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  1. Shipwrecked Roadmap

    can't believe a member of the forums would actually be willing to sacrifice quality over speed i guess times have really changed a tip: go to the archived threads since the long live the queen update, study how everything worked and how people acted on the forums, and realize why it was one of the best betas to ever be. then come back to say sorry because god help you if you sincerely want to rush anything related to don't starve im feel like its not even worth it to write this comment, someone in their right mind just doesn't just so angry
  2. i sincerely hope this feels similar to the steam early access platinum ages, signed up and rdy 2 go bb Please ↑
  3. add some kind of hound wave but with velociraptors, thats all i got to say -an idea i've always had in my mind was a complete reskin of ds to make it look like dinosaurs and cavemen stuff
  4. Dear sirmentlegen how many potatoes do i need to craft a potato rocket and escape the island? (aka Vivus)...HUEHUEHUEHUE Yours sincerely, gpmandaXD (aka ilikepotatoes)
  5. What's the land's name?

    A living world that hates you and wants you to die... ... VIVUS ISLAND ....(i know it sounds horrible) it means "living island" or Sorna (huehuehuehueheueuhue)
  6. Wx-78

    my god... 400 hp ... combined with decent armor... it would be funny if they made him change like wolfgang, i dunno making him look more like a mechanic behemoth
  7. Forum is frozen

    you joined a month ago, you don't know how this place used to be...
  8. Forum is frozen

    nah, its not getting worse, its just the same threads or different ones but with the same content , its like (yeah you guessed it) FROZEN.
  9. Forum is frozen

    "ERROR#[anyone looked the new newsletter pic?]#ERROR <--- there is no newsletter pic ""<--- there is no newsletter pic " "no newsletter pic" "newsletter pic"
  10. Forum is frozen

    im not talking about the poster
  11. do sumthing nao, add a thread about how cool the splumonkeys are, the new gems, etc,etc...also, haven't the devs added new supir secrit stuff to the game files? and hasn't ERROR#[anyone looked the new newsletter pic?]#ERROR <--- there is no newsletter pic :(at least start a thread about speculations!!!don't wanna wait until next update to see new original and awesome stuff in your threads
  12. The next update...

    it also starts with "max" and ends with "well"
  13. *Spoilers* O_O

    my god... that means that...for the first time...the rule 34 artists were ACTUALLY RIGHT