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Mac fullscreen issues

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build: 255151 macOS 10.12.6

These issues are quite old, but since I haven't seen them reported, and they are quite a nuisance...

  • Using the in-game fullscreen option hijacks all user input from the window manager - it becomes impossible to eg. show desktop, switch spaces or even switch to another application using cmd+tab.
  • I normally work around the above issue by using the OS-native fullscreen (green window control button since OS X 10.10). The problem then is, that hitting Esc exits the fullscreen (many apps do this, but I think it should be possible to disable this, as Safari does not leave fullscreen when Esc is pressed).

Steps to Reproduce
1- Enable in-game fullscreen, then try to show the desktop 2- Enable full-screen via green window button, then hit Esc

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