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  1. spooky bosses

    smh how could have we forgotten about the red cap
  2. oh cool wes stuff, thanks klei oh wortox is neat too
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    new meme format k thanks bai
  4. maybe this helps i dunno
  5. to anyone wondering still if no flex tape is still a thing somehow and no im not linking the discord
  6. heres some more speculation: Both generators will have different radiuses. If you connect multiple machines to a single generator it will reduce how long it runs. So say it's connected to 2 machines on a regular generator, it will run for half a day due to the regular one being able to work for a day.
  7. Actual post: This is what my assumption is of how the spotlights work.
  8. o h c o o l n i t r e i s c o o l a n d u s e f u l n o w
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    i requested for this to be made its sans peter from klei being killed by wes, the god that he is
  10. the truth is, wagstaff was on a business trip for years which is why he couldn't show up in the constant since the start game theory?
  11. Attention fellow Hollow Knight fans, HYPE
  12. Here is some stuff from my new world: I don't know what this guy's plan was Floating Mushroom: My epic gamer kitchen: