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  1. Luckily I'm getting a PS Vita for my birthday
  2. May 21 Update: Underground!

    Try restarting steam.
  3. May 21 Update: Underground!

    Try restarting steam.
  4. anyone nice enuff to spare me an invite?
  5. of course you can also dig up grass,saplings, stumps and berry bushes.
  6. played it for more than 200hrs
  7. We're Live!

    I got a bit too addicted and played too much... got bored -_-
  8. Multiplayer?

    OK so i just learnt some coding and i noticed it will take too long and it would be a waste of time to rewrite the code or make a new game. There are lots of multiplayer games out there already and the devs promise the best singleplayer experience ever in your life.
  9. Sometimes the worlds repeat after you die when i want a new world.EDIT: yep i'm back
  10. it is actually a trap. i like it that you didn't notice
  11. faceplanting queen xD
  12. Music!

    a sound recorder? You can use a screencapturererererer - - - Updated - - - Bandidididididicam wilililill work
  13. make a fuse out of trees that lead to gunpowder and boom!
  14. I love this picture!

    oh ok sorry
  15. I love this picture!

    why is it from such an old update? You have pirated?
  16. Rot Hurts You? Even as WX? :(

    i'm sure the Wx is a man in a suit...
  17. Tutorial

    but you are supposed to learn by yourself in the first place, the game is made to be like this. If people can't even survive to day 2 they can cheat go to the wiki
  18. Unimplented stuff

    i have a thread with all of its sounds in it
  19. i have a very big field filled with very angry bees, is that what's causing the lag?
  20. Summer?

    Summer is used to be the normal days but with longer dusk and shorter night