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Wolfgang's Character Refresh is Coming Next Week!

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Wolfgang has spent his life striving for ultimate strength, and despite the all-too-frequent frights the Constant has thrown at him, it has also provided ample opportunities to put his muscles to the test. With a training regimen as challenging as the world itself, Wolfgang will prove just why he holds the title of “The Incredible Strongman!”

Wolfgang's character refresh arrives next week - December 16th.

Here are some of the details:

  • Instead of being connected to his hunger, Wolfgang’s forms are now controlled by a new Might Meter.
    • Filling the Might Meter requires Wolfgang to work out using one of his new craftable items
    • The meter goes down over time and the draining rate is determined by Wolfgang’s Hunger, the hungrier he is, the faster it goes down
  • Wolfgang’s linear values are now constants
  • Wolfgang freezes and overheats faster when in Wimpy form, but slower while Mighty
  • When Mighty Wolfgang can carry heavy items faster
  • Does not lose Might while carrying heavy objects
  • Wolfgang is a more efficient rower when Mighty
  • His speed no longer changes with his forms
  • Wolfgang’s hunger and health are now at a maximum of 200 regardless of his form
  • Wolfgang now takes a 25% sanity penalty from the dark and from shadow creatures, but if he is in range of other survivors that penalty falls back down to 10%
  • Deals more damage when Mighty and less when Wimpy. Also takes extra damage in Wimpy form
  • Wolfgang can build a Gym Station structure, which allows him to work out and increase his Mightiness
    • Players need to engage in a minigame at the gym and the amount of mightiness gained depends on how well they do at it
    • Players can load the gym with different heavy items to change its effectiveness
    • Consumes hunger as Wolfgang works out
  • Wolfgang can craft a consumable Dumbbell item to restore his Might on the go. It does not consume hunger and can be used as a weapon

Of course with the character refresh we will get a new animated short, Winter's Feast returns and we'll also have a new Twitch item, the Topsy-Turvy Treehouse and adding a bunch of previously released skins to Klei Rewards.

See you Thursday! 

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OMG We're going to see the circus!!!!!

I super look forward to his short, especially since we have that poster from Willaim Carter Puzzle #4 where Wolfgang disappeared due to a "dangerous blockage on the tracks". I can only wonder that is :)


Possibly Maxwell?



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