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  1. The current Don’t Starve mobile game is fairly lackluster due to the fact it was developed specifically for PC. The fact that this is going to be purely mobile invites some hope that it may end up being better than the current Don’t Starve app. I’ll keep an eye on this with some hope that it will turn out ok despite being 3rd party.
  2. That scrapped Pyro mod that Klei had made assets for quite a while ago would be neat. I would imagine there would be a SFM animation of him going through a normal teleporter and instead of the conventional teleport shadow hands pick him up.
  3. People probably got the "modded" feeling from how many abilities he has compared to the original cast which all had a fairly simple theme and set of abilities. Where if you look at like 90% of the mods on the workshop have a similarly bloated amount of abilities. If you look at his abilities in the character select he literally uses up the most space in his character description compared to any other character. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing. I quite like the increased amount of differences in characters like the favorite foods, and the increased complexity in the reworked/new characters. It adds a little bit of lore for each character.
  4. I was a bit unclear I think. The reader is annoyed that the necromancer necro'd a thread and unintentionally tricked people into thinking that there is a new thread with new discussion on the front page. A good example for this particular forum is that sometimes old update threads will get necro'd by people asking questions in the thread. People will see that the thread is an update thread and not realize that it is an old update thread because they are usually just titled [Game Update] - (update number nobody commits to memory). Then since most people probably don't regularly check the date of a thread (since it is reasonable to assume the front page has the most recently made threads) they end up wasting their time looking through a thread that they've already seen. Does that make sense? That or because the dead thread is taking up space in the front page. The reason for being annoyed is subjective but I think a majority of people who do dislike necromancy dislike it because of either/or the reasons I just mentioned.
  5. Winona's character design seems to be based off of the Rosie the Riveter poster (which from what I understand was a poster empowering women to do what was considered men's work in the 1940s) and I assumed the rest of the workers were female because of the theme implied by Winona's design. Also atleast 3/4 of the people standing outside also are clearly female with the bows and the buns so it doesn't seem far fetched that she is probably a female as well. The tufts of hair coming out of the front of her bandanna also scream old timey women's hairdo to me for some reason. As for the necro-ing from what I understand the reason people don't like it is that most of the time when a thread is necro'd the purpose of the thread had already been fulfilled at that point. The question has been answered, the problem has been solved, or the discussion has been had. Most people don't really bother looking at the date on thread on the front page (since why would you honestly) and get irritated that their time was wasted looking at a thread that had long since died and which they may have already participated in. The only exceptions to the "No Necromancy" I see is if the thread is made with the intent of inviting comments showing pictures, playing some forum game or someone is keeping it up to date with information people want. I personally think that most people react far too harshly to necromancers since most of the time they are totally unaware that they are digging up a dead thread and sometimes they are actually asking a question or adding a thought in which context with the rest of the thread is helpful for the reader. People could definitely be nicer since there is no benefit in my eyes at least from being hostile about this kind of thing. But, that's just my opinion.
  6. If that lady was intended to be related to Wilson she would probably have had something more obvious than just her face shape. More than likely she just has a similar face shape and has nothing to do with Wilson. No idea about the manufacturing question unfortunately. If you feel like it's necessary I don't see why it would be a bad thing to do. From what I understand I don't think it'll even bump the thread back to the front if you're just editing an old post so there shouldn't be a risk for "necroing". Keep in mind though chances are the only people that will end up finding your older theory essays are probably only people that are specifically looking for it and probably wouldn't have any issue reading through the whole thing. But if you want to do it there's no reason not to.
