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  1. I don't know what is going on, but you are not the first one to point out this. Maybe I'm the lucky one but my sandbox worlds all got roads and plentiful biomes. Nothing "out of order" or weird.Only weird think I noticed is that there is no berry bushes in adventure worlds.
  2. It's hard because people haven't learn every trick yet. Wait couple of days and forums are full of "Winter update is too EZ MLG PRO GAMER YOLO 2013" threads.
  3. Yes, sanity doesn't increase automatically anymore while daytime.
  4. I tried and got Alexander of Brennenburg from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Maybe they are relatives.
  5. Yep, no berry bushes, but at least there are plenty of carrots... Don't know if this is a bug or intentional.
  6. What, day 1 and so much stuff. It's not a bug, it's a cheat.
  7. Weird, my roads are just fine. Are you playing custom sandbox?
  8. I just died. One hit tentacle, no armor but almost full health. They really nerfed everything. Must. Be. More. Careful.
  9. What do you mean? Insanity was released two weeks ago and winter today.
  10. I love the new shorter summer nights. One can really relax now..