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  1. OSX_Steam Werewilba is able to descend the volcano... and you know what that means!
  2. Video: "Hamlet early access - beta branch - in development." Welcome, time traveler. You're running a very old version, methinks. Please update the game.
  3. Version: steam mac 379591 Hat tip to u/broitsgonnabechill on reddit. Nasty spear traps, a.k.a. pig_ruins_spear_trap, will leave the mentioned entry in the Morgue. As funny as that is, it leaves some players bewildered as the name is not used in the game - an untriggered trap has the NOCLICK tag set.
  4. Version: steam mac 379591 $SUBJECT - it's apparently only a graphics glitch - having tested with a damage indicator mod, I'm still dealing the proper werewilba damage, and the item does not lose durability if attacking/working - in fact, I don't even need to have the actual item in my inventory. Is also triggered by horn (tested), and I imagine dripple pipes. If anyones curios, torch will not provide light this way If there is no last held item (after reload), Werewilba will still have her hand stretched out as if holding something, but there's nothing.
  5. That's weird... now the "bundle" is available as a separate DLC? Will that switch to being a regular steam bundle like in the previous collections? I wouldn't call 2017 baroque, but what's the story behind this sitting unreleased for 2+ years? Would-be hallowed nights skin?
  6. Coolmop09's trading thread

    That's not tradable.
  7. @1jona This would have made the listing a lot easier to work with: Your json link: I'm pretty sure some of those duplicates are not even tradable. (hoarfrost tunic, hollow trunk...) I still see 2 of each there...
  8. Not sure if this is the same as the many bugs already reported on sealnado (some being marked known issues), but with Werewilba it happens almost every time (4/5 attempts) - hold F to keep attacking the twister while it's getting ready for the vacuum attack. The character goes into the vacuumedheld state, but never exits. Twister behaves as if the character has left, roaming around the area. Reloading fixes the issue, but that's hardly desirable.
  9. I went with the last idea, seems to work fine (with actually holding alt in the Mac version of the game): AddComponentPostInit("playeractionpicker", function(self, inst) self.GetLeftClickActions = function(self,a,b) if TheInput:IsControlPressed(CONTROL_FORCE_INSPECT) and ActionQueuer and ActionQueuer.action_thread then return self:GetRightClickActions(b,a) else return self:GetClickActions(b,a) end end end)
  10. Apparently, there's an issue with Windows builds of DST and DS, where if one alt-tabs out of the game, with default keybinds, the game in background will continue to see the Alt (CONTROL_FORCE_INSPECT) pressed down until it regains focus. (I can't really tell on the Mac, as the cmd key cannot be assigned to a control at all, and Alt-tab obviously doesn't task-switch away from the game). This is a problem for me because it causes playeractionpicker:GetClickActions to shuffle the actions around from left-click to right-click etc. In eXiGe's DST version of ActionQueue Reborn, he fixed this by overriding components/playercontroller:IsControlPressed method to not report the Alt key as pressed when an action queue was active. The question is, how to put this in singleplayer? The method in DS is in TheInput, which I assume is an instance of the class in input.lua, so I thought something like this would work: AddClassPostConstruct("input", function(self) DebugPrint("AQR: AddClass - Input") local InputIsControlPressed = self.IsControlPressed self.IsControlPressed = function(self, control) DebugPrint("AQR: InputIsControlPressed override") if control == CONTROL_FORCE_INSPECT and ActionQueuer and ActionQueuer.action_thread then return false end return InputIsControlPressed(self,control) end end) ... but it doesn't even execute the first function, judging by the lack of the first debugprint output. What do I need to do to override methods in TheInput? Or is overriding Input methods a dead end, and I should find another solution? (I'm thinking of ignoring the Alt in the playeractionpicker, by returning rightclick actions to a query for left-click actions, when the "AQ running" condition is met.)
  11. Do you have the Hamlet DLC? Wheeler's Pew-matic horn (prefab: trusty_shooter) should be pretty close to what you're looking for.
  12. I haven't figured out when the game manages to "get it right" after reload. Simple save/quit + relaunch doesn't work, regardless if the chest ents are loaded or sleeping. Maybe it's something more complicated and involves the periodic saving, and/or travelling to another world (Volcano in my case)?
  13. As for spawning mobs, I'd look at Wicker's books how to do that. Only if you actually include the required files (prefabs, any components, anims, etc.) in the mod itself.
  14. Fun fact: you only need to change the version string - you can rollback an older version if needed, or have completely alien versioning sequence.
  15. Is it expected/unavoidable that the browser eats CPU for several seconds (at least 3) after pasting in the JSON? (~800 items in inventory). And also when loading the textarea screen if a JSON string was previously loaded. @Instant-Noodles, could you set spellcheck=false on the text area, and disable/adjust word wrapping, if possible?