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  1. Warly tastes a dish and tells how many days ago he ate one of the same kind. Wormwood changes bloom's stage faster when wet enough. (Tho those two are lil upgrades and that's not really the aim.) For maximal meme chaos, make it gain some sanity instead
  2. So ... Let's have underutilized mechanics in the game and call it a day ? Because if it was good, people might actually use it ? Just like farming post RWYS I guess. I get your point though. Don't make it too good.. But that's for Klei to adjust.
  3. Could be in the examination quotes of the character, or in the item description of the crafting menu. They tend to be quite vague, I think it would hint well without telling too much.
  4. Lureplant farm exist. Actually, a lot of things can be done differently and not feel as tedious. A lot of activities have an alternate way to complete. What a way to reduce the argument. We don't ask to teleport like Wanda, we wonder why we can't use the telelocation at one of the only moments it would be useful to us. Also, you are talking to a Wormwood player, going in the caves with a coblestones path, blooming and a walking cane. I don't take mailuminescence thought. Still, I go faster than riding a beefalo, so what was your point exactly ? That's what we call a strawman, @Cheggf and @ArubaroBeefalo
  5. Can I like, just burn one vine and bump my own above average tree to have a new one ? Or should I burn the three ? Or is it only for the natural trees in the waterlogged biome ?
  6. What a magnificent straw man. The primary quality of teleportation (or telelocation ingame) is to transport someone. It turns out that for punitive reasons, the developers chose to attach a constraint to it being that a lightning bolt randomly strikes the map on the surface, in order to create a risk if the usage is not thoughtful. Typically, just using the telelocation next to a lightning rod negates this constraint. In caves, lightning is replaced by an earthquake, with similar risks. I think we can assume that it is the shadows that do the telelocation of the characters, not necessarily the lightning. I'll be brutally honest: I haven't used telelocation for years (IRL) so I don't remember the animation. The one time I find it useful and a way to get my gems out, it turns out it doesn't work. Wouldn't that be a wonderful evolution of gameplay? The best part of the game. 100% gameplay, much fun, much wow. I like to do it 20 times, I learn new things each time. Once I put a path of cobblestones, locked the monkeys in fences and placed some rabbit huts in the labyrinth, I only have to walk for 6 good minutes to reach the ancient guardian. And to do the opposite to get the tentacle at the entrance of the atrium, before returning. 15 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of gameplay (I shorten the fight against the ancient fuelweaver with gunpowder). Is it a walking simulator ? I could spend those 15 minutes feeding slurtles, creating earthquakes to get gems for example. it would be more engaging, fun and it would create other resources. It would give these monsters a purpose too. It's not more expensive. it's less fun and a time sinker when you have to repeat and repeat and repeat. This only encourages switching characters with Winona to place catapults, rather than going to the trouble of creating houndius shootius. We have the same analysis on this point, but totally opposite visions.
  7. The arrival of Wanda is a real game changer in terms of teleportation. In my opinion, most of the other characters in the game have gameplay possibilities that can be generally matched in other ways, mainly with higher costs. For example, it is possible to have Wortox jump using the lazy explorer, Woby by taming a beefalo etc. Today I'm annoyed because Wanda is the only one who can teleport through the caves. I farm almost every 20 days the ancient guardian and the ancient fuelweaver. I would appreciate to be able to use some gems with the telelocator focus to ease my game. I don't use Wanda in this world, but it would be more profitable for me to change character just to use this ability, do the bosses and change again. Can't we allow teleportation with telelocator staff in the caves?
  8. For me, the tallbirds are one of the most emblematic monsters of Don't Starve. They are featured on most of the promotional posters and have that disturbing feel of the original Don't Starve. However, I don't know any experienced player who uses them in game to build strategies (not talking about tallbirds fortress tho). They are nice to get meat easily, nothing more. I really would like to have a non-killable smallbird as a pet, yes Indeed, the whole hatching mechanic is not worth the effort. I wish tallbirds without nests could build their own, which would allow cool midgame and lategame strategies: butterfly farm, pigs, rabbits, bees etc.
  9. Anybody that plays Wormwood in DS will have the feeling that it has lost a part of its gameplay when brought in DST. I already spoke about it several times when it was released for DST, in 2019. Basically, in DS Wormwood was rewarded for farming : each crops planted would give a veggie/fruit that could be exchange for manure and oinc, meaning that the more you farmed, the more you could buy everything you were needed. Be it healing, sanity items, weapons or armors, scales etc. In DST, you are not rewarded in any way like that. No incentive to farm more that you want to eat. Maybe just your beefalo if you play with it and don't intend to use 15 twigs to feed it everyday. The same way, Wormwood lost some appeal when it losts its snaptooths from Hamlet. They were a meaningful way to protect you and create farms when relocated using meat. I liked basing in Hamlet and using it as an early to late game way to protect my towns and bases. I understand you can't have it in DST, cause they would hurt other players when put around cave holes and bosses spawn. But something like that lacks I feel. Like, using Treeguards to help you figth bosses. I always thought it would be cool if you could attached a lureplant bulb to a treeguard and the treeguard/bulb would follow you (faster that their actual walking speed cause that's a hassle to do it) if you have meat in your inventory, just like the snaptooths do. So you could relocate them in preparation for bosses, and when you feed it, they help you. Or a way to upgrade lureplant when you bloom, so their 30 damages would become meaningful against Raidbosses. Also, Wormwood suffers too much from the way some of its healing items heals overtime but can't be stacked.So if you farm living logs, just dropped to 10 health, have two stacks of rot to heal, you will have click on it each 2 seconds for several minutes ... Once you have access to jellybean you have an alternative, but to be honest, a QOL for healing overtime items to stack would be great. Just my two cents Oh, almost forgot : ingame information about blooming, like a meter.
  10. Can't we just adress the elephant in the room and instead talk about Dragonfly farming (when alone) that becomes just tedious after the tenth and more fight ? I feel like if the fight itself becomes more engaging / less tedious on repeat, acquiring the scales and/or the green gems won't be such a pain.
  11. From players haha (joke) I was surprised to see the option related to salt that i felt I had to make a joke about it. It felt a bit like coming out of nowhere, at least for me
  12. I checked three options : home, as stated by quotes from the survivors, a new boss, cause I think we might have to defeat either Charlie or Wagstaff depending on the direction Klei intends, a new way to get salt. Because I think no matter what, there will always be people not liking the direction choosed as it is a very divisive subject