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  1. When Polly Rogers grabs an item near a bird trap, she will be caught in the trap (trap plays bouncing animation but no visible bird inside) and when the trap is opened she will be gone and her inventory will not be retrievable
  2. Any Powder Monkey cannonballs that land in the ocean become item pickups at 0,0 on the map. Unknown if player fired cannons work similarly.
  3. Dropping a trinket when the player has 9 will cause it to activate the curse when it is added back to their inventory. If the curse is activated this way it cannot be lifted by the Queen of Moon Quay
  4. Are we doing Don't Starve Pokemon crossovers
  5. Wanda's inspect lines for the Fish Scale-o-matic are flipped depending on if the fish is heavy or not, with the comment being either on the top or bottom
  6. WX-78 currently will take Wetness damage forever if it uses Fish Cordon Bleu to remove all wetness. Persists when relogging.
  7. Critters following the player begin to stutter their movement after the player warps off of a boat with Backtrek Watch. Fixes if the critter jumps on and off another boat.
  8. Incomplete Experiment crashes the game when crafted
  9. "Maybe this will be the one to reach him." "Pearl I'm right here, stop pelting me with bottles."
  10. I have actually been waiting a full year to get the gingerbread chest again, big ups