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  1. Because I never said that and didn't understand how you could have transformed what I said ealier in that way. Bad timing to talk about demagogy !
  2. There is a Youtube video I don't know how to find where a player stated that you could beat dragonfly on day 1 with 6 Wolfgang using only battle helmets and hambat. In approximatively 30 seconds. 12 seconds with spicy voltgoat chaud-froid. And there is another video where a bunch of players with notably two Wolfgang and 2 Wendy killed the Bee Queen in less time than that, provoking the hilarity of the streamer. It says a lot about "difficulty" in solo and together. Stating that solo should be more difficult than together is right, but let's take a look at what it actually is before having the talk about "it will be too easy". Just look at where the "too easy" is already. Let's instead discuss about what will be enjoyable, maybe ? Also, why does that matter that only one got the recipe ? You only need one to people know the craft. That's not a real argument.
  3. Whatever Them did to the Ancients, it made them S A L T Y enough to transform in thulecite. This is my new cannon
  4. Exactly what I was afraid to read. Could we not consider the best answer for solo player to overcharge an area with catapults and then go spicy voltgoat chaud-froid full Wolfgang on the boss ? There is already another alive thread on that subject with many players agreeing they don't like the mechanic. For me, I don't like it ONLY for this specific case : people encouraging that behavior to adress subject they consider as a problem and thus closing the discussion to substantial improvements to the game. It is the same as saying "you don't like hounds waves anymore in your megabase world of 5 000 days ? Go Wendy" "don't like to beat Dragonfly for the 100th for its scales ? Go C_spawn" Threads like this one shouldn't end on this kind of advices, IMO.
  5. Are you talking about the broodling skins ? I am not totally sure.
  6. When we will finally open that gate in the archives
  7. Congratulations for your impressive build
  8. Moose/Goose got so much nests and babies she can't properly defend them all at the same time (I guess, never really tried to attack several nests at the same time) And Deerclops is so envious she destroys the nice thing she can't have Yeah that's a bit far fetched
  9. Didn't try myself, but I suppose you could use a beefalo in heat, a catcoon, a charged volt goat, aenemys/toothtrap, killer bees from bee boxes in spring (with a certain configuration with flowers and flowers). I want to try a moleworm farm now and finally toy with catcoon.
  10. Where is Pigmen/Bunnymen/Merms + Bee Queen Hive ? Bee Queen will kill everything, you just have to wait slightly out of her range for her to aggro the other mobs. Honey + Meat/Carrots/Fish + Frog legs Even as Warly you don't need anything else
  11. Yes, it is part of the Crystalline collection and is called the Metamorphosed Flame. Will it come back as a reward costing points ? Time will tell