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  1. Where do you guys build your hamlets?

    Always on the first island, near a pond. I also like to invest a slanty shanty and make myself confortable in town with a berry garden
  2. It is the same as saying "You have to beat the Dragonfly to craft the scalemail, but if you manage to kill the Dragonfly then you probably don't need the scalemail anyway." And I think we all agree that the scalemail is a good item to have Also, endgame or not, you can "cheese" the Ancient Herald like all the other Hamlet bosses by just using the blow darts from the ruins. Yeah sure, to kill him you have to do more than just throwing a coconade for a one hit KO, or hire some pigs, but it's still accessible by various ways That's because you chose to get it in endgame. You could actually rush it in 10 days if you want, like people rush the slanty shanty, Ro-Bin or the key to the city day 2. That's what is really nice with Hamlet, as there is no engame because everything is doable at the beginning if you already know how to do it. Some like it, some hate. I like it personally as it gives a lot of replay value. With the teleportato in Hamlet, that aspect will shine I think.
  3. People acting like Hamlet is a scam might be a little disrespectul for the work achieved and the developpers in my opinion. Jason was maybe a bit quick when he wrote "The Don’t Starve community is one of the best to interact with, so full of passion and enthusiasm for all things in the Constant." While the second part is obviously true, the first one is something to rethink I guess. However, I totally think alike Quartzbeam. Just my two cents.
  4. You got me at Wormwood coming in here The rest is pure bonus
  5. Yeah, but he isn't. Neither with manure or ice.
  6. Thank you so much for pointing out that. I mean, in a RoG year, if I didn't miscalculate, there is 8 hours between the end of a bloom and the beginning of a new one. As it is my preferred mechanic of Wormwood, it always bothered me. So I just go in SW or HAM to profit blooming there. Not ideal.
  7. Oh woah, that could be a surprise for some people that don't know about it and that won't make the connection with RoG I guess.
  8. Being curious, does it also alter the umbrella and add mechanics like wetness and overheating in the vanilla world ?
  9. That is exactly where you are wrong because as you state, "it’s stats say otherwise." I mean, come on, if Klei wanted us to wear it all the time they obviously would not have put its stats as you stated yourself. So, that means it is a backpack with the additionnal perk of having some armor stats (and not the contrary) that you will use in some situations, short or longer with some preparation to keep up your sanity, like easily cooking mushrooms from the mud spa. It is not an item with the purpose to be meta and that you always equip, just like the tam'o shanter and the walking cane, "change my mind". You are dear Sir, exactly right. Because the purpose of the vortex cloak is not to be an armor, not to be above any armor (apart if you want it and have a lot of nightmare fuel) and if you really want to tank something and god knows that you don't have to in this game, just use the night armor. I am not defending at all cost this item, I am just pointing that it isn't useless, pointless like I read. It is the same as some people use the insulation backpack and others don't. It is an alternative item to propose another option in certain situations, as the typical boss drops in RoG did before. I would more understand the complaints if it was directed in that way. But to finish, if for whatever reason you desire a "better" armor thant the night armor, vortex cloak is not and in my opinion should not be that item as it already has some purpose suited to raid ruins as far as I see. And I would not like it being modified for the sake of a new armor nobody really needs and if so anyway it is probably already called the living artifact
  10. On the first point, I do often the mistake too to assimilate bats and RoG. So thanks for the reminder. And on the second point, you clearly taught me something new today. Does someone know if we can plant elephant cactus in the cave clefts ?
  11. I really love those videos. I didn't watch these one from slasher 342, so thanks for putting it
  12. Vortex Cloak need a buff.

    The Hamlet DLC made it so easy to deal high damage from a safe distance : - blow darts from the ruins or the shop - coconade from the shop - the blunderbuss that turns all the boss battles in a one minute perfect ko (sounds overpowered, but just a little less tricky than the basic gunpowder stack + fire staff to be honest) - the staffs or mandrake if really you want to play it really really safe So, I just see the vortex cloak as a safe guard from a failed dodge while using these items. Not a tanking armor, apart for mighty Wolfgang that I suppose would make it worth it as he quickly farms nightmare fuel. 100% protection from an armor that you can easily repair and that has 8 inventory to store items such as mandrake, gunpowder, blunderbuss, lantern, whatever you want / feel like you would need in an emergency case from an incoming boss battle makes it in my opinion a really good item that you won't use for more than 2 minutes in a row anyway. Honestly, I feel like cheating when using the blunderbuss, but when I also put the vortex cloak it is like a godmode. But personally, I prefer to see it as an alternative way to raid ruins, as it combines armor and basic backpack. Use a cowl or moggles, have some nightmare fuel and cooked green mushrooms and basically even with a lot of inadvertance you will not die in the most trapped room of the world. For the rest of the time, I just use the Krampus sack as I don't need any armor.
  13. Whoa, I knew Don't Starve Together got a wild past with some human meat item that had been removed, but this "massage" chair is on a not so far level I feel. Don't Starve has some sour flavor sometimes
  14. You are either showing too much or not enough, dear Sir