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  1. Taming more creatures

    It'd be neat if you could befriend the same pigs/bunnymen a bunch of times and eventually have them specialize in specific tasks in a similar way to taming beefalo.
  2. This but literally just rag time forever. lofi old timey radio - beats to starve/suffer to
  3. Dumpster for Lore

    So, some lore bits off the top of my head that a lot of people seem to be unaware of. Wickerbottom had a cat at some point that is more than likely dead or lost or something. She is apparently upset about it. Willow mentions a character named Walter when examining watermelons that is not referenced anywhere else in examinations or the ARG things Klei does. She implies that he is a smart guy and is also a jerk. Since his name starts with W there is a really good chance that the next new character could be him. WX is shorthand for weather in morse code. Fitting since WX-78 is one of the few characters that has abilities heavily based on weather. WX-78 is not aware of what a cat is and is confused by the shoehorn trinket which implies that he did not spend a great deal of time outside of the constant. For some reason Willow is the only one that seems to have any idea what a hairdryer is. That's all i've got for the moment. I'll add more if I think of more.
  4. Walani in DST would be pretty nice. Obviously though like you said she would have to be completely reworked. What if we worked off of Walani's inherent apathy towards things. Basically beefing up her original 10% reduced sanity multiplier for everything and making it actually substantial. Something along the lines of a much higher resistance towards all sanity effects when some threshold is met. Maybe it could be based off of how hungry Walani is or maybe even have it so that this resistance only occurs when her sanity is above say 75%. This would enable her to more effectively use insanity inducing items but only if given a little preparation. Walani could get like a 60% resistance to sanity reduction in exchange for some of her hunger or something like that. They would have to make more items that are actually useful but consume sanity type of items though to make it actually a really useful ability. Also the ability to more freely travel through the water with her surfboard would be pretty sweet. I can't see how it would be all that overpowered since there isn't much going on in the ocean at the moment.
  5. [concept] IRL tournaments?

    The fact that you and I somehow sync'd up responding to a post that was made about 9 hours ago to literal seconds apart from each other is astounding to me.
  6. [concept] IRL tournaments?

    Trouble in Terrorist Town Its a thing I think was started in Gmod where there are several regular players and only one randomly selected traitor who’s goal is to kill everyone in some way or another. The thing that makes it interesting is nobody but the traitor knows who the traitor is.
  7. [concept] IRL tournaments?

    If they added a TTT gamemode maybe it could be done. Although it would have to simplify the game a significant amount to reduce a single match to like 20 minutes instead of the like 10 hours to complete a full year.
  8. What would you do?

    More insect creatures like say a Mammoth. A moth and a mammoth put together. Definitely would just make things harder but at the same time also add useful items set pieces like say a hot spring with those Asian monkeys sitting in them.
  9. If you could refuel it at all that would be more than enough to make me use it more. Although I wouldn't say no to infinite durability. It's just annoying that if you have a lighter that is low durability you either have to just toss it or carry around an extra in case it runs out during a critical time. Both options are infuriating since the the former just puts junk in the world you have to see every time you pass it and the latter wastes an inventory space.
  10. What about mounted beefalo? I’m pretty sure they attack slower as well.
  11. Slurpers seem like they would be pleasant to squeeze. Either they would have course unpleasant hair or are so poofy that they’re like a pillow.
  12. How do you feel about Winona now?

    If it were limited to say level 1 science items and below I think it'd be a neat perk without making it game breaking. Even if it was just 1/4 it'd be a useful perk. To make it a bit more interesting and fitting for her character what if this reduction only applies if you're making multiple of the same item with the reasoning being that she's using leftover materials from the previous items to be more efficient.
  13. Unless you’re intentionally trying to attract treeguards (especially poison birchnuts) chop trees as beaver form. I’m pretty sure they made beaver form have 0% chance of treeguards or just a really low number.
  14. When I was ruin diving I tried to use my batbat on Hutch to heal myself. He was in pufferfish mode and I instantly died.
  15. Why isn't it centered on the turf? It hurts so much please center it either in the middle of the turf or in between 4 turfs.