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  1. Wow this really unlocked some memories coming back on here! Must be all of about seven years since I was on the forums in general now, but nice to see at least some of you gave it another go, not sure how far along you all got with the redux mind, but it was too good a concept to have it just die first time out. If any of the old team see this by some coincidence - unlikely on a thread that's been dead for nearly a year but you never know, hope you guys are all doing well! Been a long old pandemic - to the point where I've ended up searching through forums I frequented aged like 13/14 - but this little nostalgia trip has really put a smile on my face (and reminded me just how cringe inducing I was as a teenager ).
  2. Possibly one of the most obnoxious things I've ever read.
  3. Upside-down?! I'm gravity-defying, thank you. Honestly, some people.
  4. Bye guys. I hate leaving threads as much as you do, so I'll leave this as it is. See ya around.

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    2. An Artifact

      An Artifact

      :( See you around some time...
    3. Malan-Tai


      And whatwill happen to U&A ?

    4. ArcticFox789


      I'm still around on Steam if anyone wants to contact me about it, and I might be able to spare time to do some of the stuff if necessary.

  5. Age isn't really a factor, I was ~500wpm at 5 y/o.
  6. I was going to ask if you'd prefer a French one.