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  1. Arrgh, this cursed fortune of mine... Today:
  2. Interesting - I got the Stolen heart back during the Valentine day's login reward last year or whenever it was, and on the redeem page, I can also redeem it again. Which is strange, because other things which I have but didn't redeem as a reward on the account page (eg. swoon emote, a Valentine's login reward way back) are marked as redeemed already. Definitely let Klei support know, IMHO this is a glitch in the Klei account portal. Then there's this in the checklist, maybe @Instant-Noodles has some info? Is this supposed to be a different skin? Wouldn't be the first time Klei reused the same texture for another skin, it would be the first time they reused the actual name EDIT: Oh, I read Instant's update from last week, and this is the likely cause: So if I'm reading that correctly, your items will split and you'll have 1 timeless and 1 loyal. Still, if you find this pointless, it's better to contact Klei support sooner rather than later, maybe they'll revert the transaction.
  3. What item is this, a Streaming drop or something else loyal? You can probably ask Klei support to fix it, assuming it's a bug.
  4. Depends on what skin you have in mind. There are 2 major "skin economies" in DST - the tradable skins, which you can purchase on the steam market. You would buy (or trade) the skin you want to gift, then open a trade with your friend where you put the gifted skin and take nothing. The other major economy are the weavable skins - the skins themselves are not tradable. Almost all of these weavable skins are obtainable as part of in-app-purchasable packs, but, AFAICT, these packs are still not tradable or giftable. Some of these packs are available on the Steam store as "DLCs" - finally, these are giftable. However, note that this applies only to "DLC" packs - there are "bundles" which represent some of the larger packs (Magma, Gorge, etc.), and AFAIK, these are not giftable - you would need to purchase the individual DLC within them. Oops, nevermind - bundles are giftable, as long as you are buying all of the contents.
  5. Agree that beefalo caving is awesome (welcome back, Wendy), but wormhole traveling has always been a thing, thanks to beefalo horn - though a bit tricky if other herds were around.
  6. Careful with those dates. DS (base): 2013 DS RoG: 2014 DS SW, DST: 2016 DS Hamlet: 2019 Don't Stave base game is gone. You can play "DS" with modern version of Don't starve, but it's just the RoG/Shipwrecked/Hamlet engine trying its best to impersonate the original. (Hello, palm trees in adventure mode, and moleworms!). Expecting updates for a 2019 release is hardly unreasonable. This is getting well off track, into the weeds of planning software development - in the end, I trust Klei to choose what's best for their development team and their long-term strategy. But who knows what that ends up being? As a player of both, I'd love if the games' engines were, if not the same, at least benefitting from each other's development. TBH, I wouldn't mind too much if my DSA purchases were turned into DST "solo-mode DLCs" if DST got the creature comforts of single-player - pausing.
  7. We're talking about a game by Klei, right? Not an operating system by Microsoft, game console by Sony, online service by Google, or a phone from Apple - no point in denying the product's shortcomings. :P
  8. Off the top of my head: day count desync on crash/force-quit beefalo attack being "hidden" - attacking while having a weapon equipped uses the weapon for damage and durability putting down fences/gates/wall has your character often ending up on the the wrong side of the enclosure single hound appearing whenever you exit caves sea/sky-worthy being placable in both caves and ruins, breaking the day count when the player returns visibility in lights-out mode depends on if you load the game (or enter world) on full moon; doesn't change as the actual day comes and goes nightmare creatures dropping fuel on despawn, not just death More:
  9. Oops, my bad... Still conditioned to think "ports" = Mac and Linux, ie. my platforms.
  10. Non-gameplay: The introduction of unlimited save slots was nice, but now it's unclear which save is which number in the save directory. Then again, that's only an issue because... ... dedicated servers are not manageable from the client. Would love to have a "manage" screen within the menu. configure mods, change world settings, adminlist/bans etc. without having to either shift files from a player-hosted game folder, and/or enter the game, mess with console commands, etc. IPv6. v4 is a dead end. Especially in the "emerging markets". *cough* Tencent *cough* Tall screens are back! Don't punish players on 16:10 or 3:2 by just clipping the viewing angle - at least let me see further into distance. Gameplay: Re-do friendly clockworks so they are more useful. Wouldn't mind a canonical way to halt/suspend the monster meat spam (hounds, worms) in long-running worlds. I see your "seafaring" response, and am curious to see how viable sea-basing turns out. Combat targeting. At no point do I want to prioritise a slurtle mound over a depth worm chomping my butt. Almost the same applies to lureplant. Trying to utilise spiders as Webber is just painful without mods fixing this. Night hands coming in from where I can't chase them away (in caves) Regrowth putting stuff too close to collision-enabled entities. Animals used to be able to consume salt licks from beyond enclosure walls, has that been fixed? And speaking of salt licks, unloaded beefalo will only consume one, then go feral even when there are more salt licks in the area.
  11. *notices the studio announcement this morning* Oh, so that's what that was all about. *goes back to sifting though the trading forums, noticing the influx of users pledging to abandon DST and trading out their entire DST inventory*
  12. Source(s) for the apple arcade exclusivity terms? It would explain why Munch's Oddysee didn't get the Mac version on Steam despite there being one on the Mac App Store.
  13. @Mx-Pain, @Crestwave It seems to me you guys are still conflating Stagehand (the hammer-able mob that drops the blueprint), and the End Table, the craftable structure. Stagehand: is a mob, doesn't get destroyed by hammering; it isn't smashable, and is therefore immune to deerclops, rooks, bearger, antlion sinkholes, etc. drops blueprint every time it's hammered 86 times without pausing for >15 seconds (this way, you can get the blueprints for >1 player) comes with its own rose flower, which is permanent and cannot be changed cannot be reskinned with endtable skins End Table: craftable structure, unlocked by blueprint from Stagehand burns, doesn't move, hammering it 4 times drops half of the resources can be decorated with petals, glowberries, etc. - these will be displayed until they turn to rot has skins available
  14. Have you installed steamcmd as instructed in the first post? I assume that's where you got the run_dedicated... script from. The error message means it's not finding the steamcmd directory. If you installed it elsewhere, you'll need to edit the script to reflect that. If you installed steamcmd through something like homebrew, and your steamcmd launches from PATH (and don't want to have a copy dedicated for don't starve use), you'll need to edit the script significantly to work around the developers' assumptions. Personally, I made my own script, so I can run whatever dedicated server I want without having to edit the file, but it does require that GNU screen is installed, and intentionally doesn't update mods on startup. See here.