS Winter Update.txt" file for the new items you can copy/paste to your existing file in order to upgrade it for the Winter Update See discussion thread below for more information. Features: * Complete list of all available speech settings for all characters. ( and you thought you had enough already! ) * A few "corrections" to some speech settings for consistency across all characters * Comments in the file on how to add more pigman talk, tombstone epitaphs and pigman names * Now includes speech from A Winter's Tale Update Game Version: Revision 73662 2013-02-26_10-21-53 Use: Read top portion of the provided README, modmain.lua and english_master.lua files for current information. In the file, remove the "--" comment characters in front of any speech setting you want to activate. When you are done you might make a copy of the file for distribution and remove all of the commented out lines in it. That way other players can see what you have changed more easily. Please revise the top comment block in the file to reflect your mod's information but do leave a credit to me and the version of my template you used for support purposes. Thanks! Changelog: Support: Discuss this Mod
  3. [MENTION=17408]ZeroCool[/MENTION]Please send me a link to your "strings.lua" file and I can convert it to the new po file format for you.
  4. Ok, to anyone interested in mod based language translations....for now...please refer to my latest mod for an example....Kittiko BagI will try to add more examples as time permits. thx
  5. For my Insanity Creatures mod, I made my own speech file loading mechanism to handle the new strings in lua format but that does not address translating them to a different language.I am debating on whether it makes sense to add an "additional speech" loading mechanism to the translator in order to support mod specific po files. That way you can define the strings in modmain and make a function call to the translator to load a po file for your mod if one has been assigned to the mod in the language.lua file.
  6. Yes, in modmain you must *define* them (with the default english) so the game can pick them up.Then through the po file you can *change* the strings defined in the mod to another language...but these new items need to be added to a language po file, french.po for example. Translators can do that easily if you provide a "pot" file so they can import your new strings into their existing po file.Internally, the game uses the translator class to translate the strings table against the po file specified in the language.lua file.Regarding mgsid....in the base game, that is used to match up the strings which means they must be "unique"....but with my v2 format using the New PO Translator mod, you can have "duplicate" msgids because I am indexing off of the msgctxt field which is just the path defined in the strings table so "duplicate" text is supported.
  7. [MENTION=1020]AlexXsWx[/MENTION]This concept has not been addressed yet and I have not had a chance to upgrade my Sanity Creatures Speech mod to provide an example.I wrote a script to export the STRINGS table to the new v2 format but we need something specific to a mod's new strings. If you do not have too many new text items you could create the pot file manually for the translators to import into their po files.So in modmain: #. STRINGS.NAMES.MYNEWPREFABmsgctxt "STRINGS.NAMES.MYNEWPREFAB"msgid "My New Prefab"msgstr ""#. STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.MYNEWPREFABmsgctxt "STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.MYNEWPREFAB"msgid "Make my new prefab!"msgstr ""#. STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.MYNEWPREFAB.GENERICmsgctxt "STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.MYNEWPREFAB.GENERIC"msgid "That's my new prefab!"msgstr ""or older format if you don't want to use my New PO Translator mod :Sin a mynewprefab.pot file #. STRINGS.NAMES.MYNEWPREFAB#: STRINGS.NAMES.MYNEWPREFABmsgid "My New Prefab"msgstr ""#. STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.MYNEWPREFAB#: STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.MYNEWPREFABmsgid "Make my new prefab!"msgstr ""#. STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.MYNEWPREFAB.GENERIC#: STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.MYNEWPREFAB.GENERICmsgid "That's my new prefab!"msgstr ""
  8. [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION]I have reviewed my new PO file format mod and updated it for the Rain release.This will allow the translators to handle *all* entries found in the strings.lua file versus what you are shipping.Please review and give me feedback on how else I can be of help on this. If Bigfoot get's back in time, hopefully this change can be integrated into the game directly before the next release instead of having to use a mod.Thanks
  9. [MENTION=10673]Linker[/MENTION]Here is your po file in the new format that fixes the missing duplicate text issue....http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43476419/New%20Italian%20PO%20file%20for%20Winter%20Update.zipYou will need to use my New PO File Translator mod in order for the game to support this new po file format. Make sure you list it as a requirement in your mod's download page.Also, I will be providing a new pot file for the pending game update once it is available so you can update your po file with all the new text.
  10. Just in time for the new update...I have finally ironed out a replacement for the game's language translator to support a new PO file format that can handle *all* of the entries in the strings.lua file.Please refer here for more information....New PO File Translator ModI will be posting upgraded versions of the po file used by existing language mods but anyone that is working on a translation (strings.lua, newlanguage.lua or newlanguage.po) should contact me so I can get your file upgraded to this new format.Once the new game update is available, I will post new versions of the included stringsv2.pot and english.po files so you can translate all entries defined in the latest strings.lua file. [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2]Bigfoot[/MENTION] (when you get back)Please review this mod to determine if the code is suitable for incorporating into the game. I think I have noted it enough to be clear on what I am doing and why. I was able to add support for the old and new formats so I felt it was ok to get this posted in preparation for the pending game update. Also, I have a script for upgrading old format po files to the new format that I can share.
  11. Yes, the saved games and player profiles are actually just lua tables.
  12. [MENTION=10578]noisestudio[/MENTION]Look at the top of main.lua for the variable that determines if saved games are json encoded or not. Encoding the files makes the saved games *much* smaller....but hard for humans to read. :DYou could look at the json.lua file to see how this encoding is being done and either replicate it in your programming environment or find a json library you can use.
  13. [MENTION=14857]Macbet[/MENTION]Ok, cool. Please make a new thread called "[WiP] Russian Translation Language Mod" to let everyone know you are working on this and how far along you are.Thanks
  14. [MENTION=14857]Macbet[/MENTION] Not at this time, even if you make an alternative font, the game does not support unicode or other code pages other than the western one. Would a "romanized" russian translation be of any use? Is knowledge of that version of russian widespread enough to be worthwhile?
  15. Ok, finally ironed this po business out. I goofed on the syntax for the msgctxt field...the correct syntax works in POedit....derp. In any case, I am currently working on providing a new version of the strings.pot file that includes *all* items defined in the strings.lua file. The new version can be used for new translations and for updating existing ones. (after upgrade) In addition, I will need to upgrade any existing language po files "in the wild" to the new format required to address the missing duplicates issue. Beyond that, the language mods will have to use a new mod (similar to my Alternative Fonts one) that upgrades the way the game handles po files so it can use the new format.....at least until Bigfoot gets back and this change can be incorporated into the base game. I'll post here when I have all of this setup for use. Stay tuned.