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  1. HAYAAAH ! Finally, after 620 cycles, I might achieve to attain (one day) the Super Sustainable initiative. Then I will turn very non sustainable and use all that ethanol and that coal that I have gathered in astronomical quantities. Breath little dupes, breath till the air is pure
  2. I will have to ask my therapist if that bacon Wendy can hurt me or not
  3. Also a meme I just did and I think it will be useful in the future Edit : Tbh, I am starting to think that the two meme will be useful in the future
  4. You can find more of this kind on this tumblr ('t-starve). The artist has something with Wilson, and with skirts too, so beware
  5. Why do I feel like those images existed in the fandom well before this discussion and just happened to fit here, but it is far from their initial purpose
  6. Maman Angeline is waifu material now I guess
  7. Yeah, Steam success ! 24 of them, for someone as superficial as I am, this will be great fun to unlock
  8. Congratulations Klei and everybody ! The trailer gives me some nostalgia. Let's play a new colony to celebrate
  9. Is it just me or Warly looks like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air *Proceed to Carlton dance*
  10. Some quick low quality hit in the feels
  11. Some usual story we all could relate to Some hot dank stuff fresh from the bag Some low quality but honest work
  12. It's because of people like you that we can't have nice things
  13. Arent' we all ? Sponsored by Wendy
  14. I was supposed to play DST tonight to loot some sick skins, but you made it more difficult than it should Ipsquiggle I greatly enjoy this update There would be too much to quote if I had to detail
  15. [Game Update] - 349444

    Thanks for backing the pipe optimization, I couldn't wait to give flushable WC to my duplicants after 150 cycles I wish you to succed next week, today wasn't just the day. Have a well deserved week end