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  1. I recently started using the Mac dedicated server build, moving in from Linux. @fe_quirino did you try listing just LAN servers? (The server should show up even if your DST client and the dedicated server are running on the same machine). I'm also getting the "SteamGameServer_Init failed" error (and the server isn't listed in the global listing), but never paid much attention to it - I always connect via LAN listings, and friends connect by joining game, which works. Skin drops also work. This does seem like a bug in the mac build (a repeat of similar bugs seen on windows and linux alike). Can you report the issue in the bug tracker?
  2. @json_gbriel I'm not too familiar with the original guide or AWS EC2 - your ls output suggests the dedicated server app didn't get installed. Wasn't there something else in the script output besides the missing bin directory? The script references ./ but there's no such script in your directory. No idea where you're supposed to get this. The command syntax in the script suggests it's the normal steamcmd executable.
  3. Speaking of marble shrubs, are they still immune to Wickerbottom's farming book? If so, why?
  4. I'm looking at the price, and all I'm seeing is someone offloading their rare skin into the market to stop random public-inventory-passers-by from asking if they would trade it. Nothing to see here. Now, why are there only 2 for sale, and what the current drop rates are "supposed" to be, and if that's what's actually happening, that's a relevant question. Are Klei more competent than Microsoft? Well, I hope so...
  5. @HobbyLev - my recommendation: Do NOT trade common skins. Trade classy AND spiffy. Has anyone actually got spiffy or higher from common trade-ins? I found that with classy and spiffy, there's 40-50% chance to get a halloween skin 1 rarity level higher than the default. Interestingly, when the rarity level wasn't higher than default, the skin also wasn't from the costume collection. So to get the costume tops (ie. the distinguished skins), you need to trade classies, trading only spiffies won't get them.
  6. I don't understand this. How do you "make dedicated server settings in the client"?
  7. I assume this was from a spiffy trade? Have you noted/can you share the percentages of the various trade outcomes, particularly for the lower rarities? (default, 1 level higher, 2 levels higher, etc.) I just traded in my classies (6 trades in total), and the result was 50-50 (heirloom distinguished vs. generic spiffy) - even better than expected Now I'm curious about the common trade outcomes...
  8. Hello, is anyone using the trade-inn with classy skins on a larger scale? (15+ trades since this event started) Some quick math tells me, assuming last year's drop rates (30% chance to get distinguished costume from classy trade) apply to this event as well, with the current heirloom conversion, it would be (slightly) more profitable to roll classy skins in the trade in and scrap the heirloom distinguished than to scrap the classy skins for spools directly.
  9. I don't think Klei publishes the probabilty information, best you can do is lurk around the forums. I took count during my trades: Outcomes (24 spiffy rolls): 10x costume elegant (41.7 %) 9x generic (no collection) distinguished (37.5%) 1x rose distinguished (4.2%) 4x linecook distinguished (16.7%)
  10. Yes. My first spiffy trade in this year's event: Didn't take screenshot of every trade outcome, but roughly 40-50% of spiffy trades output elegant. Strangely, the distinguished skins dropped by spiffy trades are never from the costume collection...
  11. See subject. <=> Offering other costume collection elegants which I don't have yet is also fine. Trade link JSON inventory
  12. Literally my first roll in this event: Heirloom creepy cauldron (from spiffies) Gonna roll my spiffies now, just in case these heirloom drops were not intended by Klei... :P Outcomes (24 spiffy rolls): 10x costume elegant (41.7 %) 9x generic (no collection) distinguished (37.5%) 1x rose distinguished (4.2%) 4x linecook distinguished (16.7%) @MilesUpshore Interesting - apparently to get the costume body skins, I have to roll the classies, spiffies drop anything but.
  13. Thanks. Classy and common exchanges probably won't tell me the interesting bits (which collection, if any, is targeted for distinguished/elegant drops), but there's something you could tell me - can you estimate the %-age of "higher-than-default-rarity outcome of trade inn exchange"? Last year, I rolled a ton of classies and spiffies that dropped from those, and with both rarities, the outcome's rarity was 1 level higher than default in about 30% of the cases, much higher than outside the event. I was collecting cheap spiffies throughout the year to get my hands on some elegants this year, but with the Costume collection being converted, I have no idea if I should even go ahead with the rolling.
  14. On a related note - now that costume collection was converted, is there a reason to roll at the trade-inn during this event? I see the price of spiffies rising a bit, would be cool if the increased odds were get but now got you items from the other collections. I'll take that bet and collect my winnings - Developer's fee on the steam market is 10% and rounded up to nearest ยข. Not sure about Klei store, but in-game shop definitely doesn't net all the revenue to Klei, it's provided through Steamworks, and would be subject to those fees. Can't find an authoritative info, but chances are good some 30% goes to Valve.
  15. @Wardin25, these offers are still open, interested in any of them? Obviously you can pick multiple skins.