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  1. As an arachnphob (relieved after the Webber rework that no Webber riding some Spider Queen can come to y base at night), I want to say that I could gladly live with those water spiders I hope however that those spiders will have a different behavior that all those one we know. Maybe a passive mob we could use to lure a new ocean boss ? Or something similar to the jellyfish from SW, that could migrate on water ? Just not some infested area that you have to avoid
  2. Oh yeah right ! Soorry for the inconvenience (I actually read the topic and actually did a research ... Problem was between the chair and the computer I guess )
  3. Who mentioned what and when please ?
  4. Impressive build ! What do you mean by a "Wormwood world" ?
  5. How did that thread reach second page without anybody mentionning garland As a great plant thing said one day, it is
  6. Why do you start the topic talking about time and resources, to end it talking only about a certain part of the resources ? Where is the the whole day you will save (8 mn) fighting a Dragonfly with a Wolfgang ? Weher are the healing and armor saved ? Your demonstration lacks some things imo
  7. I guess he is very hairy But looking at that Emoji, I guess it is more some kind of sleeves ? And the art being maybe not that consistent ? Wouldn't be surprised if it is more about aesthetics and then adapted regarding the situation.
  8. Whatever Them did to the Ancients, it made them S A L T Y enough to transform in thulecite. This is my new cannon
  9. HAYAAAH ! Finally, after 620 cycles, I might achieve to attain (one day) the Super Sustainable initiative. Then I will turn very non sustainable and use all that ethanol and that coal that I have gathered in astronomical quantities. Breath little dupes, breath till the air is pure
  10. I will have to ask my therapist if that bacon Wendy can hurt me or not
  11. Also a meme I just did and I think it will be useful in the future Edit : Tbh, I am starting to think that the two meme will be useful in the future
  12. You can find more of this kind on this tumblr ('t-starve). The artist has something with Wilson, and with skirts too, so beware
  13. Why do I feel like those images existed in the fandom well before this discussion and just happened to fit here, but it is far from their initial purpose