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  1. Did you miss the birds with their faces peeled off or the ones with one leg and wings attached to their spines
  2. Makes sense but I'm probably never going out of my way to go into the world settings to do some beefalo contests. See you in 12 years, bud.
  3. Wendy is hands down the best for it. Abigail can completely solo the birds when riled leaving you free to help Wagstaff.
  4. Rain Coat does not have a sprite when dropped on the ground.
  5. Ah, classic bootstrap paradoxes, this means that Wagstaff invents the radio that leads to trapping his past self. Did Maxwell give Wagstaff the design? Also also this does mean Wagstaff would have the know-how to build the portal we see in "Next of Kin" since he receives that knowledge as Wilson
  6. Wanted to do this as soon as I heard a nautical salt box skin was coming. Only took a couple hundred salt
  7. When in this context "American" is being used as the demonym for "from the United States", yes.
  8. Finally able to show this off with the new update (Bug from the beta duped my altars)
  9. Winter's Feast presents are not visible on the ground. (Duplicate of another post, my mistake. )