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  1. I play a different character in a fresh new world. I don't character swap. So the experience is totally different. You will not play an only Wormwood world the same way you will play an only Wendy world
  2. I personnaly doesn't mind doing the first kill of a Raid boss solo and taking between 10-20 minutes depending on the character and various factors. But as I always convert all my chests in scale chests and put glowcap everywhere, I need to kill Dragonfly and Toadstool a lot. And in the long run -the short run actually) it isn't fun. I have more fun fighting Goose/Moose because its pattern is random. I also think that abusing the deconstructing staff to duplicate both scales and skin is boring, and needs anyway to kill Fuelweaver to regen the ruins. Not fun, same problem. I thought recently, why can't we have a system like if you already kill a Raid Boss, the next encounter will be shorter ? Per exemple, constructing a statue of the said boss in its surrounding at the beginning of the fight will alleviate the boss of a % to its HP. This way, the first fight is still legendary, the other ones (you already know how to deal with the boss) are just shorter. You know, I just don't like to spend 10-20 minutes killing the same boss that is not a threat since 3 years, every 160 minutes. Make it 5-10 minutes please.
  3. Plays the best suited character for farming, aka Wormwood Knows all the food combo to auto-fertilize the crops Prepares the setup during several days Is dedicated to the task of farming all day and night Constat : farming is overpowered. I don't know
  4. Whatever Them did to the Ancients, it made them S A L T Y enough to transform in thulecite. This is my new cannon
  5. I have the feeling this thread will be watched from above Always interesting to have another player point of view. I didn't read all for the moment, but I like what I read
  6. HAYAAAH ! Finally, after 620 cycles, I might achieve to attain (one day) the Super Sustainable initiative. Then I will turn very non sustainable and use all that ethanol and that coal that I have gathered in astronomical quantities. Breath little dupes, breath till the air is pure
  7. I will have to ask my therapist if that bacon Wendy can hurt me or not
  8. Also a meme I just did and I think it will be useful in the future Edit : Tbh, I am starting to think that the two meme will be useful in the future
  9. You can find more of this kind on this tumblr ('t-starve). The artist has something with Wilson, and with skirts too, so beware
  10. Why do I feel like those images existed in the fandom well before this discussion and just happened to fit here, but it is far from their initial purpose
  11. Maman Angeline is waifu material now I guess
  12. Yeah, Steam success ! 24 of them, for someone as superficial as I am, this will be great fun to unlock
  13. Congratulations Klei and everybody ! The trailer gives me some nostalgia. Let's play a new colony to celebrate