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  1. trade inn

    Heh, the preparations for the halloween trade-inn-gambling have begun, apparently. 685 sold in the last 24 hours
  3. 1 - no: What are you on about? The game already has a setting for this. 2 - no: I think the whole challenge/desirability of insanity need an overhaul. The colour filter is an OK deterrent IMO. If you're wilfully staying insane, especially after kelp and lunar island was introduced, you only have yourself to blame. 3-5 - yeah, but... meh.
  4. The cluster subfolders hold nothing of value if you're running single shard (a.k.a. forest-only) - in that case, the world data is under client_save/session/.../. Exactly.
  5. @Instant-Noodles, a few suggestions, if I may... It now takes 5 clicks to load from json text. Maybe shuffle the text around so we can do with 2? (sync from JSON -> paste -> OK) add DLC skin chests (collections of weavable skins) - specifically, "progress" when an inventory is loaded: skin-oriented: how many skins (grouped by rarity) are missing from each chest? spool-completion oriented: how many spools are needed to weave missing skins? spool-unravelling oriented: what's the value of skins I own (ie. if I buy this chest, how many spools do I get from unravelling the duplicates) Collections - split them into groups by type - marketable vs. weavable vs. other EDIT: Oh, didn't realise the in-game shop chests are different from the Steam store DLC chests. I was referring to the former, which are "completed" if you own all the skins within - regardless of how you obtained them.
  6. trade inn

    *checks Steam market* To the moooooon... But yeah, that's exactly the kind of info I was missing - so certain collections not only have elevated chances in lucky trade-ins, but are actually exclusive to events, and therefore unobtainable otherwise (ignoring Steam market)? What exactly does this mean? Are Formal skins less likely to drop as either regular (distinguished), or lucky (elegant) exchange for spiffy at trade inn? The difference in price would suggest that - when the character rework started, I set out to buy the future-heirloom distinguished skins. Rose and Shadow sets were fairly cheap, the Survivor ones less so, while the Formal skins were up in the stratosphere.
  7. trade inn

    Well, if the drops are limited to Costume collection during Hallowed Night, the 4.80€ average for the elegants gives you quite the budget for trying - 18 common exchanges, and if all those fail, 2 classy exchanges. So, is it less or more than 5%? The reason I'm asking is to find out what's the most efficient use of dirt-cheap marketables (common, classy), as that's what I (and everyone else) are getting most of the time. Holding onto them until a Hallowed Night or other event with elevated "luck" chance in trade inn roll around? Selling them on the market, buying spiffies and trying my luck with those? Ignore the higher-tier marketable skins entirely and unravel them for spools, so I can weave the other elegants? Trade inn's default output is pretty bad even when compared to unravelling for spools, or selling off and buying missing spiffies/distinguished on the Steam market. The distinguished/elegant marketables are a real mystery to me - why do the prices vary so wildly?
  8. trade inn

    Thanks, I found that one too.. Still no hard numbers, sadly. That's definitely an improvement over the Trade Inn's usual odds, but is it more efficient than, say, buying the skins outright? (issues with duplicates/picking specific skins notwithstanding) tells me most spiffy skins go for 7 cents for ones immediately available, down to 5, maybe 4 if you're willing to wait. That puts whatever comes out of the one-armed bandit to a price of 0.36€ - 0.63€. The prices of costume elegants (hats, heads) are all over the place, from 0.90€ (gekko nona) to >20€ (cauldron - wow, really?!), with average price for all costume elegants at ~4.80€. This would make getting spiffies a great value, assuming the "almost every trade" claim is accurate. OTOH, the "guaranteed drop" - distinguished skins - are much less valuable, almost all of them (especially the costume collection ones) selling for just 0.12€. In conclusion, at 4 cents per spiffy, buying them makes sense if chance of elegant is >5%, for 7 cents it starts making sense at 10%. @Kynoox_ in that thread seemed to get 8 elegants out of "200+" spiffies. Let's make that 207, ie. 23 trades -> ~35% chance. That's not exactly what I'd call "almost every", but still well over the break-even threshold. The big question is how much of an outlier is this case. I suspect as Hallowed Night event gets closer, the pricing for spiffies will reach a point where it will accurately indicate the chances of getting an elegant. Another big question is what the possible outputs are for classy and common trade-ins, in or out-side of Hallowed Night event.
  9. trade inn

