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  1. Unraveling (the last one of) a skin prevents you form using it until you obtain it again. Wardrobe skins (character head, chest, hands, legs and shoes) will be removed when you next enter a server (any server). Or use the in-game wardrobe, I would expect. Skinned belongings (anything you craft or build in the game) that you've crafted before unravelling will remain, but you won't be able to craft more with the unravelled skin. I'm actually not sure where critters/pets fall into. That's certainly possible, but since you're new to this - keep in mind unravelling will only drop only 1/3rd of the spools used to craft the same skin (or another one of the same rarity). It's only the special heirloom rarities which drop "full" spool value. (The heirloom skins are not weave-able - you can't "buy them" with spools). It has been a while since I unravelled something manually*, but I think there should be a confirmation prompt that tells you how much spool you're getting from your unravel action. * - I use Skin Queue mod, which unravels all woven duplicates with just 2 clicks, and that's about all the unravelling I do, I never unravel marketable skins. For EUR market, I don't think the market prices are worth the spool you're getting, and I don't think there are many other currencies where the "DLC" skin chests would be more expensive than here, making the market prices advantageous.
  2. There's a Chrome extension "Steam Inventory Helper". I've been using it for years to put skins on the market at a known price point (either quick sell all, or set a price and sell each in the whole selection for that price; there's also a mode that checks the current market price and adds/drops a percentage to/from that, but I've never used that.) Note that it's a community extension, not backed by Valve, and there may be bugs ( and there have been in the past). I'd be super careful or skip using it for valuable skins, but for dumping commons on the market it's great. I also have steam mobile authenticator set up, so even if it does screw up, only one listing per day goes without that 2nd check.
  3. Old Wanda can't pick up heavy objects.
  4. Well, regarding system requirements... they're more what you'd call guidelines than rules. :P
  5. I'm seeing the "unrendered world" issue on McMini 6.2 (basically identical first to screenshot in OP). Player.log I'm just about to add the glcore switch and see how that improves things - I doing so only now because the first save after launching the game loads fine, but any subsequent loads results in black world. EDIT: Oh, so the backwall was missing too, I just never noticed. As Fradow posted above, forcing glcore results in a MASSIVE drop in performance. I guess I'll stick with having to relaunch the game between reloads. Also, sometimes the graphics stop updating completely - the game runs (music keeps playing, Esc produces the pausing sound, and clicking in the centre of the screen seems to click on the buttons, but nothing in ONI's window changes). I've had this happen 3 times by now, and I think every time it happened after opening the tech tree (R) or some other full-screen ONI window (colony summary, skill tree). Don't have the logs for this (yet). The OS's window manager remains working fine after this.
  6. Nooooo.. I loved being able to take just a stack of stingers and a hammer, and craft more boat patches while sailing. What am I supposed to do with the boards from boat fragments now? Please consider changing its drop table to drop logs instead.
  7. Recent update, build 499972 - game crashes after entering 4 characters in the mod search textfield. dontstarve_steam_2022-03-24-214734_roberta.crash dontstarve_steam_2022-03-24-214603_roberta.crash client_log_2022-03-24-21-46-32.txt client_log_2022-03-24-21-47-43.txt
  8. Not just character-specific structures, but also unlocked character-specific item recipes (marsh turf) are craftable for another characters without restriction.
  9. Two consecutive elegants last week, lucky...
  10. What did that actually involve, I'm wondering... 16:10 menu screens? :P
  11. Any news on the trade-inn winter-mode drops (chests)? Is it not happening this year?
  12. Apologies if this was addressed in the other thread, but - will we be getting winter's feast chests in the trade-inn this year? (I just made a trade with common skins and only got a tradable classy..)