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  1. Klei forums community TF2 event.

    If I want to join, what do I need to do?
  2. Puzzle Thread

    Warglegargle doesn't work either .-.
  3. Puzzle Thread

    I've reached the point there I am typing in things like "mashed potatoes with sauce" We need more clues .-.
  4. Puzzle Thread
  5. Puzzle Thread

    Maybe the password is something Maxwell says in-game?
  6. Puzzle Thread

    Why are you guys talking about lamps? She is obviously pulling out the chair, probably to search the drawers. EDIT: WHAT IF... She finds Maxwell's magic book and accidentally turn herself into The Grue?
  7. Puzzle Thread

    The girl there looks an awful lot like Charlie...
  8. Puzzle Thread brings you to the same page as
  9. Puzzle Thread

    THE SYMBOLS ARE PEOPLE! "runs into the woods screaming"
  10. Puzzle Thread

    The puzzle is probably stupidly simple. And we are just over-thinking it. Or... What if... THERE IS NO PUZZLE AND THEY ARE JUST TROLLING US?!??
  11. Puzzle Thread

    Glorious, thank you for that, sir.
  12. Puzzle Thread

    I wish I had a violin right now...
  13. Puzzle Thread

    I get that too. Something is moving in the shadows...
  14. Puzzle Thread

    I can't prove it, but I assure you that it happened.