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  1. I believed too it was a pregnant Wigfrid and I genuinely thought that I didn't mispend my time making that Jésus meme
  2. HAYAAAH ! Finally, after 620 cycles, I might achieve to attain (one day) the Super Sustainable initiative. Then I will turn very non sustainable and use all that ethanol and that coal that I have gathered in astronomical quantities. Breath little dupes, breath till the air is pure
  3. I will have to ask my therapist if that bacon Wendy can hurt me or not
  4. Also a meme I just did and I think it will be useful in the future Edit : Tbh, I am starting to think that the two meme will be useful in the future
  5. You can find more of this kind on this tumblr ('t-starve). The artist has something with Wilson, and with skirts too, so beware
  6. Oh, I remember now, while checking how much calorie a Drecko got while munching a mealwood, I saw the reset mechanic Abud refers above. So I actually made my calcul instead about the phosphorite excreted I wanted per cycle. Sorry for the misinformation, I totally forgot about the way I calculated. Anyway, for what it is, I can at least assure you that in practice (400 cycles) you won't have any trouble with a ratio of 4:8 as for now
  7. I don't have the game open right now, so my explication will be a bit awkward. If you hover your mouse over the diet of a selected critter (click on a live critter, not on the encyclopedia), it will show you the quantity the critter eat of a specific plant or material. I can't recall the percentage per cycle a dreck eat of a mealwood, but I just happened once to think that a 4:8 ratio would be fine for my way to ranch and it fitted perfectly in my stable design But as I am now curious of how I calculated that, I will check later haha
  8. (4 mealwoods for 8 eight glossy dreckos works fine for me )
  9. Why do I feel like those images existed in the fandom well before this discussion and just happened to fit here, but it is far from their initial purpose
  10. Maman Angeline is waifu material now I guess
  11. I don't really know what I am talking about, but, theorically, using a MK3 seed on the Terra asteroid (I think it's the name, the one without traits) should give an almost similar generation I guess. No ? I didn't try it, so I have no clue but just a supposition. Edit : just tried, and I was wrong. Terra add the sea biome and it modifies the generation. To be honest, I am a bit nostalgical of a MK3 map too, and I would like an asteroid that gives the opportunit to play as it, to simplify the processus. I don't even know how to "go to MK3 version to generate the world"
  12. Yeah, Steam success ! 24 of them, for someone as superficial as I am, this will be great fun to unlock
  13. All biomes?

    I came back to say exactly this, you are right I made an oopsie. Just started a new verdante colony, and what a surprise to see some slim biome. Sorry !
  14. Congratulations Klei and everybody ! The trailer gives me some nostalgia. Let's play a new colony to celebrate
  15. LAUNCH!!!

    Thanks ! Go go go