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  1. 12 hours of PAIN and SUFFERING, amirite?
  3. hype! Hype! HYPe! HYPE! HYPE!!!!
  4. I've officially become insane. Enjoy the new me.

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    2. Morgan17


      Insane? You look the same to me.

    3. XxTheGentleManScientistxX


      You two, took my jokes.

    4. ARamblingSpider


      pics or didnt happen

  5. This is soooo good, and Genesis is one of my favorite gaming tracks.
  6. Snob

    Fact Fun

    Fun fact: Grow a backbone.
  7. Snob

    Fact Fun

    Fun Fact: The only reason you exist is because the universe allows it.
  8. Snob

    Fact Fun

    Fun fact: The only meaning in life is the one you make.
  9. I don't know what you're talking about.
  10. Now that a certain someone is gone, it's time to commemorate him by posting some fancy gifs.
  11. The first game will be called "Final Chapter," just like Final Fantasy. Then we'll get Final Chapter 2, Final Chapter 3, and finally Final Chapter Rebellion.. What a wonderful franchise.
  12. None of the characters except Wilson and Maxwell have canon backstories.
  13. Goodbye and farewell means the same thing btw, it's just that one is more formal than another. Screw you if this is all a big joke, and see you in another world (if it's not clickbait).
  14. Happy April Fools!!! It's 18 days late, but it still counts!!
  15. We need a sass club, a place to contain your sassiness. You have too much sass for your own good.

    1. CyanBlue


      Well thank you ;)

  16. Stunted Cherub + Half Gamzee + Ironic Muscle Hunk = Lord English Who da thunk?
  17. Have you tried turning the sound on by clicking the top left button? You can hear Caliborn act out stuff.
  18. Keep the cancer flowing.
  19. Humans live on the brink of ignorance; the few moments of connection with another lost soul is the reason why we continue to exist, and love.

    1. KidneyBeanBoy


      This has been Snob's Philosophy Corner. Come back next time to learn how choice is a complete illusion.



    2. greenglacier


      I'll never be on your level, sir Snob. Take my five star as the mark of recognition.