    Is any of this documented anywhere? Specifically, the actual chances of possible outcomes, and any changes during events. Asking because I haven't seen a thread on trade inn with anyone from Klei posting, and as it stands, ~13 commons + 3 weeks of waiting on Steam market for 1 distinguished definitely beats trading my way up to 9 spiffies, for a "small chance" of an elegant, or a distinguished, not of my choosing, most of the time.
  10. So.. what's the expected behaviour now? Build 368867, stacking is broken AFAICT - eat multiple jellybeans, transform into moose. Moose only gets the healing effect for the 2 minutes (quarter of a day).
  11. A friend was at ~half sanity, with a passive terrorbeak roaming around. Charging through or around the terrorbeak caused a hit to and teleportation of said terrorbeak. Haven't checked if the creature can actually be killed this way for (easier) loot.
  12. Sorry, I'm dumb. I keep forgetting that trade offer windows open with my own inventory.
  13. $SUBJECT Affects hiding in a bush hat, or snurtle shell armor. Doesn't matter if this is their last torch, or there is another one in inventory.
  14. Trading Dublons

    @Nino123, you may want to include your inventory JSON link for anyone wanting to use the checklist tools (listing, match) Is that id a reference to Wheatley?
  15. Give some love to IPv6, maybe?

    My intention with this was that it would be a way to test if your protocol can handle v6 at all and probe for higher-layer dependencies on v4 (cf. FTP). If there's a better way to give opt-in v6 support into the hands of v6 enthusiasts in the DST community, I'm all for it. Or perhaps I'm misjudging what a commercial game developer is willing to include in a released product? I don't see into what the typical and necessary use cases are for DST deployment (I'd love to learn more, assuming any of it can even be shared publicly). So, this probably doesn't affect many DST players, but squat spaces are a thing. TL;DR - some "internal" networks are so big even all of RFC1912 isn't enough for them, so they use old public ranges which their rightful owners do not expose to the Internet. It works as long the rightful owner doesn't decide to use it publicly after all, or sell it to someone who will do the same. Great to see it's on your radar. I'll check the state in DST again once I see Steam finally fixing this and this. Reading about your concerns over support burden in the other thread, I reckon Klei never want to reach a point where people are unable to connect at all, or to a particular game. A more relevant (IMHO) metric would be, 'in how many games NAT punchthrough fails and players need to connect via an intermediary host?' DST's handling of high/inconsistent latency is a meme in itself, and anything that increases RTT is also causing a drop in UX/enjoyability.
  16. Hi Klei. DST dedicated server build 232355 OSX: $ lsof -np $(pgrep -d , dont) -a -i6 <sound of crickets> Are there any plans to make DST IPv6-capable (in any capacity)? I know Steam is one of the bad apps who don't do IPv6, but small steps in that direction should still be possible for DST, eg. allowing players to connect to offline servers (AFAICT, no steam connection is needed there). Disclaimer: I've helped with setting up a NAT64 test network at work, and having been in the IPv6 echo chamber + having tried some of the things I normally use in such environment, I did notice quite a few things are broken (recent stats say 15% of apps don't work correctly), so I set up an "effectively-similar" setup at home to try things out and pester developers for support. If you need help with setting up a small NAT64 network for testing, or with testing any early builds with IPv6 support, I'm eager to help.
  17. *checks sockets opened by DST for signs of IPv6 usage* *crickets*
  18. Looking to complete the first two tiers (ie. trades with unowned items are prioritised), but won't mind trading one dupe for another if you're missing the one I have. Current and future heirlooms (shoes, gloves) are considered a single separate category and are traded as such. Distinguished and higher (including heirlooms) are not up for trade. Note: Some items are either part of existing pending offers, or trades on hold. Notice the strikethrough in the lists below. Current dupes: Currently unowned: Links: Trade Inventory: Steam, JSON checklist: listing, match
