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  1. Same, I thought we were gonna witness the end of this man's whole carreer Quick thinking and reaction, almost better than the already great video
  2. Thank you, came for that. Mama Angeline is basically playing Don't Starve on Uncompromising Mode at this point
  3. I am too European to participate in the beta Anyway, this sure takes an interesting take on our beloved Constant ! (Raccoon City. Wait, what ?)
  4. Exactly the same However when playing Wllow, I actually like to be insane for BERNIE.
  5. Is planting a a houndius hootius, a lureplant bulb and waiting 20 minutes the real experience of the game, though ? Is building 30 rabbits hutch and hide 15 minutes in a bush hat the real experience of the game, though ? Is perma freezing and spamming F the real experience of the game, though ? I don't care what you consider the "real experience", but if you do any of the listed one above, you just can't at the same time say things like "stop making the game easier". Bonus point if it is a strategy you didn't think of but got from Youtube or the forum. What's the point for a solo player to have a 10-20 minutes fight with the same kitting pattern and calling it the true experience compared to just scaling the HP and making the fight 5-10 mn long like in DS ? If you kite well, you will even end up using the same resources amount. You are just gonna make the regular fight (Dragonfly, Toad) less tedious on the long run. There is no skills involved once you get the pattern, there is just whether you feel like doing the hit and run for 20 minutes or no. The fact that I feel often that it will be too boring to do for the 4th or 5th time is a kind of a red signal I think. That's the kind of things that could be QOL actually and could change the perception of the game of many.
  6. More importantly to be honest, why would that even matter ? If Klei doesn't announce it that way, just don't think too much about it.
  7. I just noticed, I like the new design of Walter (new shirt and sleeves) and his fearless childish expression. Is it only me or does the moon looks like a terrorbeak ? Return of Them vibes I like that
  8. Woby, the slingshot and those lines below really get my attention Walter sure looks like having a great nomadic playstyle and I can definitely see how my future world with him will be different than the others (firepit and spider nest at key points on the map, forest nearby per example) I was ready to pay for him, but as he's free now I am ready to pay for his skins or belongings'skins. Whatever will be next week
  9. I will be a picky eater just like Warly and answer only about what I liked Playing Warly for something like 1 000 days now, I can tell that it is becoming tedious to farm pepper and garlic, repeating the same tasks : harvest, feed the birds, pray RNGesus to have a good return on investment and plant the seeds. Repeat a lot to increase your stock. I would love to have a Warly craft being a condiment farm. Planting a seed inside will grow only potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, pepper, garlic and onion. With a higher chance of potatoes and tomatoes as it is now. So basically you would use regular farms for regular fruits/vegetables and those ones for Warly exclusive dishes, increasing the actual chances of doing asparagazpacho, moqueca, hot dragon chili salad (currently I will waste no pepper on that one). I never salt my healing dishes to be honest, and any more incentive to do so would be great
  10. It reminds me that the most fun I had in this game since years was to start a solo world in Spring with Wormwood
  11. You just convince me how forbidden this idea really is
  12. Can you elaborate your third point please ? I fail to see how it makes Warly a challenge character. Support =/= challenge Also, it is a bit weird I think to not compare Warly to Wormwood, especially on the first and fourth point. My top challenge character based on difficulties/grinding 1.Wes 2.Wormwood (if you intend to fight bosses) 3. Warly For a top about the fun/reward to actually play them on the long term, just reverse this one.