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  1. For completeness' sake (found this thread when searching for 'how to change season length after worldgen'): The various values from the worldgen season settings screen are: noseason, veryshortseason, shortseason, default, longseason, verylongseason. Changing TheWorld.topology and saving does not update the saveindex, or leveldataoverride.lua files - if you regenarete the world (everybody dies in survival, etc.) the new world will have the original season lengths.
  2. AIUI, Costume Collection items are normally available during the Halloween event (not quite sure they're unavailable outside the event, or just have very low chance given the total number or items). Could be either from a drop (very lucky indeed), or from a Trade Inn exchange.
  3. How exactly did you implement this? Time-based durability screams "perishable component" and if that't the case, then recharge can be simply changing the localPerishMultiplier to a negative value.
  4. So I noticed this in debugkeys.lua: AddGameDebugKey(KEY_I, function() if TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_CTRL) and TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_SHIFT) then TheInventory:Debug_LocalGift() return true elseif TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_CTRL) then TheInventory:Debug_ForceHeartbeatGift("") return true elseif TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_SHIFT) then c_spawn("researchlab") return true end end) but hitting the key combinations just crashes the game, with neither of TheInventory methods existing (attempt to call method ... a nil value). Am I missing something here? Was this dropped at some point, or is it just unavailable in the public stable steam build?
  5. That must be the slot for her personality cartridge :P
  6. World IDs are strings, and if you're going to pair portals with inequal IDs then you also need to specify true for the permanent parameter: ..SetDestinationWorld("3",true). Also, your other command... ..should be ..SetReceivedPortal("2",11) Also, you can verify how the portal is set with print(c_find("cave_entrance"):GetDebugString()) Better yet, run this in each shard to verify if what you think is configured is actually configured: for k, v in pairs(Ents) do if v.components.worldmigrator ~=nil then print(v.components.worldmigrator:GetDebugString()) end end
  7. @Portmanteau I'd be perfectly happy with a smaller fix - making the game save state immediately after entering another layer and Updating that layer. Force-quitting and death sequence overrides are unfortunately a fact of life for many DS players unwilling to give up rollbacks from DST, myself included. As the game is now, it's leaving its data in an inconsistent state for up to 1 game day after any layer traversal. What were the devs thinking...™
  8. osx_steam, 379591. I think the world tested is Shipwrecked-compatible RoG, but this code is identical in all versions AFAIK. With ActionQueue, I noticed what looks like a subtle bug in the game. Wolfgang's transformations (specifically powerdown) cause the stategraph to enter their respective states, and then unconditionally go into idle state - basically, Wolfgang stops whatever he's doing. However, wolfgang's buffered action doesn't get failed or cleared, so this action just hangs around until the player makes another SG transition that clears it (typically by moving). State{ name = "powerdown", tags = {"busy"}, onenter = function(inst) inst.Physics:Stop() inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("powerdown") end, onexit = function(inst) end, events= { EventHandler("animover", function(inst)"idle") end), }, }, Actionqueue merely fetches an action using PlayerController:GetClickActions() and submits it back using PlayerController:DoAction(). The latter checks if the action submitted is the same as the one in the bufferedaction field, and returns immediately if the activity (PICK, HARVEST, etc.) and target match. function PlayerController:DoAction(buffaction) if buffaction then if self.inst.bufferedaction then if self.inst.bufferedaction.action == buffaction.action and == then return; end end ... So what happens is that AQ submits "the same" action (it picks the action for the closest target, so of course it submits the same action if the previous fails for some reason), DoAction returns without doing anything, and the cycle repeats. Of course, the effect (idle SG state with non-nil buffered action, character not doing anything) is observed without the mod as well, though it's extremely easy to miss as moving or clicking another actionable target rectifies the issue.
  9. $TITLE, 407516 osx_steam. Seen on client-hosted game with no server mods (and about 10 client mods), and on a dedicated server (linux) with some server mods. Crashes regardless of how the thing catches fire - hound fire, roaming dragonfly (mod), torch. Pity the foolish Wendy main that decided to stay around the gym when the fire nation hounds attacked.
  10. Check here if the combination you're trying is detected by hardware - most keyboards typically aren't wired to detect arbitrary combination of alphanumeric keys pressed (outside of WASD), but 2 should definitely be within the capabilities of almost every keyboard.
  11. I'm well aware the action is available on everything, but every other attempt where the skin doesn't actually change results in a silent swish of the tool, no visual effect on the target, and the player's character voicing some variant of "can't do that". The game already has to treat characters as a special case (since the skin doesn't change, even on spawned characters - I do have Wes skins in my inventory), might as well remove the spurious sound/visual effect.
  12. $TITLE. Build 406832 osx_Steam The sweep action results in the sound and visual effects, but doesn't actually change anything.
  13. $TITLE. macOS + some generic PC mice (Tracer Flipper RF, DELL Laser mouse) Buttons work as expected in other software (Chrome), and are detected in various input event debug/remapping tools (Currently using Karabiner-Elements to work around the limitation)
  14. LOL, can you actually sail off with the sinkhole?