  7. My brainstorm idea is something I’ve deemed “Feats of Strength” Wolfgang is strong! But is sometimes not confident in his abilities because of his fear of everything. In order for Wolfgang to be able to fight scary monsters with full confidence he needs to prove his strength to others and himself (mostly himself). Wolfgang must use heavy objects in the world to show everyone (especially himself) that he is worthy of the strongman title. Objects like boulders, beefalo, sculptures and maybe even pigmen can be deadlifted into the air when mighty. (Probably give this ability a cool down or a hunger requirement) This gives Wolfgang feats of strength which can be used to give him the confidence to fight properly. Otherwise Wolfgang will have an obscene amount of sanity damage (or some other negative) when fighting enemies with no prepared feats of strength. If Wolfgang prepares himself before a big fight by performing multiple feats of strength without using them up he will gain either even more damage for a short time or an initial extremely high damage attack on the next enemy that is hit. The idea is that Wolfgang has to mentally prepare himself to fight the big scary monsters in the world. Another thing to make it so his downside is actually a downside could be that Wolfgang could be very bad at fighting shadow creatures in some way making it an actual threat to his life when he is insane. This sounds like it would be interesting. Hopefully a bit more interesting than just hoarding a bunch of food to fight better.
  8. Well you have to pay extra or own Hamlet to play Wormwood so it shouldn't be surprising that he has considerably less people playing him.
  9. Whenever Wilson get's a rework (assuming he does) I would hope that he get's something involving the meat effigy. Some sort of increased affinity beyond what he has already with his beard. That or some other insane science experiments that would be so illogical to other's that they don't even have the slightest idea how Wilson thought of something so hairbrained. For example something I think that would be very fitting to his character would be creating potions that grant extraordinary abilities maybe even too powerful but at the cost of instantly killing so you'd have to revive to use it or some sort of debuff at the end. Could be based off of failed medical treatments in history with the explanation that they actually did work it's just the side effects of instant death made it impossible to see that it did work.
  10. If I may propose an alternate theory. All doppelgangers are the same person (in game lore) but just at different times of their existence in the Constant. Its established lore that time is really unusual in the Constant so intermingling of different periods of time doesn’t seem far fetched. In all honesty it’s probably easier to go with the multiverse theory to make in game doppelgängers canon though since this take on it has a lot of logic holes.
  11. On the topic of cleaning what if there was a structure that could consume low durability items of any sort that has a chance to give back a small amount of the materials. Just to help get rid of tool/material/armor clutter in bases.
  12. If you are lucky enough to have a reed trap or have a ridiculous amount of tentacles set up as Wickerbottom you could get them to kill them all for you. Just make sure the bishop dies either first or second.
  13. It's probably a bit.ly link to some little tidbit of lore and/or picture.
  14. Prefer this version over the previous mostly because it encourages cooperative play more with the marginal defense reduction against enemies. Personally I did not like the glass cannon effect Wendy previously had on Abigail. The fact that you had to constantly keep your health at the absolute minimum to get the most out of Abigail was not very interesting. It just required extra attention to health to keep going and that is just tedious. If the max damage possible was achieved at like 50 health so that it didn't require CONSTANT attention and backing up to heal just above the minimum health to survive another hit then it would have been better but even then it would pretty much be free extra damage at virtually no cost. So, i'm quite happy with the change back to the time changing her damage. But that's just my opinion. ALSO, any chance some changes to the speed potion could be made? Unless there is some grand use for super fast Abigail that I am unaware of it just seems not useful for any real situation. Maybe some adjustments could be made to allow Abigail to murder birds when the potion is applied or maybe it could drastically increase Abigail's light radius on top of the speed boost to change her into a ghostly lamp.
  15. Walani in DST would be pretty nice. Obviously though like you said she would have to be completely reworked. What if we worked off of Walani's inherent apathy towards things. Basically beefing up her original 10% reduced sanity multiplier for everything and making it actually substantial. Something along the lines of a much higher resistance towards all sanity effects when some threshold is met. Maybe it could be based off of how hungry Walani is or maybe even have it so that this resistance only occurs when her sanity is above say 75%. This would enable her to more effectively use insanity inducing items but only if given a little preparation. Walani could get like a 60% resistance to sanity reduction in exchange for some of her hunger or something like that. They would have to make more items that are actually useful but consume sanity type of items though to make it actually a really useful ability. Also the ability to more freely travel through the water with her surfboard would be pretty sweet. I can't see how it would be all that overpowered since there isn't much going on in the ocean at the moment.