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  1. On semi-rare occasions, my client (connected to a dedicated server) crashes when I'm migrating between shards. (No idea what causes it, it might be a mod, might be the unfixed iCloud incompatibility; that's not the issue). What annoys me about this is that game misdetects this as a "crash on startup", and disables all client mods, forcing me to re-enable them. *glances at client log* - ends at around 3 hours. Now that's some seriously long startup client_log_2019-04-22-16-17-36.txt
  2. DST error on macos 10.14.4

    client.ini contents are OK. I tried deleting my DST data folder and it was recreated with the numbered subfolder like you have it, so that's apparently OK as well. When you reinstalled, did you also verify game files (via Steam -> game properties -> local files -> Verify integrity...)? If so, the I guess only devs can help you. Could be a graphics driver issue, but there's not much you can do about that in macOS... FWIW I'm on an older MBP, also with Intel Iris graphics (albeit earlier gen.) and it works fine for me. EDIT: Oh, almost forgot - check if you've not run out of disk space on your drive where ~/Documents are, and if you're using iCloud, check if it has moved the DST data folder into iCloud drive.
  3. DST error on macos 10.14.4

    PersistUserStorage is now /Users/.../Documents/Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/389910664/ I have never seen this (the number after DST folder). What is this? Either way, can you try removing/renaming client.ini file under that folder?
  4. Hi, I noticed in some of my longer-running worlds that event-specific recipes are still available - I can still craft the candybag and even the festive tree planter in the old world, but they are not available when starting a new world. I thought the recipes were supposed to go away when the event ended, no?
  5. OSX_Steam 305472 ${SUBJECT}. Is this intended? If it was, I'd expect the different style to apply on death/resurrection, rather than entering the world.
  6. @sibnew According to Residays' guide, tick rate goes into cluster.ini: [NETWORK] ... tick_rate = 60 no brackets or anything. The -tick_rate 60 form is a command-line argument, that would be added to the script launching your servers.
  7. @sibnew, where did you put cluster_token.txt? It's supposed to be in the cluster directory, not server (shard) directory. Post the output of ls -l /home/cq/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1 EDIT: Wait, are you actually following any guide? Arguments can't be empty.
  8. My guess is, the issue has something to do with the message Error string decoding Steam Net ID I am curious how you're able to start a new set of shards on a whim - are you making sure they're using unique ports for clients, steam authentication, and master server port? Also, IIRC, 10906 port used in your example is not from the "official" range (10999-11018 IIRC).
  9. Server locked on "Local Only"

    Is max. players set to >1?
  10. Hi all. My buddy and I are looking to add more shards to an existing cluster, and were hoping to split the workload - he is running Forest (master) and Caves, and I'm running (at this time) a single Third shard. Each of us have a NATted connection with public IPv4 at the router, with the dedicated server(s) running on an adjacent machine in each of our LANs. After setting up config files, and some worldmigrators in-game, I can properly travel in directions F->C, C->F, F->T and T->F. The other client can do all but the last one (T->F). Even so, I went through my client logs and noticed the game would only connect to the shard in the same LAN using NAT punch-through. I suspect he's not connecting because his router probably doesn't allow punchthrough? @Klei: This is why we need IPv6 Any news on that?
  11. P1 unable to load into P2 Caves

    How is P1 joining P2's world? Browsing Online or Local games in the Server browser? Client log from P1 would be really helpful (is P1 trying to access the public address, or the local subnet?) Is either P1 or P2 on WiFi? Is the WiFi AP blocking communication between clients? (I forgot what the feature is called).
  12. 305472 OSX_STEAM I set the keybind of "Inspect self" to F8, so I could use I for a mod. While F8 now opens the self-inspect screen, so does I.
  13. Oh, hi... is this still a problem? I checked some of my logs, and I wouldn't pass this repetitive registration as a problem - while I don't see chains of registration 5 minutes apart like you do, there are many chains with even more frequent registrations. Some ideas/things to check: did you reset filters in the server browser? use some unique name for the server, if you haven't already if the server is running on your local network, can you see it in the LAN browser/connect to it? when you shut the server down, does it log "Removing server from ?? lobby"?
  14. I actually prefer default to rider. 34 base damage lets me 3-hit-kill frogs/spiders with regular/racing saddle, speed difference of 7 vs. 8 isn't big, and war saddle still allows 2-hit-kill spiders/frogs and 1-hit kill Birchnutters. All with the convenience of not needing to feed it before ride.
  15. RNG doing some serious trolling this week... When I miscalculate when I'm supposed to visit my treeguard farm:
  16. After it's been raining for 10 days straight, and you wanted that jerky right now.
  17. Something went awry.

    Have you tried disabling/re-downloading mods? (If you're using mod items/characters, save your game elsewhere before doing this).
  18. 450 Spools for Vignettes?

    I believe this is intended - see "distinguished" vs. "classy".
  19. According to houndbone.lua: if bonetype == 3 then inst.components.lootdropper:AddChanceLoot("houndstooth", .5) end I'm reading this as "the tooth is supposed to drop from the skull" (which makes sense). Problem is, the bonetype var is not saved (so I guess it's re-generated on reload?), even though the animstate (the bone type as visible to the player) is: local function onsave(inst, data) data.anim = inst.animname end local function onload(inst, data) if data ~= nil and data.anim ~= nil then inst.animname = data.anim inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation(inst.animname) end end As a result, the bone type visible to the player stays the same across reloads, but after reload it has no bearing on what will actually drop from the bones.
  20. At long last, Caves-only Wilson was graced with a walking cane. Unobtainium indeed.
  21. Where have you created the directory for steamcmd? I see that the guide here suggests "skipping creating the new user if you want", so if you did that, you'll have to adjust the script.
  22. Peeking into a server to see who's inside... wait, what?
  23. Build 291700 and this is still not fixed... Deer depleting my salt lick off-screen even when it's walled off. EDIT: actually, scratch, off-screen - it gets depleted even on-screen, the mobs simply have to be "close enough".
  24. Moving volt goat herd "closer to base", and keeping the herd safe - instructions unclear:
  25. Version: 289257 OSX_STEAM I think this started happening after one of the recent updates (never observed this issue before). Sporadically, a server running on the local network will not show up in the LAN section of the server browser - it does show up in the Online section, but that causes the client to connect through a punchthrough, resulting in obscene lag. I don't recall this ever happening after a successful connection to the local server - the issue is most likely present from the first entering into the server lobby. Refreshing doesn't help.