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  1. Craftable Tam O' Shanter



    This mod will allow you to craft the Tam O' Shanter. It's only a small mod, but should help Sanity and Winter strugglers. Discuss this mod Features: Install Instructions: Compatibility: Known Issues: Changelog:
  2. Up and Away

  3. Five Nights At Freddy's 3

    Good, you should be.
  4. Five Nights At Freddy's 3

    Possibly one of the most obnoxious things I've ever read.
  5. Upside-down?! I'm gravity-defying, thank you. Honestly, some people.
  6. Bye guys. I hate leaving threads as much as you do, so I'll leave this as it is. See ya around.

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    2. MeingroessterFan


      :( See you around some time...
    3. Malan-Tai


      And whatwill happen to U&A ?

    4. ArcticFox789


      I'm still around on Steam if anyone wants to contact me about it, and I might be able to spare time to do some of the stuff if necessary.

  7. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas

    Age isn't really a factor, I was ~500wpm at 5 y/o.
  8. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas

    I was going to ask if you'd prefer a French one.
  9. TF2 Tournament Thread

    Are you actually looking for the other events thread? What is this thing? A casual TF2 Tournament that allows participants to play their matches whenever is most convenient. It's a 32-player tournament that begins with a Group stage and progresses to a knockout phase. When is it? Whenever. As long as both of you are online and ready to fight, then the match can proceed. Can I join? Yes, just add your name, timezone and location to this sign-up sheet: What map do we play on? Again, this is player choice, as long as both of you agree, it's fine. The size of the arena for fighting is again up to you. How many slots left are there? There are currently 27 slots left. (Last checked 13:47, 28/07/2014) Are there any prizes? Yes. All entrants are required to donate a prize to the prize pot. I'm the middleman, so all donations are to be sent to me via Steam. The prize can be anything from a weapon to an unusual, or even Steam prizes like profile backgrounds and emoticons. It could even be a spare game key you have. What's happening with the fortnightly events? They're over, I'm afraid. How will you know who wins? I'll trust you to be honest. If both players claim a win, then there will be a rematch with a referee. Who will I be playing? If you're signed up, you can check that here:
  10. TF2 Tournament Thread

    Doesn't matter. The whole thing died on its feet a while ago.
  11. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas
  12. random blabber

    Not what I expected, but okay then.
  13. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas

    Haven't tried testing my typing speed yet.
  14. random blabber

    Why did he get banned? I know when I've seen it asked before @Toaster Fu stepped in and told everyone to move discussions like that to PMs, but it was nearly two years ago now. I think I started lurking just a little while after his ban because I remember looking through threads and seeing Dandytard's posts...
  15. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas

    Heh, I know how you feel. Last time I checked my reading speed was something like 500 words per minute. Just took a test, it's 810 per minute.
  16. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Guys, guys: Fairly standard boring update, but the link called (I'll be crying over here), wtf is that? I don't even know, is that a puzzle, is Tyrone some kind of weird fanatic, am I missing a joke? D:
  17. Yet another Tf2 Event

    Public transport?
  18. [Suggestions] Cauldron Of Ideas

    Yeah, although I prefer the Sherlock Holmes stories myself. I've got to read those again, it's been quite a while. Bought myself a huge ~1500 page book with all SH stories ever written by Conan Doyle, finished it three days later, and it's been on loan to various people ever since. I'll have to get it back and read it again.