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  1. A fully grown treeguard hass 3750 HP and deals 6.18 damage per hit to the moose which is every 3 seconds, moose deals 60 DPS, which means that it would take 62 seconds to kill a fully grown treeguard, in that time, if the treeguard was tanked, woodie wouldve lost 127 HP, then we also lose 20HP if we use an idol which would leave us with around 1.5 seconds to heal before we die after becoming woodie again. And this is all depending if we have maxed HP, without caring about weather, circumstances, sanity, etc Despite treeguard being one of the easiest enemies to kite, it is still possible to do so, but there is another enemies that the moose wont have enough time to kite. Yes, the moose charge is good for crowd control, but the damage for single mob battles feels lacking and its still VERY situational, i dont see that many situations other than spiders penguins and bees and really late game hounds.
  2. -moose is still too slow to kite -using moose on a long fight like for example a treeguard might end up killing you because of the idols -20HP, the hits from the treeguard, and the -1.3hp/s from starving. -Mooses charge deals still the same and its very situational -goose is still not fast enough (jusamping through gaps might be good to have and a penalty on the goose meter might balance it but its not really needed to have this mechanic) -Idols still take HP from you, it would be fine if you always had max hp, which is not the case if some players have died or are low on hp and have no time or havent found a way to heal yet and need to transform asap, which will leave you after a transformation or after a fight as moose in a very poor condition or end up killing you. I feel like the idols should deal no hp penalty but instead something like -50 Sanity
  3. It still feels like there is more stuff to fix #notmywoodie
  4. Eh, what can i say, im looking for a new main. Thanks klei
  5. This is straight garbo, revert woodie or just bring his DS stats to DST for the love of anything
  6. why would it? gearbox releases the codes to that everyone can use them why does your spectualucar stationary wayfinder say it costs 1000 but mine 1200
  7. If you guys are up for suggestions id recommend you to do what Gearbox does with their system rewards. they post in their social medias codes that can be exchanged for points in their rewards site, its not a bad idea to do that too
  8. how long does the 20% more damage, 50% mining/choping efficiency, and 33% dmg reduction last?
  9. Just so everyone knows, now you can check ont he curio cabinet everyones ghosts, wolfs and wormwoods phases, and woodies werebeaver. for now only wormwood and wortox skins have different ghosts
  10. ikr? sucks that theres no gorge
  11. Thats cool and all but wheres gorgw