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  1. Last time I tried it it didn't work at all so unless something has changed I do not think so.
  2. Pudgy beefalo could produce higher quality manure that could be used for farming.
  3. Klei doesn't mind as long as you aren't monetizing the game.
  4. All of Warly's dishes could be considered "soul food" and restore lost max health. Would be a neat little buff to Warly that would not really do anything for experienced players but would make Warly WAAAY more useful on public servers or private servers with newbie friends.
  5. If it works like that then rotten fish every time you start de-blooming would be way easier to do early game and would be easier to store in large amounts in the inventory.
  6. Really? Does that mean it's more efficient to fertilize as soon as you start deblooming?
  7. Depending on the quality of your printer this shouldn’t be too hard to print. Especially with good support structures. The spiked moss may have issues printing nicely though since it comes to a sharp point but otherwise really neat!
  8. Now, I have a question. How does underground farming work? Do farms register seasons underground at all? As in, the seasonal desire and likelihood of certain plants? Does the "rain" in Winter water crops? Do farms require sunlight from either the star caller's staff or natural holes like the old variation still? If so do plants die with no sunlight for long periods of time?
  9. New seeds do not seem to be flammable. Also, dragonfruit plants appear to be non flammable as well but.. every other plant is so I assume that is intentional and I think it would be amusing if that trait was pushed over to dragonfruit and dragonfruit seeds as well.
  10. Composters will continue to create compost until completely empty after being burnt. Initially it will show the animation for the burnt bin just fine but after a while when the compost has actually finished up a bit it will visually turn back into an unburnt compost bin. After all the compost has been removed it will not accept any more despite looking completely functional.
  11. One time I made fun of someone who died to bearger and then promptly died to the same bearger that night because I walked into a seawall because of Willow's lighter's short light radius. I have never felt more ashamed.
  12. Willow's perk that increases how much fuel a fire gets from flammables also applies to night lights. Webber can keep a pet rabbit on his person to trigger spiders to come out during the day. It very inconsistently trigger spiders to come out if you place it directly on the webbing but placing it just outside and pushing it into the webbing works always. Moleworms instantly trigger gunpowder when they try to steal it.
  13. Prefer this version over the previous mostly because it encourages cooperative play more with the marginal defense reduction against enemies. Personally I did not like the glass cannon effect Wendy previously had on Abigail. The fact that you had to constantly keep your health at the absolute minimum to get the most out of Abigail was not very interesting. It just required extra attention to health to keep going and that is just tedious. If the max damage possible was achieved at like 50 health so that it didn't require CONSTANT attention and backing up to heal just above the minimum health to survive another hit then it would have been better but even then it would pretty much be free extra damage at virtually no cost. So, i'm quite happy with the change back to the time changing her damage. But that's just my opinion. ALSO, any chance some changes to the speed potion could be made? Unless there is some grand use for super fast Abigail that I am unaware of it just seems not useful for any real situation. Maybe some adjustments could be made to allow Abigail to murder birds when the potion is applied or maybe it could drastically increase Abigail's light radius on top of the speed boost to change her into a ghostly lamp.
  14. A reed trap is more than capable of killing the shadow pieces so long as the bishop is either the first or the second to die.
  15. I'm going to put meat in a blender and nobody can stop me.