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  1. I noticed that too. It is beautiful (and very informative). I love it.
  2. I can confirm this. But save file is still working because all the unlocked characters are playable. Just the world save isn't working anymore.EDIT: And thank you Kevin. You are the man!
  3. Lightning bolt stroke me (and it was not raining).
  4. Curiosity killed the cat. (Maxwell's portal aka at the gates of hell or something) ....and I'm fine!
  5. Steam updated. I don't know about Chrome app. (playing Steam version atm)
  6. Okei, I'm maybe blind, but how you choose adventure mode?
  7. Odd Monster in Forest

    Best thread ever. But I lolled.
  8. Mushrooms from the ShannonZKiller's stream:
  9. Kevin just said that you are not going to fight Maxwell and there is no big end game story mode boss fight. You will meet Maxwell, but not fight him. Maxwell thinks that characters in Don't Starve are like ants and he like to study them. He is more like observer than active antagonist
  10. I don't know what is going on, but you are not the first one to point out this. Maybe I'm the lucky one but my sandbox worlds all got roads and plentiful biomes. Nothing "out of order" or weird.Only weird think I noticed is that there is no berry bushes in adventure worlds.
  11. New update is toooooooo hard.

    It's hard because people haven't learn every trick yet. Wait couple of days and forums are full of "Winter update is too EZ MLG PRO GAMER YOLO 2013" threads.
  12. Yes, sanity doesn't increase automatically anymore while daytime.
  13. Pick flowers and keep smiling
  14. Wait. There was a bit.ly link but that was for the Eureka page (http://bit.ly/UIBA7P) Can you please paste the bit.ly link and/or a screen shot. I watched whole video frame by frame and didn't notice any other links, so I'm a bit skeptical. I don't think that Klei links random religious pages outside their domain.