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  1. I feel like it would be a monstrous effort to make the game more optimized. Maybe It's time to switch to a modern game engine like Unity somehow. My logic is that if it were easy to make the game run better, Klei would have done it by now.
  2. His thoughts are to intricate for you to understand.
  3. If you use the moon book in a public server, any Woodie player disconnects. I hope to see this mechanic being used more.
  4. That's suspicious. I'm thinking the "setting the stage" updates might have something to do with adding forge as some alternative gamemode like what adventure mode was to single-player, as I don't see Klei having forge/gorge be limited run again.
  5. This would be a nice change. Canes are always a hit or miss on pubs.
  6. But not limited for the pirate raids, only bosses.
  7. Why wouldn't it be? I don't see any and I doubt there are many threads complaining about it. Limit the flare to working only after first 30 days or something to that effect, so bearger can't be spawned before first year in pubs.
  8. Should have made this thread a poll, because I do not agree.
  9. I like your optimism, but no major changes are going to come to Wicker at this stage of the beta. Also, I think Wickerbottom is fine. The rework looks great so far. No tweaks needed.
  10. Realism aside, I don't see why this couldn't be a feature. I don't particularly like waiting and grinding for loot. This new flare is super Terraria inspired. Well, it's here to stay now. Might as well add the rest of the bosses. Only temporarily. His rework will hopefully give him a new role.
  11. Let's make it happen. Sorta related: what if hostile flare also re-spawned raid bosses? Bundle wrap from Beequeen is a highly sought after drop only available every twenty days.
  12. Aren't we all? Ask any two people what "wasting their time" means to them and I'm sure you'll get different answers. Many people would consider playing video games to be a waste of time, others like yourself would consider posting these threads to be. Think about what you mean when you say "wasting your time" as it's very personal and therefore meaningless when imposed onto others. What matters is you feel your time is well spend, after all we all die one day.
  13. The Klei forums would be better if there were no reactions.
  14. LOL. Worst weapon in the series. What were Klei thinking adding a weapon with 20 uses and 51 damage.