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  1. Personally I think Webber's problem is that his late game potential is really meh compared to the other characters. Amassing an enormous amount of spider dens for protection, spider glands, silk, and monster meat are things you can do late game but there are other better options and realistically three out of the four resources spiders provide will never be needed in excess. That and every single character in the game can do what Webber can in a slightly less efficient manner with the spider queen hat. He really needs something to unique to justify playing later in the game since he's so overshadowed by other options. That or spider resource intensive recipes need to be added into the game so that the excess spider stuff he can amass actually has a purpose other than looking pretty in a chest.
  2. Just an idea

    If the game saved known recipes in a similar way to the gorge then I would be all for it.
  3. Wendy Flowers and Abigial Flowers

    Guest of honor Wendy's flower definitely looks like a lily like you said. Gladiator Wendy's flower looks kind of like red feathers to me. But it's hard to tell because there isn't much detail in it. You could take some creative liberties here and just do either some sort of flower or feathers as it's practically impossible to tell otherwise. Victorian Wendy's flower could be the dark red roses that are on the mourning veil skin that comes with the Wendy Funko. That or it could be made to look like a small bouquet of flowers that would typically be seen being placed by graves to respect the dead. Magmatic Wendy's flower could just be a regular flower but as time goes by it appears to start smoldering until it is releasing little embers when its ready or it could start off as a small golden ornament with ash inside of it in which Abigail's flower will bloom out of kind of the pheonix reborn kind of thing going on.
  4. That's just a problem with survival games in general. They are games that test your ability to retain and put knowledge you've acquired to use. Once you've experienced enough of the game and acquired enough knowledge it's no longer challenging. Inserting unpredictable threats wouldn't make the game more fun just infuriate people.
  5. What about the new Character ?

    I'm pretty sure they said that one of the new characters were going to appear in both DS and DST for free. Pretty sure Wagstaff is this character. EDIT-- I can't find where they said this for the life of me so if someone knows what i'm talking about and can link it please do so I know that i'm not making things up. EDIT-- "We also felt it’s been awhile since we added a new character for all our base game fans, so one of these characters will be free to all Don’t Starve owners!" So this is what I read in the Hamlet Roadmap so it seems I may have read into things a bit and thought that "all Don't Starve owners!" applied to DST as well. Apologies to anyone that I may have misled.
  6. Wouldn't mimics fit ds/t?

    When I found out there were treasure chests in Shipwrecked I was fully expecting mimics to appear among the vast amounts of treasure chests. I was disappointed. At least we've got the polar opposite of a mimic. Chester, after just starting the game and finding Chester I think most people (me included) assumed he was trying to murder us when in reality he's cute and docile.
  7. [Game Update] - 327257

    DIVININGROD = GENERIC = "Ha! Haha! It's my PR-76!", MAXWELLPHONOGRAPH = "Ah, the Gramophone ML-77. I know it well." ROBOT_PUPPET = "Is that...? But it couldn't be!" KNIGHTBOAT = "Amazing! I ran into many difficulties waterproofing my automaton." SUNKEN_BOAT_TRINKET_1 = "Ah. It needs a DR356X001.", (WX-78'S quote of same trinket) "OF COURSE IT'S BROKEN, IT'S MISSING A DR356X001" I think it's safe to say that Wagstaff was definitely the one who created WX-78.
  8. [Game Update] - 327257

    Here's a quick look at Wagstaff and Wheeler for all those who can't check for themselves yet. There's some stuff that i've realized is wrong but I hate dealing with the spoiler tags so i'm just gonna leave it as it is. Sorry.
  9. silly drawings i make

    I don’t know why I found this so funny. Lol
  10. If the afflicted crops could respawn in some part of the world then I wouldn’t mind it but at the moment once something is diseased you’ve lost it forever with no legitimate way to get it back. The lack of renewability of these plants is what makes me turn it off.
  11. Nope, same thing with backpacks.
  12. So, originally pigmen and bunnymen could be befriended by a Webber if they dodged the first attack and gave them their respective food gifts. Now for whatever reason only bunnymen can be befriended with the dodge and gift method. Pigmen will attack on sight a Webber/Wortox regardless of if they have been given meat gifts.
  13. Ah well that’s a shame. I’ll just unspool it for later then.
  14. So I got an elegant head for Winona and was going to sell it on the steam market as I already have two of the same head but for some reason it isn't showing up in my steam inventory? After I realized this I also noticed that none of my other Winona heads were appearing in my inventory either. Is there something going wrong or are the characters that are being reworked no longer going to appear on the steam market?
  15. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    If hound waves were to become more challenging a way to delay it without having to actually fight them would be nice as well. Something similar to the volcano shrine in Shipwrecked but with hounds would be excellent. A chocolate fountain or something that delays hounds depending on how much food is sacrificed to it? (Or something else)