  19. @Instant-Noodles, thanks for making this tool. May I suggest a feature/features - have you used/seen Steam Trade Matcher? (TL;DR: users join a group, where their inventories are visible. On the site, after logging in and hitting scan, I'm presented with a list of trade matches, where another user/trade bot has trading cards I'm missing). Specific scan functionality (targeting 1 other user) could probably be implemented in the checklist - just compare tradable duplicates and tradable unowned sets between 2 users. Assuming there's interest, will and feasibility, could STM possibly integrate DST checklist and provide trade matches of DST inventory items for its steam group? (STM currently doesn't do any game-specific items, only Steam community items (trading cards, emoticon, backgrounds) AFAICT, so it probably has no concept of DST-specific attributes like rarity.)
  20. As subject - the in-game crash screen is displayed, hitting report changes the button to "Please wait", ONI process consumes ~100% CPU (about 1 core), but seemingly nothing's happening. Waited 15 minutes, no change. Hardware: MacBookPro11,1 GPU: Intel Iris (Device ID: 0x0a2e Revision ID: 0x0009) macOS 10.14.6 16GB RAM The game did work when I tried it last time (about a year ago), on macOS 10.12 on the same machine. BTW, your instructions here are incorrect (out of date, I guess?). Save files are under ~/Library/Application Support//unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Included unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Sample of Oxygen Not Included.txt
  21. @mrozo94, I'm a bit confused by what you expect to do with "restarting". If you mean to drop all steam/DST-related data so you can start from scratch, deleting steam, DST, created scripts etc should work, but I would not recommend it, and instead simply check for integrity of DST with Steam - have a look here, see the validate command. Re: issue after closing server - if you get a state when the server is working, verify that both shards work - either visit the caves in-game, or do pgrep -l dontstarve which should list 2 processes (You can issue the command via another SSH, or on another virtual terminal, to avoid messing with the running cluster). When you stop the server, both of these processes should be gone. Re: stopping properly - I don't use Klei's scripts from the first post here, but from what I see in them, starting the server leaves your terminal in the console of the Master shard. Hitting Ctrl+C causes Master to save state and exit, which completes the script, and that causes the Caves shard to save and exit. This should be OK, so simply hitting Ctrl+C once in the master's console should work. I'm not particularly familiar with Bash's array expansion, so can't say if the script handles this, but - you're not using a directory for the cluster or DST which has a space in the name?
  22. @mrozo94 - it seems your server is running for 1 minute, then exits because the parent process (the script you executed to start it) has shut down. How are you executing the script? If you're accessing the Linux machine via SSH, then disconnection will quit the parent bash session, causing your server to quit as well. Also, is this a new server? I'm thinking a similar symptoms may occur when retrofitting takes place, but if you're setting up a new server then this is not the case here.
  23. Re: upcoming macOS release - Apple is dropping support for 32bit apps As in, they won't run anymore. At all. This follows after ~18 months with the previous releases, where the OS notified the user when they were launching a 32-bit app for the first time, that these apps would not be supported in the future. I didn't assume ephemeralglow's game was on a Mac. What I meant was that with the upcoming macOS release, Klei will have to get DST up to 64bit for macOS*, and once they've made that jump, getting 64bit on other platforms should be a much smaller step. Will Klei actually make that extra step without Microsoft forcing them? Hard for me to tell. I'd be surprised if there isn't a Win64 build by this time next year, at least private to devs. On the topic of sunsetting 32bit x86, several Linux distros have this on the roadmap, so there it also needs to get done in foreseeable future (I bet Klei's official servers run on Linux) *Well, no one's going to hold Klei at gunpoint, but if they want to keep their Mac users (and keep selling DST to Mac users), they don't have much of a choice.
  24. *unconvincing cough* macOS Catalina, and by extension, first 64bit build of DST, coming this autumn. (Not guaranteed, but I sure hope so...)