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  1. Mousepad would be really nice. Could have literally anything from don’t starve on it. Something with Pengulls would be cool too. Could be a figurine or a pin. I just like penguins.
  2. One time I made fun of someone who died to bearger and then promptly died to the same bearger that night because I walked into a seawall because of Willow's lighter's short light radius. I have never felt more ashamed.
  3. Saddles skins or maybe even a skin that can be applied to a tamed beefalo with the duster.
  4. Wilson:Average - No particular benefit or negative. Willow:Slight Positive - Fire immunity is passed onto Beefalo when ridden. No negative Wolfgang:Huge Negative - Innate low damage and low speed when low hunger is bypassed. Innate high damage and high speed when full is also bypassed. Wendy:Huge Positive - Her innate low damage is bypassed increasing her damage considerably and is buffed by Abigail. No negative. WX-78:Slight Negative - Has no benefit. Beefalo does not inherit WX-78's overcharge speed. Wickerbottom:Slight Positive - Wickerbottom can more easily tame and heal a beefalo through farming. No negative. Woodie:Slight Negative - No benefit. Can't use were forms while on beefalo and gets tossed off during full moon. Wes:Slight Positive - Riding a beefalo cancels out Wes's low health and damage. Slightly more difficult to feed beefalo due to increased hunger. Wigfrid:Moderately Negative - Can use excess vegetables and fruits to feed beefalo. Innate damage boost and damage reduction is canceled out by beefalo. Maxwell:Slightly Positive - Low health is negated when riding beefalo. No negative. Winona:Average - No particular benefit or negative. Warly:Moderately Positive - Chili spice and lightning jelly increase damage when eaten by the player and riding the beefalo. No negative. Wormwood:Huge Positive - Beefalo takes all damage except for projectiles removing the difficulty of healing himself. Wormwood excels in farming vegetables and fruits which can be used for the beefalo. No substantial negative. Wortox:Kinda Negative - No substantial benefit. Cannot heal beefalo with souls and cannot teleport with beefalo. Wurt:Average - No particular benefit or negative. Walter:Huge Positive - Bee allergy and sanity hits are negated when riding beefalo. Can use slingshot on beefalo as well. No noticeable negative. Wormwood is probably the one that benefits the most. Wendy and Walter are right after.
  5. There is considerably more oxygen in the Constant than Earth which explains the giant spiders, and most if not all the other giant insects/arthropods. Butterflies and fireflies are exempt from this gigantism because they are not bugs but plants. Butterflies specifically are just flying seeds. Fireflies are.. some sort of light plant. Fire spreads so rapidly because of the excess oxygen. WX-78 is one of the taller survivors behind Maxwell and Wolfgang. WX-78 uses healing salves to polish his chassis. Honey poultice's hold broken pieces together while his internal repair system seals everything back together. Crockpots and Wardrobes function so weirdly because they are sealed from light and Charlie improves it out of pity. Charlie has an intense fascination with fashion and that is why we are gifted skins/clothes all the time. Regular birds are just birds. They are not special, they just have the ability to go between Earth and the Constant as they wish. Geese and Penguins are exempt from this because they are evil birds and are easily manipulated by Charlie/Maxwell.
  6. Anything that could be implemented could be circumvented or taken advantage of in some way or another. Create a report system to ban people? Grab a couple friends and mass report whoever we want. Make buildings impossible to directly burn? Place grass next to it and burn that. Make buildings only destroyable by the creator? Grief by stealing resources and building 30 science machines. Only thing that I could think of is to get people that can moderate the servers. That would be fairly time consuming finding reliable people to moderate servers.
  7. Stuff them all into a sock and use it as a makeshift flail. High damage low durability and when it breaks your world is deleted. ... Seriously though, it could be a building that uses all the gems as a magnifying glass kind of thing that could be used for learning even more new recipes or some other purpose.
  8. The only issue with it is that each individual meal would have independent values and would not be stackable like now. Though that could easily be solved by adding a lunchbox item that functions in exactly the same way as the tacklebox but it exclusively stores meals. Exotic ingredients should also have a buff to incentivize gathering it in the first place. Like tallbird eggs could be much much more filling or eel could offset cave darkness insanity for a decent period of time, butter could make players overeat and temporarily increase their hunger bar for however much excess food it would have been. Stuff like that.
  9. I got Wickerbottom. Funny I don’t really consider myself a very organized person. Clean maybe but definitely not organized.
  10. Anytime I am able to help new players with winter prep, revival or any other task. Especially when there are other more experienced players being rude to said new players and I still end up progressing faster than them. >:)
  11. Willow's perk that increases how much fuel a fire gets from flammables also applies to night lights. Webber can keep a pet rabbit on his person to trigger spiders to come out during the day. It very inconsistently trigger spiders to come out if you place it directly on the webbing but placing it just outside and pushing it into the webbing works always. Moleworms instantly trigger gunpowder when they try to steal it.