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  1. Details: TL;DR: Check server log and ensure that SteamGameServer_Init succeeds. New/updated mods do require their own directory. Copying them under the old directory may work around the issue in the point above, but this will come back to bite you when the mods are updated. I strongly recommend deleting the updated mods from the legacy directory and using strictly the new mod directory for those. Use the --ugc_directory to point the server to whatever directory you like. Yes, I was confused too at first - you keep using the "workshop-<mod-id>" keys in the modoverrides, even for new/updated mods. No need to change anything here.
  2. Not sure what @W0l0l0 meant, but being able to undo weaving means that anyone with enough spools can "borrow" skins for a month at no long-term cost. Sure, wardrobe skins would go away with the undo, but any crafted belongings would stay in the world (AFAICT the game doesn't keep track of which player account crafted/skinned each item - I kept my survivor crock pots long after I traded that skin away). There would be little point in buying belonging skins for items with no limit on use (cane, pighouses, bunny hutches, chests, firepits...), at least for people who mostly play for the long-haul and stay in one world.
  3. What is the reason for this? Do the settings get lost when cave_entrance is replaced with cave_entrance_open? (Haven't dealt with this in a long time - IMHO if I'm already dealing with each migrator individually, accommodating the commands for different prefabs on a case-by-case basis is not a huge deal) :steamhappy:
  4. You can aways contact Klei support and ask there. I've no idea what their policies are on this, but as developers they are (should be) able to make arbitrary changes to a user's skin inventory, and do see the transaction history on your account. The sooner you contact them, the better.
  5. I've seen "P" and I think this is to distinguish the newly-weavable skins from IAPs (formal/rose/shadow/survivor skins of refreshed characters, and costume collection) from the original tradable skins, that became heirlooms. I'm not sure I've seen "D" - can you give an example?
  6. You have the weavable filter enabled.
  7. Presenting: Don't Starve 2077, now with hoverbeefalo!
  8. Picked up the good-old RoG recently. I heard about people duplicating Abigail, didn't realise Chester was also at risk
  9. Still didn't get him as of build 463073. The timer is paused when players enter the game. Fixed it manually by issuing this in the forest: TheWorld.components.worldsettingstimer:ResumeTimer("bearger_timetospawn") To check if this is causing in your world, issue: c_announce(TheWorld.components.worldsettingstimer:GetDebugString()) If the bearger timer is enabled, but paused despite players being in the forest, the command above will fix it.
  10. Anyone else having issues in Chrome v90? (Haven't used the checklist in ~a month, TBH). After pasting in the Steam inventory JSON, the page hangs and dies in a CPU-ignited fire. EDIT: never mind. The page did finish rendering after ~4 minutes. I don't remember it being this slow, especially not after pasting the inventory in. :-/
  11. Curious to see if/how this is fixed. If Abigail were able to cross the land/chasm boundary, player ghosts should too.
  12. About a week ago I had this issue - I was constantly hearing the roars, getting character warnings, but nothing ever happened for the rest of autumn. Haven't reached the next autumn yet. Possible hint: [02:55:34]: ...Sorting edges [02:55:34]: ...Connecting nodes [02:55:34]: ...Validating connections [02:55:34]: ...Housekeeping [02:55:34]: ...Done! [02:55:34]: You must first AddTimer before you can start a timer bearger_timetospawn [02:55:34]: You must first AddTimer before you can start a timer bearger_timetospawn Attaching cluster (quite a few mods are in use, but none of them should be making changes to beargerspawner): Cluster_DSTU_1-2021-05-04-stripped.tgz I have yet to actually check with c_countprefabs, but pretty sure bearger is actually missing.
  13. Wow, I didn't realise this (audio device switching) didn't work on Windows either, thought only us minority-platform-users were left in the dark silence. FWIW, DST on Mac does switch audio output device.. when its current device is yanked from the system (disconnect BT speaker, USB headphone, etc.). Eventually it's stuck on the builtin sound card and it's time to restart the game.
  14. Ask your friend to load the backup without starting the cluster, and check the contents of {Master,Caves}/save/session/<some_id> - you should see: The ID may (and likely will) differ between the shards - that's OK Each shard should only have 1 session within each session folder, you should have 5 pairs of files (or 'number of snapshots', if you changed that), named with consecutive numbers, like: 0000002515 0000002515.meta 0000002516 0000002516.meta 0000002517 0000002517.meta 0000002518 0000002518.meta 0000002519 0000002519.meta and also a folder for each player that ever entered the cluster/shard. The player folder should also contain file pairs like <number> and <number>.meta, but the number may differ from the number of snapshots, and may not be consecutive - as long as there's at least one pair, that player should have their state saved. If all of these are as I described, and you're still getting a new worldgen when you launch the cluster, check the files again and report what you see. My guess is that saveindex file didn't get backed up (or got corrupted somehow), the game generated a new one, and RNG doesn't hit the session ID it generated last time (of course it doesn't - that's the point of randomness). That's still recoverable - just edit each saveindex to reference you old session IDs.