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What are your personal keybinds?

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2 hours ago, Phen said:

Title says everything

None, what klei gives me is all I need

(may be off topic but. Geometric placements and status announcements are the only mods you should really need)

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5 hours ago, Alarsin said:

I did the opposite for the opposite reason.

+1, even though I started with DS, opening the map with M just seems more natural.

Re: keybinds:

  • moved menu from Esc to F10, because on the Mac, Esc switches off fullscreen for some reason. Fix it, Klei!! :wilsondisapproving:
  • moved crafting menu from Caps Lock to F5 just to see what it's like, since Caps Lock didn't work at the time (not sure it works now, but I just don't care).
  • apart from that, I mostly had to change keybinds in mods that collide with each other (DJPaul's sort inventory + Gesture wheel) or with global OS shortcuts (Aerial view)

That being said, I'm not at all happy with the movement + inventory arrangement: I want the inventory keys accessible while moving with keyboard (moving with the mouse is just dreadful unless you clear the area of any clickable object). And I'm very bad at selecting inventory with the mouse pointer during the heat of a battle. :wilsondisappointed: I'm looking to get a mouse with 3-4 thumb-operated buttons to sort that out (and work around another DST bug).:wilsondisapproving:

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I can't really remember what all I changed, except:

--M for map on regular DS too, even though I started on that and only played Together later, because M = Map.

--Arrow keys instead of WASD 'cos I'm old(school) like that.  Also the arrow keys don't have other stuff right around them that I might hit by accident during a panic moment.

--H for making a half-stack, for the same reason as the map.

--I think I just use f to force an attack instead of Ctrl + F?

Pretty boring.  (shrug)


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I'm a lefty too!  I just got used to doing everything with a right-handed mouse and such, way long ago.  Including even _drawing_, freehand, with a right-handed mouse.  The really fascinating thing is that my art style _still looks like the same style_, regardless of which hand I draw with. Which sounds like something they'd test for in a science experiment...

(I'd never attack on space, that'd be too confusing.  I already use space for the auto-pickup/harvest function thingie.

And now I'm remembering a bit from the latest Stumpt DST Let's Play:

"Okay, so, the first thing you need to know, Ash, is that space is your best friend."

"He's an astronaut.  Space IS his best friend!" 



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On 2. 6. 2018 at 2:54 PM, Mikro said:

I unbound all of my keys.

So you're mouse player... Back in my days' we didn't have mouses.

9 hours ago, SuperDavid said:

I put everything on W because that's the one and only true ultimate way of playing the Don't Starve series.

Looks someone is Wes Worshipping


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I've bound my:

'R' to issue the '/robot' command.

'B' to whisper an emote face thing.

'Z' to either (1) drop my currently mouse-held item into a 0.75 axis aligned grid nearest to my player's position or (2) drop immediately whatever I'm hovering my mouse cursor over in my inventory, depending on if I'm mouse-holding an item or not.

'H' to make myself attack with my current weapon at nothing, effectively fake swinging whatever.

'L' to spawn a pawn chesspiece for testing things out in a local server.

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