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KeshS    4281
4 hours ago, Memetan said:

What I ordered.


What I received.


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The true story was that I was holding my wallet when I saw the portrait, but when I saw the In-Game version I just ordered a pizza. :-D


This skin is made quite well. I've seen much worse out of touch portrait vs in game figure. I am quite tempted to buy this bundle.


Sorry for no memes I will just make two memes next time.


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Mike23Ua    8452

(I know Klei has no control over when Shop stuffs will arrive, I just thought this little tired dog was too funny not to make a Meme out of.)


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Wardin25    1020
50 minutes ago, jpmrocks said:

I drew this since non-Wormwood players love representing Wormwood players.


Im not sure bout other people but I complained and am a Wormwood main

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