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  1. Yes and no, its meant to look sketchy but not as much as that skin so that you can say it looks like a real sketch, hell i even remember seeing an actual sketch of the scientist skin way back, and it looks similar to the real one, my problem is that the hair at least looks unfinished and that the lines it has dont look "HD" enough like in the default skin
  2. Still though, ive seen a drop of quality on the skins, you can clearly see this by comparing wilsons original design with any newer skins. as you can see wilsons hair looks all good and "HD" imo the mad scientist skin looks like a sketch, and the victorian one looks unfinished because of all the white spots outside of the hair that were left there. There, i spent like 5 minutes removing the white spots on the hair that i was talking about, i did this with a mouse on paint, so if i can do this in 5 mins with a mouse, so can klei. <- My edit
  3. why are you so sure that it wont come back tho?
  4. Damn its been almost a month, i wonder if gorge will ever come back
  5. So ive been playing dont starve on my switch for roughly 30 hours, and i have a couple of ideas that could be added to the switch version. -Add a way to zoom in/out -Add a way to mute insanity noises -Add an option to disable the insanity red veins on the border of the screen and the color change -Let us choose smaller worlds, not just medium or large -Let us disable the insanity blur, it gives me headaches after a while and it gets really annoying -Add hamlet (i assume this one will come eventually) These are all my quality of life improvements that i could think of, so if you have opinions on em be sure to talk about em here, and if you have more improvements that u think that could be good for the switch edition just write em down here, lets hope that klei pays attention to us
  6. Would be cool if you guys also added all of these new options for volume to the Switch version, Oh and hamlet too
  7. are the servers down? i cant seem to log in
  8. that doesnt seem to be the boarrior mhmhmhm
  9. Thanks klei, very cool!
  10. just a few minutes ago i completed a run with some friends and we ended up with a good score, and we were supposed to be on the leaderboard, a few mins ago the leaderboard updated, but we are not on it, even tho we got a good score, any reasons why?