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  1. can't believe a member of the forums would actually be willing to sacrifice quality over speed i guess times have really changed a tip: go to the archived threads since the long live the queen update, study how everything worked and how people acted on the forums, and realize why it was one of the best betas to ever be. then come back to say sorry because god help you if you sincerely want to rush anything related to don't starve im feel like its not even worth it to write this comment, someone in their right mind just doesn't just so angry
  2. i sincerely hope this feels similar to the steam early access platinum ages, signed up and rdy 2 go bb Please ↑
  3. add some kind of hound wave but with velociraptors, thats all i got to say -an idea i've always had in my mind was a complete reskin of ds to make it look like dinosaurs and cavemen stuff
  4. bunny earpuff headphones, and make them look like they were also crafted using a stick
  5. dude no way, is your last name knudsen? if it is its mine too! it comes from norway, i have some family there
  6. oooooh , the good ol' times, good ol' times, when if i said "it was no deerclops" someone would have agreed and said "maybe it is the werepig king" good , good ol' times- i still want a werepig king
  7. From the winter update log: Mosquitoes now spawn from ponds or maxwellian traps
  8. heh, he only destroyed 2 things from my camp, all of them were turbo farm plots, killed 2, couldn't kill more because after i killed the second one the winter ended
  9. already did, took him to mating beefaloes, and when another one showed up, ran away, broke 2 and a half boomerangs on him, used 4 fire darts, and lastly attacked him 6 or 7 times with the tentacle spike
  10. No, not how many will appear but how many have you killed yet? :Pi killed like 2, 1 with beefaloes, and one with melee (tentacle spike ) (3 boomerangs) (and 4 fire darts)(no challenges, hardcore for me is playing withoutbackuping saves [do some of you guys actually backup your files?{if you do then don't lie about it, very deep inside your heart you know you are a ***** }])SCREENSHOTS i thought that the game was going to be so hard after the update that it would stop being fun to play,i was WRONG, it is not THAT hard, and its still fun, hounds now are *****es, but still easy to kill if you prepare before they comePS: a day after i killed the second one winter ended
  11. willows knoweledge: firewendy's knoweledge: eternal life perhaps?wolfgang: he is the strongest man in the world?wickerbotton: she knows EVERYTHINGwx-78: he was going to make all robots reveal against humansEDIT:NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE, they just found an "abandoned house" some days later maybeh and pulled the switch
  12. This is a troll,HEH, just look at the tags LUL U GUYS THOUGHT DIS WUZ SIRIUZ SNAPE HEHEHE